September 29, 2008
Baa-Baa Black Sheep!

September 24, 2008
A Dr's visit conversation!

This is a video from last week, that I went back and forth on about putting it on here, but finally decided it's just too cute not to let ya'll see it!

Jolee was sick last week, so we had to go to the Dr. she ended up having Bronchitis and Conjunctivitis in her eyes. She was on some antibiotics and some eye drops, and is feeling so much better now. She was so good at the Dr's office that she got to dig in the treasure chest and received a book!

Enjoy our conversation. Oh at the things she comes up with saying!

Talking about Autumn
(she sticks her tongue out when she is concentrating, just like Aunt Pam)
Since it is officially Autumn now, I can post our little Autumn project we worked on last week. I have been talking to Jolee about Autumn and how the leaves change colors and they fall off the trees. So we colored some leaves, cut them out (well we tried to cut them out, this was her first time using scissors you see, so it was quite funny, she thought she was doing a great job holding the scissors and pulling the paper off, whatever works) then she used a glue stick and glued the leaves and tree on some card stock.

She was so proud of her work and she should be, we had a great time and here's hoping she learned something about Autumn.

**If you are reading the words on the page, sing it to the tune of... "London bridge is falling down"** it's cute and she is still singing it...

"Autumn leaves are falling down, falling down, falling down

Autumn leaves are falling down

Red, Yellow, and Brown"

September 17, 2008
WOW! At her imagination! It is hysterical watching her imagination all the sudden just start to run wild. Our latest adventure was fishing or "pishin"as she call's it! We had no idea what she was doing last week, when we look and she has the treadmill cord (you know the thing you hook onto your self in case you fall and that cord comes out to stop the treadmill) and is throwing it over the couch saying... get'em, get'em! Do you see them?
I'm laughing as I'm typing this! So as Silas and I watch her, she is some kind of serious, she was just "pishin" her little heart out! The above picture is her throwing her line into the water (which is the little space between our couch and recliner).

Waiting on a fish to bite.

Showing her Daddy all the fish down there. There were all colors if I remember correctly.

She is pulling with all her might, it must be a big one!

I got it Mommy! I got it Mommy!

Oh she is growing up way to fast. But she sure does keep me laughing. And where she learned about or has seen somebody fishing, we have no idea!

Back on August the 17th to be exact, Jolee went and saw her very first movie at the theatre! And the only reason I remember the exact date is because it was Silas's birthday. We went to church that morning and all 3 of us came home and took a nap, then headed out to the movie theatre!

Silas's only request was to spend it with his family, a very different request from years before. He was a little different this year, he didn't have a list of presents he wanted (that shocked everyone) they are used to calling and hearing he wants Bama this or Bama that! I asked what kinda cake or pie he wanted and NOTHING! You wonder why? Secretly I think it's because he was down and out about this being his last year in his 20's. As in he will be the big 30 next year!!

So when he said he wanted to go see WALL-E which is a Disney movie, we decided Jolee would love going, so off we went and oh how she loved it! She ate popcorn, pretzels, drank an Icee and even some coke! Her dear old Dad thought he was getting the Icee for him, but oh was he wrong, he must have thought it was his birthday or something. She loved the movies and was really, really good the whole time. The only thing was, when she saw that she could go up and down the stairs if she told me she had to go pee-pee, that's what she wanted to do the last 30 minutes of the movie. The movie was cute and her and her Daddy laughed all the way through it.

So now when she sees the commercial advertising WALL-E she shouts....dat Wall-E, at movies wif mommy and daddy and popcorn!!!

We all had a really fun time, experiencing yet another first with Jolee.

September 12, 2008
Friday Funnies!
If you would have been at our house this week, this is just one of the funny conversations you would have heard:
Me: As I'm flipping through the magazine, asked Jolee what would you like for Christmas?
Jolee: Without thinking about it or taking a breath, replies.... a horse!
Me and Silas: A what? A horse? A real one?
Jolee: Yes!
Me: Well if you had a horse, what would you feed it?
Jolee: A bottle!
Me: Ok, well what would you name it?
Jolee: Horsie!
Me: Where would Horsie sleep?
Jolee: In my bed wif (with) me, and Nemo, and Tona (her fish and bear)!
Silas: How bout just a ride on a horse!
Me and Silas: Note to self call the Masterson's and see if Jolee can come ride on a horse!
And their she is, our little cowgirl, who is obsessed with horses and being a cowgirl at this stage of life! She puts on her cowgirl hat and jumps on the arm of the couch and me guys, as she hollers hee-haw (I think she means to say yee-haw), I'm riding fast!
Monkey-See Monkey- Do!
I have been trying hard this week to walk on the treadmill every day, and I have to brag a little on myself I have fulfilled my goal! I have walked every day this week, well one day I didn't but that was the day I went and had 6 moles cut off of me, but I made up for it by walking on it twice the next day. Ok, so all together now...Yeah for Tara!
Anyway, back to Jolee. She has watched me walk on it and says while I'm walking...Is it my turn next to get on the tweadmill (treadmill). So she does and she moves those arms back and forth and everything. She says and does what ever you do are say! She is just hilarious these days and is cracking me up, I love it!

