January 12, 2010
Christmas Night 2009
One more Christmas post, after this one I promise! Christmas night, everyone gathers at my Grandparents house for more food, more fun, and more fellowship. My Grandmothers side of the family (The Smith's) all come over. That includes her brothers and sisters, their children, then their children and now our children (and people keep having them, ha). It's a lot of work every year, but we all look forward to it and wouldn't have any other way...It's Tradition!

A quick family picture, before heading upstairs to Grandma and Grandpa's

After we eat, we all gather around and sing hymns.

After the hymn singing, we always sing some silly old songs that grandma and her family grew up on. Example: The Old Grey Mare, Grasshopper sitting on the railroad tracks, and Jolee's favorite song....The hole in the bottom of the sea. The girl can sing it too, she knows it better than I do!

Granna, Jolee, and Pappy!

Granna and Pappy with the Grand kids on Christmas night

Christmas at Pappy & Granna's "09"
Christmas morning, after Santa presents had been opened we opened presents at Pappy and Granna's house. We all had a good time, watching and laughing at Jolee and Weston!
Pappy always, every Christmas gets Jolee a new snow globe (that's their thing) and she will remind him about it too. This year Pappy got her a Cinderella Snow Globe!

The funniest thing to me was, at 10:30 in the morning Weston wanted ice cream. So we assume after giving Jolee and Weston ice cream at 10:30 0n Christmas morning, will become yet another tradition (that I'm sure Brennan will enjoy next year as well). It was Christmas, who cares if you eat ice cream for breakfast at Granna and Pappy's, right?? Weston could have cared less about presents once he was digging into his ice cream, it was hilarious!!

Pappy and Granna enjoying looking at their new calendar of the grand kids for 2010!

Jolee had asked for a housecoat with unitorns (unicorns) on it, well after searching all the stores in Florida and Alabama and the Internet....Nothing! So sweet Granna made her a housecoat and then took it to have a unicorn embroidered on it! Jolee loves it, and she looks so cute wrapped up in it.

Silas borrowed Weston's present and went to drawing, his best picture was of Uncle JoJo!

See it looks just like Uncle JoJo!

Jolee in her new Sleeping Beauty dress!
We all had such a wonderful Christmas morning together!

January 9, 2010
Dear Santa,
Jolee working on her letter to Santa, all by herself. She said she wanted to make it colorful like a rainbow and draw him some pictures and write to him...Dear Santa, the date, and Jolee!

Jolee so proud of her finished letter to Santa!

Before heading to bed for the night, she wanted to leave Santa some cookies, a carrot for every reindeer (yes we named them all and counted them out) and leave Santa some Chocolate milk, because it is better than white milk and it would match hers in her cup! So that's what Santa got!
We had a few issues, with Santa like last year, she did not want to see him and did not want him to come into the house, while she was sleeping. Some questions, from that night.
Jolee: Does Granna and Pappy have a chimney?
Me: No they don't
Jolee: Good, so Santa can't come in their house?
Me: Well, if you want him too, he can?
Jolee: I don't want him to, he can leave them by the door?
Me: Ok, if that's what you want
Jolee: We should probably leave his cookies and milk outside by the door too
Me: Umm, ok if that's what you want
Long story short, before that she just wanted Santa to mail her presents to her, then she wanted him just to leave them by the door and not come in, in the end she said he could only come in the room that had the Christmas tree in it and get his cookies and leave her presents, but could not come past that room as she shut the door. It was Hilarious!!

Christmas morning, Jolee running to see if he ate his cookies, if he gave all the reindeer their carrots and drank his milk.

He did and he left her a letter, that she was so excited about. He new she had been a very good girl, that she took dance, and was going to be a big sister!

He left her a purple light up hula hoop and some more cool gifts, that she had asked for!

She got make-up and was so excited, because she said she was almost out at home!

Jolee looking at the letter Santa had left for her!
It was a very fun Christmas morning!!

