March 28, 2008
The Key Cousin's Easter!
In a earlier post I mentioned on the Friday before Easter we spent the day at my Grandparents house with all of my cousins building bunny hutches, dying Easter eggs and playing outside. It was a fun filled day! There are 9 grandkids ( 7 which are 9yrs old and under) and 2 great-grandkids, so another words we have a lot of KIDS in the family now! So here are a few pictures of our day.

Jolee and Me dying Eggs!

Ok so about the bunny hutches the big kids were all into it, they built it and then they ate it. As for the smaller kids, well the pictures should tell the story. Let's just say the Moms, and Granna and Pappy helped out with their bunny hutch! First off Jolee would not even participate in the building of the bunny hutch she wanted to only eat the M&M's.

Audrey would have rather have ate the icing, but it's ok that is her mother pouring it down her throat!

Alex gathered all the hershey kisses to his side and kept shoving those down. He thought they looked better in his mouth than on the bunny hutch!

Edison well he was stuck in his exersaucer, but looks like he was ready and waiting to dye his egg!

And yes, even baby Weston came over for the festivities!

But as for Lucy, Auston, Joseph, and Abbie. Well now they loved it, they took their time decorating it, but as soon as they finished they were dying to eat it......

The girls..tearing into their part of the bunny hutch!

And the boys finished it off!

Jolee getting ready to slide!

Jolee on the see-saw!

March 25, 2008
Our Easter!
Family Picture before heading to Church!

(Jolee's Easter Basket! How cute is that bucket? Thank you, Aunt Pam!)

We had a wonderful yet busy Easter. We spent the weekend at home with family. We ended up getting into town around 1:30AM on Friday. We spent Friday with the my side of the family dying Easter eggs and making bunny hutches, and playing, playing, playing with all the cousins. Then on Saturday we spent the day with Silas's family dying Easter eggs and we had a Easter egg hunt and played and played with more cousins. And on Sunday we went to church came and had lunch with the entire Key Klan at my Grandparents complete with a egg hunt, then we drove back to Florida. So see were busy and if anyone knows how to dye eggs and hunt them it is Silas, Me, and Jolee, after 3 whole days of it we are pro's! I have tons of pictures to share throughout the week of each of these days and all the activities, today's pictures are of Sunday when Jolee received her Easter basket and the Easter egg hunt at my Grandparents. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter just as we did!

I think she liked her Easter basket!

Pappy & Granna with their Grandkids!

Wow! Our family is growing!

Grandma and Grandad with all their Grandkids + 2 Great-Grandkids!

She was into hunting eggs, she loved it!

She thought she was something else with her pink bucket!

She got even more excited about hunting eggs when she found out they had candy in them!

To My Man...
Happy 8th Anniversary!
Happy Anniversary Baby
I got you on my mind!
(Silas, there's a little Rick & Bubba tune for ya)
(Look how young and skinny we were?)
Silas, I love you today more than I did 8 years ago, and who would have thought that would be possible. I grow deeper in love with you everyday. I love the man you have become..the one who puts Christ first above all things and the husband you are to me. I love the father you are to our precious daughter. I love watching you dance in the living room with her and I love hearing you and her laughing when you are supposed to putting her to bed.
I love you very much! We have done a lot and gone through a lot in 8 years, as I look back on them, they have only made us stronger as a couple and in Christ. Like lets see just to name a few..moving say oh about what 7 times in 8 years, infertility treatments for 5 years, and now we have been parents for almost 2 years. The Lord has truly blessed us and we are stronger than ever. I love you and wish us many, many, more Anniversary's!

Thanks for the card and the beautiful roses, that I woke up to this morning!

March 19, 2008
Happy Easter!
We are leaving this evening heading to Bama to spend the Easter weekend with our families! May you all have a wonderful and blessed Easter!

I will leave you with a coloring by Jolee, enjoy!

