January 15, 2009
Last Sunday!
Last Sunday after church, Jolee was playing and running around outside, just having herself a good ole time with all the other kids. But her fun ended, when we see her skidding face first down the pavement. And to say she cried a little, would be a understatement. Just ask the people who we ate lunch with. Dude, she cried and cried, and cried. This was her first real boo-boo, so I feel like we have had a good run so far. She skint up her face...cheek, nose, etc and her knee! I didn't think she was ever going to forget about it and stop crying......UNTIL!

We told her, we were heading to ride horses! Then all was well with the world again!

So after lunch, we headed over to the Masterson's. For those of you who don't know the Masterson's, they are a wonderful family that we go to church with. Hannah took us out and showed us all the horses and then Bro. Dan took Jolee out to see the rabbits. We had a wonderful time of fellowship with them. We all got to ride Sonny. Jolee even rode by herself! She also got to hold a rabbit. So as you can imagine, that is all we have heard about this week, is her riding Sonny all by herself and her holding a rabbit. She is now back on her kick of in her words....needing a horse.

Jolee and me riding Sonny together! I enjoyed getting to talk to Hannah about all of her horses and getting to learn so much about them. I also enjoyed very much Sister Nancy's brownies, yummo!

Jolee on cloud 9 talking to her Daddy about Sonny!

Hannah and Jolee riding Sonny. They even had him trotting!

Jolee on Sonny all by herself, holding the reins and all! Look at that! She wants to go back so bad and ride Sonny. So Masterson family you may be seeing us a whole lot. We now have a couple of stuffed horses around her going by the name Sonny!

A perfect Sunday, don't you think.........Church, lunch, riding horses, fellowshipping, some delicious brownies and ice cream, and a nap! It doesn't get much better than that!!

January 14, 2009
The Girls Slumber Party!
On Friday we headed over to the Ferrell's house to help celebrate Abby and Emma's Birthday! We had an awesome time. Amber did a great job at putting together all the activities for the night! Their were 5 little girls there ranging in age from 2 to 5! We didn't have one fight/argument and everyone made it through the night without wanting their mommies. It was a great night!

We ate pizza and the girls got to ice their on cupcakes! That was a huge hit, they loved it, they kept wanting more icing and more sprinkles! Jolee was very into it.

Nathan even loved the icing part. He would crawl up to you, looking for more! Now that I think about Amber, maybe that's why he didn't sleep good that night, he was all sugared up, sorry!

All the girls singing Happy Birthday to Abby and Emma. And don't you forget to sing...and many more at the end! That is Emma's favorite part of the song. She had asked us, to sing that part and well we forgot so we had to sing it again and add ....and many more.

This is at the Salon! We set up in the living room. We gave them all manicures and pedicures!

Amber reading the girls some books while their nails dried!

Jolee and Emma listening to the book. Jolee had such a great time and so did I! The girls all played great together!

All the girls in their PJ's eating popcorn and watching a movie in their tent! They only had to be warned oh like 3 times to go to bed. I think one of the girls ended up in Amber's bed with her.

I had went to put my PJ's on and all that good stuff. When I left Jolee was in the tent with the other girls, and I thought wow this is going well. Do I go check on her or not, because if she sees me, she may decide she wants me. So me still deciding on what I am going to do, could already see me sleeping so good in that bed all by myself, because she was in the tent with the other girls. And then reality set in, Amber came into the room and said hey "T" we got Jolee in our room. Yep, that's right. The whole time I thought she was in the tent, she was actually in the bed with Jay and Amber. So needless to say, I went and got her and she slept with me.

Gator Get Together!
(Jolee and Timothy or Timpy as she calls him)
So now that I am finished with all of the Christmas post, I can update or share with everyone what we have been up to. Last weekend, starting on Thursday night we kept our selves very busy! We hosted a Gator get together at our house for some of the church folks. Don't worry, we have not crossed over, we are not Gator Fans, and we have never even really watched a Gator game. It was all for the fellowship!

(Bro. John and Bro. Lee)

We had a great time! We ate, and ate, and ate! We had a spread of food, it was crazy how much food we had, but it was oh so good!

I'm telling you, we had so much food, our kitchen table was full, we had food on the counters and 3 TV trays lined up in a row, with food on them!

Sister Jessica or (Timpy's mommy as Jolee calls her) fixing her a plate!

For those of you, who have never watched a game with Bro. Lee WOW! He loves him some Gator Football! Let's just say, Silas had bruises on his legs, because he sat by Bro. Lee during the game and poor Sophie, had to have an extra dose of her anxiety medicine that night! And at 1 time, I htought he was going thru my TV!