Christmas Eve Night "09"
So I forgot to post a picture of our Christmas Card, before Christmas so here you go. Better late than never, right?
The Johnson's Christmas get together!

After the Roberts Christmas get together on Christmas Eve morning and a short nap, we headed over to Silas's Pa-Pa's house for their Christmas get together. The picture above was taken after he made the kids sing 2 Christmas songs for everyone, in order to get their presents. In the picture is Pa-Pa and Grandma Beth and some of their great grandkids! We had a good time over there and ate way, way, way to much!
After eating there, visiting awhile, and opening presents we then headed across the yard to MeMaw and PePaw's house (Silas's parents) to have Christmas there. The boys and Jolee played really well together. She is the only girl, so her boy cousins take good care of her over there.

Jolee was super excited about getting a Princess Vanity, from MeMaw and PePaw! She loves it! She racked up that night,with lots of good gifts and it wasn't even Christmas yet.

Jolee, Zachary, and Caden playing Kerplunk! They had a good time playing, while we watched them and visited and of course ate again!!!!!!

2009 Christmas Eve was a success!

January 6, 2010
26 Weeks!
A break from Christmas post, to update you on Brennan!
How cute is little man? These 1st 2 photo's are fresh, from today's Doctors visit. I'm 26 weeks pregnant, and Thank the Good Lord, everything with Brennan is going great! As of today, he weighs 1pound and 14 ounces. Everything about him, is great! He is definitely an active little boy, he moves constantly (which we all love to feel)! They didn't get to many good pictures today, due to him moving around so much. In the above picture his head is at the bottom, with his legs kinda hanging above him. I know sounds weird, but that's what he was doing.

This picture is a profile picture, of him looking up. You can see his little face and nose, gosh I just get so excited looking at him! Jolee is going to be the best big sister ever. She loves to feel him kick and move around, she will come over and say Mom is he moving, I need to feel him. She talks to him and sings to him already. She absolutely loves going to the Dr. with me and knows pretty much about the ultrasound. She says, there's his heartbeat, he's looking at me Mom, there's his hand, its pretty amazing to me and the ultrasound techs that she can pick all that out!

This is from a couple of weeks ago, actually right before Christmas. My wonderful Dr. did some 3D shots for me and they were amazing!

Another 3D picture, taken at 24 weeks! He had is little hand up against his face!
I have to go have my 3 hour Glucose test done this week, YUCK! I apparently have to much fluid surrounding him, which they are thinking it might be due to gestational diabetes (hence having to take a 3 hour glucose test). The problem with having to much fluid surrounding him, is preterm labor. So after my results come back, we will know for definite.
The high risk Doctor, I saw today is pretty sure Brennan Silas Ford will make his debut a little earlier than his due date, just like his sister did! So please be in prayer for us and pray he doesn't come to soon!!

January 4, 2010
Roberts Family Christmas 2009
So this starts our Christmas festivities in Alabama. I just decided, I would break it up as the different family events took place, so everyone gets there fair share of being famous on my blog! So you will probably get tired of seeing Christmas pictures, but just bare with me.

Christmas Eve morning, we (my mom and dad) hosted my Dad's 3 brothers and their families for a Christmas breakfast. It was so good (well the food I could eat, was good)! We all woke up, that morning and pitched in and pulled it off. Silas cooked like 30 something pancakes that morning! We all enjoyed the time we had together, telling stories, people making fun that I own a minivan now, and laughing at Weston, who put on a show!

(Noah and Jolee)

(Morgan, Me, Garrett, Silas, Jolee, Joseph, Pam, Weston, Noah, and Zachary)
This is a picture of the Roberts Grandchildren. When my Grandmother died (my Dad's Mom) when I was 12 years old (I have a Birthday this month, so I'm not going to tell you how old I am now, just believe me....it's been years ago) there was only 3 of us Me, Joseph, and Morgan was a baby and know look how many we have added. Two of us have gotten married and have kids of our own, with Dad's Brothers having some too! Grandma sure would have been proud!
Jolee was so excited about getting Snow White!
One event down, many, many more to come!