So we just got back from the park...
Jolee and I had a great time playing and swinging together, we went and sat on the bridge and watched the ducks swimming and playing in the water
and we even went on a walk on the nature trail (which we will NOT ever be doing that again, just for your information!) I don't know what came over me to do that in the 1st place by myself and with my child. We just started walking on this trail in the woods, we were talking and looking at birds, Jolee was running and chasing butterflies, and then when I looked back and all I could see was woods, I thought to myself..yep this isn't the smartest thing I have done lately. But I was to far in to go back.

So then I tried to talk myself thru it cant be that bad it's a nature trail for goodness sake and yes you are by yourself not knowing where it ends up at, and yes no one knows where you were going today, but still it has to come out somewhere on the park property, right? When we got to the very end of it and you could see a fence that lead to the road I knew we couldn't get out that way, so we turned around and started heading back. At that point I decided I should probably call Silas and tell him where I was and what I was doing. His reaction is , what? really? you are in the woods lost, well keep your cell phone on?

After trying several little paths to find our way out of there, we made it! Although we did end up coming up from behind the tennis courts, how we got there who knows, but we walked out and around from behind the courts like we knew what we were doing and walked straight to our car and came home, we were done for the day, enough excitement for ole' mom today!

Silas called a while later and asked did we make it out of the woods and said he got to thinking.. who would have ever believed him, if indeed I was lost in the woods and he had to call someone. #1. I don't like the woods. #2. that's not like me at all. #3. I don't like being by myself especially in the woods #4. I'm a scaredy cat! I mean the list could go on and on people. I guess I just got so carried away with our little science outing about birds and butterflies and ducks I clearly wasn't thinking about where we were heading!

All in all we girls had one adventurous day! But I do think next time we will stick to the playing on the playground and watching the ducks!

March 13, 2008
One Big Girl Thing has Lead to Another...
We are done with our passy! So you all remember how we were talking it up to her about being a big girl and Weston would be a baby and he would need a passy, so did she want to give hers to baby Weston? Well it didnt quiet work out that way, but it did happen while we were in Bama last week visiting Weston. She was still saying Umm No, when we asked her did she want to give it to Weston last week.
To set the scene for ya...I walk in the door at JoJo and Pam's house and she was sitting in Granna's lap crying, saying OH NO, OH NO. So me being a mom I just think to myself, well she probably fell or someone told her No or something like that, then Granna says tell your Mom what happened...Jolee muffles out in between her crying to say BROKE, BROKE Mommy and holds up her Passy, and then I say OH NO, OH NO (maybe that's were she gets that little saying from, who knows) because flashing in my head is me saying for months upon months,Ok once this passy is gone, no more, that's it, we are done with it. Then another flash comes to my mind is that I have a 8 hour drive ahead of me with a child with no PASSY, what am I going to do?

Let me go back and tell you, it was a big deal because you cant just go to your local WalMart or Target and get one of Jolee's passy's, the only way you can get those kind, the only kind she would take since birth. It's the one they gave her at the hospital to help her learn to suck (she didnt know how, due to her being born a month early, obviously they learn that the last month in the womb, and she skipped out on that) so that's why she always had that big ole green passy in her mouth, its the only one she would ever take. You can only get those kind at the hospital when they are born or order them off the Internet and lets just say they are pretty expensive, that's why when the last one was gone from our big order of them last year we were done with them. No more ordering. When we got down to the only one left several months ago we would only let her have it at nap time or bedtime, trying to prepare her and us I think for the dreaded day, when we had no more passy's.

I guess you probably all are waiting to find out what happened to it, well she was teething evidently and had chomped on it so much it tore. We told her it was broke and that was the end of it while we were in Bama. But on the 8 hour trip home and when we got home it was a different story. I don't know who missed it more on the trip home me or her, she didn't sleep the entire trip. When it came time for bed she started looking for it under her crib, and we have gone thru several sleepless nights. I thought Silas was going to cry with her, it broke his heart that she was looking for it everywhere, but what really got him was when she would stand up in the crib and look over the rail in between the wall and crib. Poor Daddy!

