May 18, 2007
Tutu gives special walking powers
Let me start off by saying WOW, what a night! My little girl walked across the room to me last night! Yes, there were tears from me, but laughing, and squealing from her, she knew she was doing something HUGE! The Ferrell's gave Jolee the cutest little Tutu you have ever seen for her birthday, it is black and pink to match her room. So after bath time last night, I thought it would be great to take some pictures of her in it, so I stood her by the rocking chair and turned to go back a little to take a picture, and as I'm turning around here she comes, walking by herself, so of course I didn't get the picture the 1st time, due to tears building up in my eyes, and due to the fact I was totally caught off guard and must have forgotten how to push down on the button that snaps the picture at that moment. But anyway, so I put her back and she did it again, walked across the room, to get to her Mommy!! So after doing it several times, mind you still in her tutu, I'm convinced that when the Tutu is on she can walk due to some super walking powers it gives her, who knows it might be kinda like Superman and his cape!

So, the test today will be, can she walk without her Tutu on? We will let you know!

Pictures from the Week
I figured since it was Friday, I could get away with putting random pictures that I took through out the week as my post today! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Sophie after her visit to the groomers for a haircut, that was way overdue! Isn't she so cute?

Daddy made it home early enough one night to do story time with Jolee!

Jolee decided she would chill out in the recliner one night, with her Elmo, cup of milk, an Elmo book, and passy what else does a girl need?

May 17, 2007
A True Florida Girl!
A few weeks ago, after we had dinner, we decided we would walk out to the beach and let Jolee see it. She loved it! She laughed and smiled the whole time we were out there. We had not really thought it thru, that she might love it so much she would want to get in the ocean, all we had was the clothes on our back, but that didn't stop her. After we put her little feet in the water, she wanted to keep on going.. So needless to say, when it was time to leave, she was soaking wet, and had to be stripped down and wrapped up in Daddy's t-shirt for the walk back to the car. Silas and I loved watching her. It really amazes me that she loves the beach so much, and isn't scared of the waves splashing her in the face, she just squills. We would sit her on the sand, and there she went crawling straight for the water. It looks like she is going to be a true Florida girl! Oh, and I should add, that Silas isn't a real big fan of the beach, due to having sand all over him, but we have already been back to the beach since this trip, so I guess fatherhood does change a person, because now he sees it thru Jolee's eyes!

May 16, 2007
We Love Our Aunt Pam!
Aunt Pam came to visit! We had such a great time! The original reason for the visit was to help bell me out of a situation, I put my own self in. I have been saying for sometime now that by Jolee's 1st Birthday I was going to have all of Jolee's 1st year scrapped and in a book by her Birthday, to sit out at the little party we are having in Bama with her family. And since we are so far away from family it would give everybody a chance to see and catch up on what all she has done and how much she has changed over the year. Well good thought right? I thought so too, but as you know Jolee's Birthday is in oh about 2 weeks and I haven't scrapped since before she was born..... So my wonderful dear sister-n-law came to help me out and help me get it done so I could meet my deadline. Let me tell you she is the scrapping queen, she is amazing! (Let me also say Granna is at home doing pages as well, to help me out, thanks Granna!) We stayed up till about 3AM every morning for the past week, and mind you we still got up when Jolee got up the next morning.. We did manage to do some fun things while she was here as well. We went to the beach with some church friends and had a wonderful time, Aunt Pam took Jolee shopping and bought her some very cute clothes and shoes, she also bought Jolee the coolest magnets for the refrigerator I have ever seen (It is a barn with animals that when you put the animals in the barn on the refrigerator, it sings a song and tells you what animal it is and what sound it makes) who needs alphabet magnets. She also helped take care of Jolee to give me a little break. I could not have asked for a better sister-n-law, we have the best time together, and she treats and loves Jolee just like she was hers, and that means so much to me. So thank you, thank you, thank you, Aunt Pam for coming and helping me out and thank you for loving my daughter and my family so much. We miss you bunches!! I guess we should also thank Uncle Joseph for letting us borrow his wife for the past week, I know he was lonely, but we had such a great time. Oh and I should add, while Aunt Pam was here we went to eat Mexican and found out that Jolee is truly kin to her Mommy and Aunt, because the girl put down some chips and cheese dip, she even put her passy down in the chip bowl, to pick them up. So by the time we were thru Jolee looked a "hot mess" (that's for aunt pam). Jolee had cheese, sour cream, and beans, all over her face, but the girl had fun, and ate like I have never seen her before.
Jolee and Aunt Pam, walking their Mexican off!

Neither Jolee or Aunt Pam, look comfortable with the bird on her shoulder.

Playing with the new magnets!

Looks like Jolee wanted to scrap too!

She slept for a 1 1/2 at the beach, that day! I'm tempted to have nap time everyday at the beach, she woke up in the best mood, and had the best sleep there.

May 15, 2007
My 1st Mother's Day
Mommy and Me
As long as the waves crash into the sand,
I know you'll be there to lend me a hand.
Remember that day I enjoyed the view?
I'll always remember I saw it with you.
I hope in my life I'll get to repay,
One-tenth of the love you've given today.
We'll always have that day at the sea,
One of many special moments for Mommy and Me.

