June 22, 2007
Dr. Visit Report
Yesterday, was Jolee's 1 year old check-up visit! It went really good! She is right on target, and average in her height and weight! She weighs 21lbs and is 29 inches long! She had to get 4 shots yesterday poor baby, 2 in each leg, and daddy had to hold her down. She was screaming and her face was so red, He was gritting his teeth, and I had tears were rolling down my face. It is so hard, watching something being done to your baby, that you know hurts really bad. Silas said the worst part for him, was when it was over, she looked up at him and buried her face in his chest and cried and cried and cried! The Dr. was impressed that she could say so many things, she is saying Daddy or Da-Da, she says thank you, and Eldo for Elmo, and we are pretty sure she says herego as she hands you a book to read! And she also is doing the sign for more, when she well, wants more of something. Oh the Dr. did laugh that she could say Eldo for Elmo, but couldn't say Mommy. I have been telling ya'll, the girl loves Eldo! So all in all she is doing great, and we got a really good report on her! After we left the Dr's. office we went and had Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, since she was such a good girl and I'm sure that made the whole having to get 4 shots thing much better!

June 20, 2007
Where's Jolee?
This is Jolee's new thing, well I guess I should say one of her newest things, because it seems like every day she is doing or saying something new! She's growing up so fast, I tell ya! If you say where's Jolee she covers up some of her face with her hand, and smiles from ear to ear!

She plays Pick-A-Boo! She will take what ever she has in front of her, whether it is a book, toy, her hands, or in this case her swim suit bottoms and puts them over her face and jerks it away and laughs, laughs, laughs!

No, I really can't recall why she had her swim suit bottoms off here, but I can remember saying take a picture this is so cute!

Sophie or Jolee's Kennel??
Who new when we bought Sophie her kennel a year ago, it would be become a great little play house for Jolee. She has learned within the last couple of weeks to crawl right on in, and make herself at home. But yesterday, when she took her book and her little cellphone in with her, it was picture/blog worthy, I thought! You know, most people would probably frown upon that, and back in the day, I probably would have been one of those people who said, NASTY! you let your kid play in the dog's kennel?? But to my defense our dog doesn't shed and is hypo-allergenic, and you would not believe how many loads of laundry I can get folded and hung up, while in the bedroom watching her play in Sophie's little house!!! So see it's all OK! We are off to the Dr. for her 1 year old visit, I will give a report on that tomorrow!

Oh and this is a bonus, yesterday she thought it would be hysterical for her to put the knob on her puzzle in her mouth and walk down the hall, and she was right, I did laugh pretty hard!

I don't know if it was the weather, the fact that it was Father's Day weekend, or just the fact that he could tell I was really in severe pain with a migraine, that by the way kept me in bed all weekend! But Silas came thru, and when I say he was Super Daddy this weekend, I mean he brought his game, and was in control the whole weekend. Let's start by saying I had a H/A all week, but by Thursday I was in tears, couldn't function, light hurt it, TV hurt it, and I had a 1 year old to take care of. I finally called him in tears, and he came home early that night from work, and then I went to the Dr. on Friday, and she gave me some heavy medicine, to take when someone was home with me and Jolee. So thank the Lord, he was off on Sat. and took full responsibility for Jolee and the house. He fixed me lunch, then put me back to bed and then dressed Jolee, and they went out for several hours, fixed us supper, gave Jolee a bath, did storey time, and then woke up with her at night, when she cried. Then on Sunday he got up, got dressed, got Jolee dressed and they went to church, ( I heard she was very good in church for her Daddy) and then he took care of her the rest of the afternoon. So when I say SUPER DAD, I mean SUPER DAD! It was so nice hearing them laughing and playing together all weekend! And I know they both enjoyed spending one on one time together, the only other thing that I would have wished for is that I didn't have a killer migraine, and I was just in their sleeping and resting just for the heck of it. So maybe Super Dad will fly back in someday soon! Hint! Hint! Thanks Silas, for taking care of me and Jolee this past weekend!