But now that she is done with her passy, she does not want to sleep in her crib!

That's our 2nd big girl thing we are dealing with, she wants to sleep in the big bed that's in the guest bedroom. When it is time for bed she will run and get on the big girl bed and lay down and she has been sleeping really well on it and loves it. So I guess this weekend we are going to either break down the crib and change it into a day bed or move the big girl bed (that's now what she is calling it) into her room. Sniff, Sniff! I cant believe she is getting so big. She has woken up from naps and bedtime in the best of moods since sleeping in the big girl bed, so I'm all for it! We will let you in on which bed she chooses this weekend!

March 10, 2008
Weston Alan Roberts

Isn't he beautiful? We think so too! Weston was born on Thursday February 28th at 8:28Am. As soon as I got the call from my brother on Wednesday about noon-ish that they were admitting Pam in the hospital that night at 8:00PM and that they were inducing labor, I thru some clothes in a suit case for me and Jolee and we headed to Bama. Eight hours later we arrived and the action started they thought it would be a slow process, but nope not Pam she intended for him to come out! Once they got her started there was no holding her back!
We were so excited to be there when the little man was born, it was such a joyous occasion. We all feel very blessed to have little Weston in our lives. Jolee and I got to spend the 1st week of him being in the world with him and the family at his house, and loved every minute of it. It is a special thing to see your brother holding his son in his arms and thinking about him being a daddy... WOW, it is still getting to me (you would have thought I would have got it cried all out in the 8 hours up to Bama and the 8 hours back, but nope it still makes me a little teary eyed, in a good way) My Family has been deeply blessed and Im just very thankful for that!
Jolee is in love with her new little cousin, she was so gentle with him, she would talk to him saying.... hey baby, hey baby, hey baby. and now has named him Baby Wes (according to Aunt Pam, Jolee is the only one that can get away with calling him Wes, so don't try it!) she wanted to hold him and would do a good job at it. From the time she woke up till the time she went to bed she was with him and who ever had him just watching and talking to him! She wanted to show in stuff she was doing like...her cloring pages, wanted him to hold her Nemo, wanted him to see the kitty cat that was out back, etc, etc! How sweet is that? She is a good big cousin!
I know there are lots of pictures below, but what kind of Aunt would I be if I didn't show a lot of pictures of my handsome nephew!

Jolee watching on as Weston got his diaper changed at the hospital.

The very proud parents! A.K.A. Uncle JoJo & Aunt Pam

Weston sunning the jaundice out!

The proud new big cousin!

Me holding my nephew at the hospital

Love this picture, Me & Pam and our 2 kiddos

I know me again, I can't help it, I love this little man!

I told ya, she was always with who ever had little Weston. **Notice the Boppy**

**Notice the Boppy** Jolee wanted to be like her Aunt Pam (or Aunt Mam) as Jolee calls her. Aunt Pam would sit in this chair with the boppy around her, so as soon as Pam would get up Jolee would run and get in the chair and put the boppy around her and would sit there. Cracked us up!

My baby used to be that small. Sniff, Sniff! And know she is holding a baby!

Our handsome little man!

March 1, 2008
I'm an AUNT!!!
I'm so, so excited to announce that I am indeed FINALLY an Aunt! Weston Alan Roberts was born on Thursday, Feb 28th at 8:28am! He weighed 7lbs and 9oz and is 20 3/4 inches long. He is so precious...head full of black hair, long eye lasses, and dark eyes, and a beautiful complexion. He, Mommy, and Daddy are doing wonderful! Thank you so much for all of your prayers.

Jolee is in love with him....she names and points to all of his body parts....ears, eyes, nose, hair, knee, feet! She gets so excited when she sees him, she says...hey there baby, hey there baby, over and over again. She has held him and even kisses him on his forehead! She even tried to share her Cheetos with him tonight at the hospital!

Joseph and Pam are doing great, he is definitely blessed to have them as his Mommy and Daddy! They truly have a sweet little family!
I promise to post pictures soon of our little man!