October 30, 2009
Pumpkin Patch 2009!
The lack of posting last week, was due to Jolee and I being in Alabama with family. We went up to celebrate and have a HUGE "surprise" party for my grandad who turned 80. Also, while we where there, we celebrated the twins 1st Birthday and we ventured on out to the pumpkin patch. Of course, there will be post and pictures on all those events later. But today, we are focusing on the pumpkin patch!
Pappy, Granna, and I took Jolee, Edison, and Audrey. We all had such a great time, and they where like 3 peas in a pod all week, these cousins had a great time being together last week!

A picture of Grandad and Jolee, before we headed to the patch!
Jolee riding "socks" the pony. This was her favorite thing to do at the pumpkin patch. They rode them 4 times that day to be exact!

Audrey on her pony!

The first hour we where there, Edison slept thru it! He was out!

Jolee and Audrey looking at the goats. Notice the same jeans on the girls, they are the same size as well. Jolee is 3 and Audrey is 4! That means my hand-me-downs are slowing down! ha,ha!

A girl who, the day before was in the car for 8 hours and no nap that day at the patch = A tired little Jolee, but after some Dr. Pepper (just a little caffeine) and a snack of fries and pizza, and some Pappy loving. She was good to go again!

Jolee riding "Trigger"

I told ya, after the caffeine they where good as new!

Granna, Pappy, Edison, Jolee, and Audrey in the Maze!

Pappy helping Jolee pick out her pumpkin

Audrey carrying her pumpkin

Granna and Jolee with her pumpkin!

The 3 Amigo's...Jolee, Audrey, and Edison!

Jolee on the 'Big" hay as she called it

Pappy, Jolee, and Granna!

Me and Jolee

I gave up on trying to get a picture, with them all looking at the same time!

Edison on his pony! He loved it!

We had a great day at the pumpkin patch!

October 29, 2009
95% Sure
I had a very exciting, Dr's. appointment yesterday. The Dr. said he is 95% sure, we are having a....BOY!!!! I 'am 16 weeks and everything is looking GREAT, Praise the Lord! We go back on the 20th and will have a definite answer by then, but 95% sounds pretty definite to me!
Silas is so excited, and Jolee is getting used to the idea, I think. She was pulling for a sister, so much in fact that everyone knew that, even the Dr. So this is how the Dr. told us, it was going to be a BOY...You might want to work on big sister over there, about the color BLUE! Silas actually identified it was a Boy, before the Dr. told us (little man, must be proud)! I had dreams, that it was a girl, but kept calling it HE when I talked about the baby or pregnancy. If anything is different so far, about carrying a girl or a boy.....When I was pregnant with Jolee, 12 weeks and 1 day, I was over the nausea, but with Little Man, I'm still sick!!
Drum Roll Please......His name will be.......
Brennan Silas Ford
This is the first little things, Brennan has gotten. Big Sister picked him out a little puppy and a truck book. She said the puppy he could cuddly with, and we don't have any truck books at our house, for him! I was trying to get her involved and letting her pick out boy stuff. She is calling him Brennan now, and seems to be very excited and getting over the whole wanting a sister thing!
Thank you all for your prayers, Please keep them coming for us during this pregnancy!

October 12, 2009
A "mini" Family Vacation
2 weekends ago, Silas was scheduled to be at Winter Garden Church, close to Orlando on Sunday. So we decided, why not take a day or two before and spend some much needed family time away. We packed up and headed down to Orlando on Friday morning, to the Fort Wilderness Campground at Disney World! We had a wonderful time being together and trying to fit in everything we could at the campground! It is the nicest campground you could ever imagine, I promise and that is coming from someone who really loves her family to go camping while pregnant in a tent! I packed the phenergan and double checked that I had packed it several times, and off we went!

Jolee and Daddy at the swimming pool at the campground!

water slide at the campground

We attended the pool party at the campground, they had...music, dancing, limbo, and hula hooping contest. It was so much fun. Jolee tried her best to hula hoop, it was hysterical. But what topped that, was Silas! He was in the hula hooping contest, to try to win Jolee a prize. Because I love him and don't want to embarrass him, I'm not posting any pictures of him hula hooping! But take my word for it, it was PRICELESS, he was a good sport and such a good Daddy!

That evening we headed to the Chip-N-Dale sing a long! We roasted marshmallows by the fire and we sang lots of songs!