So now that everyone is crying just like I did when I read that, I'll tell you ,that is the card I woke up to on Mother's Day! How sweet was that, Jolee and her Daddy did a really good job, making me feel so special and appreciated that day. I think what meant the most, is knowing the time and effort that went into making the card, and with an almost 1 year old in our house, we don't have much time for anything. Oh, Oh, Oh, and let me tell you what I got for Mother's Day, besides the most sweetest card in the world..... I got a swing for my back yard! Yeah! I'm so excited I love to swing and I have been wanting one for awhile, just to have somewhere to sit and relax, and lord knows I need it these days, with Miss. Jolee crawling everywhere and trying to walk, I'm in need of a relaxation spot. So thank you Jolee and Daddy for making my 1st Mother's Day, one I will never forget, I love you both very much, and am deeply blessed to have you in my life.

May 7, 2007
She's doing new things!
WOW, what a weekend! We have had to come to grips with the fact that our baby girl is growing up. I'm telling you, it has been really hard on me, thinking about her turning 1 on the 26th of this month. Anyway, so let me tell you about what all she has done this past weekend. On Friday she took her first 4 steps (I'm with her 24/7 and I walk out of the room for 5 min. and I hear Silas hollering T (That's what he calls me) get in here hurry, well I missed it, but at least her Daddy got to see it). Then on Saturday, we were all playing in the floor and she was opening a box and putting her toy in it, then closing it, and opening it back up to get the toy out, you get the picture, right? So I said Yeah! Jolee, and then out of nowhere she says YEAH! Then last night she is eating supper, and I guess she was done with it, because we turned and found her standing right up in the chair, (and before any of the grandparents flip out on me, Silas stood right there by her while I went after the camera), Oh and we are now bathing in the the big bathtub and she is loving it! So she has really accomplished alot this weekend! Below are some pictures of her in the big bathtub and standing in her highchair!

MeMaw & PePaw Came To Visit!
This past weekend MeMaw and PePaw came to visit. For those of you that don't know who MeMaw and PePaw are, that is Silas's parents, who live in Alabama. So now that we are all caught up on who everyone is, I will tell you about this weekend. We had a really great time, we stayed busy the whole weekend. We took them to St. Augustine and ate at the Conch House which is a seafood place, we sat outside and enjoyed the view of the water, (which Jolee loved looking at and loved watching the birds fly around), then we walked around, and around, and around looking at all the little shops in the town. On Sat. we went to the Jacksonville Landing which happened to be having a sailboat show, that was pretty cool and then we ate Mexican. YUMMY! Oh we also bought ceiling fans and installed them this weekend, (which by the way are pretty expensive)! So basically the more I think about it we ate a whole lot, and did a lot of sight seeing this weekend. We all had a great time and hope MeMaw and PePaw come back soon to visit.

Silas, Jolee, PePaw and MeMaw eating at the Conch House Restaurant!

PePaw, Jolee and MeMaw at the Landing!

Silas had just gotten thru throwing Jolee up in the air, (which by the way scares mommy to death) but she laughs and screams, so she must like it)

Jolee, Daddy, and Me at the Landing!

And this is how tired poor Jolee was at the end of the St. Augustine trip, she was a trooper though, and hung in there, until the very last minute!

May 3, 2007
Who Did It?
I don't know who did it, but I was in the kitchen working on supper last night, and I could hear Jolee playing and squealing, and I could hear Sophie's tags on her collar jingling, so I knew they were together somewhere but I just didn't know what they were doing together. So I walked around the corner to go check on them, and down the hall and into Miss. Jolee's bathroom, I found a toilet paper trail, I mean toilet paper was everywhere!! They were just having themselves a good ole time. I'm not sure who did what because I found them both with pieces of toilet paper in front of them, and they both looked guilty,but either way they both had TP in their mouth. I know I have said it before, but I promise it is like having 2 kids around here. So they both got in trouble, after I had a good laugh!

May 1, 2007
Jolee's Swimming Pool
I guess after seeing the story about Jolee playing with the flower pots, daddy decided we did indeed need a new activity, so he blew up her 1st little pool. Yeah! Thank you daddy! You know I did think about blowing it up myself, but I knew if I blew it up I would blow myself a migraine, and I did not want that, and plus I think I read somewhere that those kinda jobs were for Daddy's to do, right? It just hit me, maybe that is why Silas had a migraine this weekend, could have been... Anyway, so when she woke up on Sat morning and saw it in the middle of the living room floor, she had a blast playing even without any water in it. She climbed in it, leaned over the sides, and even put the PlayStation controller's in it, so thank goodness it was empty at this point. So when we got outside and filled it with water, she was so excited she started flapping her little arms and oohing. Remember the girl loves her bath, so she probably thought it was like the biggest bathtub she had ever seen. She played from the outside of it 1st for awhile leaning over and splashing and then she pulled up grass and putt it in the pool and watched it float around. But once she got in the pool she started crawling around and then she would sit and clap for herself, it was too cute. It was so fun watching her play in her 1st little pool. Although, we did find out that Sophie cant hang outside in the summer time, her tongue was hanging to the ground and she was begging to go inside, so she sat inside in the air conditioned house and watched us. We can for sure say inside dog or spoiled either one. So here are a few pictures of Jolee in her pool.