September 9, 2008
Savannah, Ga
Our little family of 3 spent Labor Day in Savannah, Ga. It was beautiful there! We had no idea what we were going to do there or where we were going, we just kinda went with the flow. And I'm the kinda person who needs a plan, but I did pretty good that day, I think!

We walked around and looked at little shops, lets see, the candy store was Daddy's favorite place and the ice cream shop was Jolee's favorite place! That is all we heard the entire day...Jolee wants ice cream, is it time for ice cream yet? At lunch we asked what she wanted to eat and she cream! So needless to say after lunch we found an ice cream shop and had some ICE CREAM!!!

We had a wonderful day just being together as a family, walking the streets, looking at shops, and eating way to much that day! We do want to go back and do tours and all that good stuff, but that day was a day to just enjoy the sights and each other's company in a new place!

I love this picture of Jolee and her Daddy's hands. When I look at it, some of the things that jump out to me are ... Daddy's hands are strong hands, they are big hands, they are helping hands, they are guiding hands, they are loving hands!

The 2 loves of my life, walking the streets of Savannah!

Picking with Pappy!
No, they weren't picking their nose's, they were picking apples on the farm. She had so much fun helping pick those green apples, she came back telling me all about it. How she held them, and stood on a ladder to reach it, and she saw the cows, but most importantly she got to ride the golf cart!

This picture looks like she is reaching with all her might!

Looks like she was a good little helper.

See I got one!
They came back with buckets full of apples!
**Thanks Pappy and Grandad for taking her to pick apples with you. To tell you how much she enjoyed it, here's you a little story. Today at the Library, they read a book about apples. Jolee got so excited and said out loud ...I pick apples, green apples, member (remember) mommy? Yes, I remember Jolee, but lets let the librarian finish reading the story. Mommy, Jolee pick apples in Awobama (Alabama)! Our librarian got tickled because Jolee usually is very quiet and reserved, but not today she wanted to tell about her picking green apples with her Pappy and Grandad.**

Looks like she can get away with a lot when she is with her Pappy!

Jolee and Grandad looking at the cows. When we turn to drive up their road she knows where we are, because she starts hollering.....look cows, cows, see the cows? moo, moo!

I'm so thankful that we have the opportunity (and by opportunity I mean with in driving distance, hours of driving distance, but still driving distance and a wonderful husband that knows how important seeing and being with my family is to me and to let us go home and visit like we do, because I know he misses her greatly when we are gone) to go back home and visit and for Jolee to get to play and experience the farm like I did when I was growing up. That's important to me, I loved it and still do, and looks and sounds like my daughter does too! I can't wait till Fall so we can take her down to the creek!

Just one more reason, to love it back home, the beautiful sunsets! Ok, so now that I'm severely homesick, by looking at all these pictures and talking about my wonderful family that I miss so badly, I'm going to sign off for now!

September 8, 2008
Pictures, Pictures, & More Pictures...
When Jolee and I went home last week to Alabama, we had a wonderful time being with the family! The main reason I went, was to get mom to help me get caught up on Jolee's scrapbook, I'm way behind. We had a blast, mom and I laughed and laughed all week. You could catch us scrapbooking all hours of the day, from mid day to well the wee hours of the morning. And we didn't even get close to finishing, so I guess we will have to do again soon, can't wait!
It was such a relaxing week, I mean some days Jolee and I didn't even get out of our pajamas, until it was time to take a bath and put on a new pair! Ha! There was always somebody around to play or get something for Jolee so it was like a vacation for me.
Jolee had such a great time getting to play with everybody, so below are some pictures to prove it!
I'm going to warn you, there are lots of pictures!

One night as we were scrapping we heard some horrible noises coming down the stairs. So we jumped up to see what it was. We knew it wasn't Jolee because she was laughing hysterically. We round the corner to find her standing at the top of the stairs, dropping a basketball down them. She was having some fun. So we laughed took some pictures and let her be. I mean realistically it probably wasn't smart to let her keep doing that, because Pappy will eventually have to paint the walls, but hey we were at the Grandparents house, and that kinda stuff is allowed there, isn't it?