Daddy and Jolee roasting marshmallows!

Mommy and Jolee roasting marshmallows!

Chip and Dale with Chuck Wagon Bill

Dale, Jolee, and Daddy!

Headed to Downtown Disney on the bus! She loved the bus rides, after all we did, done and was going to fit in on this trip, you ask her, what her favorite part was......riding the bus around,the one with the purple seats!
At Downtown Disney, we walked around and looked at some shops (of course, the princess stuff) and ate at the "Big Earth" or that is what Jolee calls it. It was actually Planet Hollywood!

The next morning, she got to go on a pony ride! The pony she rode, name was Levi. Now we have a couple of ponies around her named Levi!

Family picture!

Giving Levi hugs bye!

After the pony ride, Daddy had it all planned out. We headed over to the ESPN Club and ate lunch and watched the Bama game. How convenient and well planned out was that!!! After we ate, Jolee and I went for a walk around the board walk and looked at little shoppes along the way. When the game was over, we head over to the Roberts house. We had a wonderful night catching up and visiting with them. Jolee went right in and made her self at home. We had wonderful fellowship and wonderful food that night!

The next morning, we headed over to Winter Garden Church to be in service with them and had a wonderful time. We got to see people we haven't seen in like 3 years, since we had moved. Some hadn't seen Jolee since she was 4 months old. It was great getting to catch up with everyone. Thank you, Sister Becky and Brother Rodney for hosting us on Sat. night. We enjoyed it so much!
We also stopped on the way home, and attended a night service with a wonderful group of people. So as you can imagine, when we finally made it home and after fitting all of this in, in only one weekend. We where all exhausted! There was some swollen feet in the end, but what a wonderful good time we had!

**I had to fit in those last 2 pictures of me and Jolee, we don't get a lot made together, because I'm always the one taking them.**

Promoting her favorite store...

October 9, 2009
How the Big news was shared!
I figured, I needed to document as much as I could on the blog about our new addition, because it is not looking promising that it will get a scrapbook like Jolee due to the fact..I'm so far behind on Jolee's scrapbook it's not funny. I just don't see it happening, right now. But there is always hope, that Granna will come through for he/she and fix a scrapbook (hint,hint,Granna)!!

It was a couple of days, before Silas's 30th B'day and I thought what an awesome birthday present! So I wrapped the pregnancy stick with a little note, and that's how he found out, he was going to be a Daddy again!

We waited to tell Jolee, until we went to the Dr. Bless her heart, she would ask everyday..Mom are you still sick. She would want a wet, cold, rag on her head too. So many,many days we just layed around on the couch, with rags on our head watching Max and Ruby.
But after, we went to the Dr. we told her...She was going to be a BIG sister and she was so excited. We explained, that is why mommy has been sooooo sick (so know she says, mommy is the baby making you sick today) We also told her, it was going to be our little family secret, for awhile and to our surprise she thought that was cool and kept the secret.

Jolee with ultrasound pictures, when she found out at 6wks and 5 days!

When we decided to tell the Grandparents, we let her call and tell Pappy and Granna...that she was going to be a BIG sister. And then she called MeMaw and PePaw over the computer and signed the good news to them!

When we felt like it was time, to tell our family and friends...she told them alright, and tells everyone she know's, that Mommy has a baby in her belly! She is so excited as we all are!

October 1, 2009
Musical Chairs
Jolee loves to play musical chairs! But her version of musical chairs is a little different. No matter how many people are playing, whether it's just her or someone else (this night Daddy was the lucky one) she puts out however many little or "her size" chairs she can find to run around. I think it's cute and just go with it, her Daddy on the other hand is a little OCD and has a problem with the amount of chairs and the amount of people. So, after listening to him try to explain to her about if you have 2 people, you only need 1 chair,etc,etc. I'm like Hun...she is 3, just play along.
Her response.... But this is how I like to play it ok, Dad!

So after we got all the kinks worked out, about who's rules they were playing by (which ended up being Jolee's, by the way) they had a fun time running around in circles playing musical chairs together! And everybody had a chair, which meant everybody won in the end!

I pulled the "ole" pregnancy card, that running in circles already being nausea's would not be good at all. So Jolee assigned me, as the music player... meaning she gave me a princess keyboard and I stopped and started the music in the comfort from my recliner with my feet up!!

I absolutely love, watching them play together!