(Jolee, Timothy and Katie)

The kids all played so good together. Jolee was still going strong well after midnight, she was so excited to have friends over.

January 12, 2009
Roberts Christmas 2008!
The Saturday after Christmas in the afternoon, we headed up to Cullman, AL to Uncle Scott's house. He and his family held our get together this year and it was wonderful. Going to their house, was the highlight of Jolee's Christmas. Why you asked....They had horses and she got to ride them!

My Dad (pappy) with his brothers...Bruce and Scott!

All the Roberts Kids!

Uncle Scott showing Weston a horse! Even Cowboy Weston rode a horse!

This picture is of me looking at my husband saying....why would you laugh and think it was going to be funny, to see me try to get on a horse after not riding one for like 8 years!

(Me and Jolee riding Scarlett, with my cousin Morgan)

Jolee went to the barn and was raring to go, until they got one of the horses out and put her on it by herself. She freaked! I mean come on seeing a horse in real life is way different than just seeing pictures of them.

So me, good "ole " mom of the year! Joking! Came to the rescue and got on the horse with Jolee. Once we started, Jolee LOVED it! She was giggling, laughing, talking to the horse, she didn't want to get down, once she got on!

It was so much fun, being back on a horse and especially getting to ride one with my daughter, who is so in love with them.

Yep, she did finally rode Scarlett all by herself! And believe me, that is all we have heard about since then, is her saying....I rode Carlett (Scarlett) all by myself, like a big girl! We have several Stuffed horses around her, that now have the name Scarlett.

Me and Jolee in the barn!

Jolee modeling, yet another princess dress up gown she got for Christmas!

Thank you Uncle Scott and Morgan for making Jolee's Christmas dream come true! We love you guys and hope to see ya soon! She already is saying, she wants to go back to Alabama and ride horses with Mordan (Morgan)!

Key Christmas 2008!
At 8 AM on the Saturday after Christmas, we all gathered at my Grandparents house for our family Christmas. All of their kids, grand kids and great grand kids! We had a great time as always, we had a wonderful breakfast and then all gathered into the living room to open presents. It was MADNESS this year, FUN but CRAZY MADNESS!

Silas and Jolee playing around!

No one can say, we didn't try to get a cousins picture! Here is proof! But Grandma's happy she has a picture of her Grand kids and Great Grand kids at Christmas!

Grandma and Granddad with their children and their spouses!

All the men and children got theses cool hand woven Alabama toboggans!

Jolee opening yet another present!

Audrey and Abbie looking at their scrapbook pages, that my mom does for each kid every Christmas and Birthday!

Uncle Gary finally won Jolee over, by taking her on a golf cart ride!
Another successful Key Christmas!

January 5, 2009
Christmas Day 2008!
Christmas Morning, is when my family gets together and has Christmas. I love it, because we just get out of bed and head to the living room. That's right we still get to open our presents in our pj's!

Granna and Pappy always do a stocking for their grand-dogs! Chloie (which is Weston's doggy) and Sophie (which is Jolee's doggy) get dingos and squeaky toys!

Jolee loved that she got to help Weston open his presents plus hers!

The Welcome Matt that the kiddos gave Granna and Pappy!

Chef Jolee!

Basically, this all Weston wanted to do this year...eat his toys, suck on them, climb on them, etc, etc!!

Mom did me some great scrap booking pages this year for Christmas. I loved them. She started a book for Sophie that even had her red ribbon in it ( you know, the one Sophie had on her when we picked her out)! And also did some from my childhood for me. Me and my brother with our pony Susie Q! Loved, Loved, Loved them!

I can't stand it, he is so adorable
My nephew Weston!

A family photo! Silas and his girls!

Ride 'em!

Christmas night, for as long as I can remember everyone has always came to my Grandparents house for Christmas supper. We always help get the house ready, everyone brings a dish or two and we talk, laugh, watch the kids play, and always end it with some good ole singing. When I say everybody, I pretty much mean everybody. All of my Grandma's brothers and sisters, their spouses and children, and then their children and then their children. It is one packed house, but it is something we all look forward to yearly.

And this year we had good news flying all around. I have one cousin... that got engaged that morning. And another cousin and her husband announced they were going to have a baby! So it was a very exciting night!

My family!

Granna and Pappy with their Grand kids!

Jolee just adores Weston. She will say...Mommy, I just love him!
We had a wonderful Christmas day, it was filled with many, many wonderful memories!

** I promise if you can just hang in there for only 2 more post, I will be done with Christmas**