At least she wasn't in the middle of our scrapping stuff, because oh when she was, she thought she needed to help. She would come in the room and say.... i needs to work too! We gave her a piece of paper and some stickers and she would be so excited saying... Jolee crapping (scrapping) too like Mommy and Granna!

Jolee at the top of the stairs dropping her basketball!

Getting her ball and climbing back up to do it all over again!

Weston and Jolee ganging up on Pappy!

Boy did she have fun with Gammaw (Grandma)! They played hard all week, you name it, they did it....ball, coloring, remote control cars, watched movies, blocks, ball, ball, ball, you get the idea!

Pappy and Jolee putting puzzles together!

I know his Daddy might have a problem with this picture, due to Weston being on a princess car instead of the John Deer tractor, but what a cute picture of the 2 of them!

Jolee had such a great time time playing with Weston! When she would talk to him, he would smile and holler back something at her. Here's another funny on them. One time Jolee had on her dress up shoes prancing around asking everybody if she looked pretty and Weston saw them sparkling and crawled over there to her and started trying to pull the bows off of them, she flipped out saying... No Weston you are hurting them!! There's the difference in the way girls and boy's play even at this early age!

Oh, the family dinners we had. They were wonderful! I miss them so much! I did get a little spoiled while home, having Grandma and Mom cooking for us, and on top of that it was my favorites with my favorite desserts! YUMMY!

Granna and Jolee dancing in the living room. See I let Granna have a little fun too with her granddaughter, we didn't scrapbook the entire time, just almost!

Jolee playing with her MAGNETIC dart board Pappy gave her. I capitalized magnetic because I flipped out at first too, I said... you gave her a dart board? All I could picture was Jolee chasing Sophie around throwing darts at her... But it's all good we love the magnetic dart board game!

Jolee and Uncle JoJo before heading out to play on the swings!

Here's your Three's Company having some fun on the swings too!


Last Friday, I did a post on us going to the Bama game, but I had to let you know Jolee may not have been at the game with us, but she was having a blast herself. She stayed with my Uncle and Aunt and cousins Abbie and Alex. They played and swam and played some more. She didn't even miss us until it got bed time! And we got a good report on her when we got back. That always makes a Mommy feel good. Thank you so much Uncle Philip, Aunt Andrea, Abbie, and Alex for taking care of my baby!

Alex, Abbie, and Jolee eating lunch!

September 4, 2008
The time of year is here!
Silas, Me, Shanna & Billy
You see this is the time of year that our Saturdays start revolving around... what time Bama is playing? And I try to vow, yes, I will sit and watch every game and will try to know the players and their position, and to show team spirit we should all have on our game day colors!
So since Football season is upon us, what better way to kick the season off right, but to go to the game last weekend at the Georgia Dome! You see, here at our house the days have been counted down, since the end of last season from one particular individual!

We had such a great time! Me, Silas, my cousin Shanna and her husband Billy all went together and we had a blast! I think that day we covered talking about everything and well everybody! We laughed, we walked, we did some sightseeing, and my favorite part was people watching!

This was the band during the 1/2 time show. How cool is that!

Me and Shanna in downtown Atlanta!

Billy and Shanna

And remember I said we people watched. This is one of the only pictures that was harmless enough for me to put up. What do people think when they get up and get dressed for the day? **Shanna this one's for you**

Ok so back to the game, it was a great game we were up and down the entire time. And even one time Silas was over the seats in front of him.

So have I got you curious yet?

Our whole row was standing up cheering, when all of the sudden I see Silas in the air falling over the row of seats in front of us. A Clemson guy was running from security and ran in our row and had pushed Silas out of his way and over the row in front of us. People were yelling stop him, stop him. Silas jumped up not having any idea about the guy running from security and grabbed the guy sitting behind us by his shirt. I was yelling it wasn't him, it wasn't him as I was pulling Silas back. After we explained what had happened, Silas turned around and apologized to the boy behind us for grabbing him up. But thank God he only walked away with some bruises.

Oh what is there to say about Marta, other than it was an experience like non other. If you have ridden Marta in downtown Atlanta to an event you know what I mean when I say...WoW! You would have thought it was halloween night or someone was having a wild lingerie party by the way these people were dressed. It was crazy!

For all you Bama fans at home, here is a video of the crowd going crazy singing "Sweet Home Alabama" after we had won!

Thanks Billy and Shanna, we had a wonderful time with you guys and can't wait to do it again!