Jolee and Daddy on Father's Day!

Daddy opening one of his presents from Jolee on Father's Day!

Daddy reading his HOME-MADE-CARD Jolee and her sweet, sweet, mother made for him!

The picture on the front of the card, is Jolee and Silas last year on Father's Day!

***OK, I have read this over and I feel I need to clarify some things, Silas always helps me out as much as he can during the week, and usually weekends he does bath time and bedtime with Jolee, to give me a little break. But I was bragging on him so much on this post, because he had her the whole weekend, and then took care of me too!! So see, that is worth some bragging don't you think? I just didn't want people to think he never helped out, that's not why I was writing this post, its nothing like that, just giving credit, where credit is due!***

June 12, 2007
When We Were in Kentucky!
I know you are probably thinking Tara, when were ya'll in Kentucky? But remember when I didn't blog for like 2 weeks, that's why, not only did we go to Alabama for Jolee's birthday party, Jolee, Granna, and myself also drove up to Kentucky to visit my Aunt and her family. Wow! what a drive, let me tell you this was a trip, we went from Florida to Bama, from Bama to Kentucky,and back down to Florida, and for a little girl who has decided she does not like to be tied down in a car seat anymore, since she knows she usually moves around all the time at home, did not make for a pleasant car ride. For the most part she was pretty good, but she decided on the trip she is too big to watch Baby Einstein, so she would only watch Elmo or Barney, so we stopped and bought even more Elmo and Barney DVDs, just to try to make it thru the rest of the trip. But anyway, back to my story about us being in Kentucky, we had a wonderful time visiting and playing. We played in the pool, on the swings, we went sight seeing, and we even visited a horse ranch, that was pretty cool! There were a ton of horses running around and Jolee loved it, she laughed, and laughed, and ooohhed the whole time. We had such a great time, the girls (Jolee and our cousin Audrey) are 1 year and 4 days apart, they finally got used to each other by the last day, we talked alot about sharing that week. And Joseph who is 7 years old took such good care of Sophie, walking her in the morning and night, so that was really nice,and a huge help! (Oh yea, I forgot to mention Sophie was on the long trip as well) We cant wait to go back, but I do think we might fly next time!! Oh on that trip also Jolee came down with pink eye in both eyes, so that also added to our car ride home. Enjoy the horse pictures!

Granna and Jolee looking at the horses!

I dont think Granna or Jolee was sure about the horse making that kinda face
This is our cousin Joseph, who was getting a lesson on how to feed a horse!

Jolee did actually pet a horse, with the help of Granna!

Granna, Jolee, My Aunt, and her daughter Audrey (notice the bridle around her neck, she put it there herself) She's a character!

June 11, 2007
Jolee's 1st Birthday Party!
On May 26th my baby girl turned 1! So we went home to (Alabama) to have her a Birthday Party with all of her cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and great grandparents! We had a blast, she was in such a good mood all day. We even had to wake her up from her nap due to her already being 20 min's. late to her own party! I really didn't know how stressful hosting a Birthday Party was, but with the help of Daddy and my family we pulled it off! And of course you all know the girl is in love with Elmo, and water, so that's what we had, an Elmo 1st Birthday Pool Party! We blew up about 9 kiddie pools, had a slip-n-slide for the older cousins, and had a big slide water thingy too! We all had such a great time, and the girl dug into her cake, she loved it! I have posted lots of pictures below for you all to see! And to Jolee's cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and great grandparents, thank you for making her special day, so special for her, and her mommy and daddy!

Isn't that the cutest Elmo cake you have ever seen, a lady that my Dad or as he is known now as Pappy works with made it for Jolee, and made her one just like it, for her to dig into!

This is the way, I had the tables decorated, and the scrapbooks that me, granna, and aunt pam did were a hit!
Precious, Precious, Precious! She loved looking at the cake.
I told ya, she dug into it! It was really good, I have to admit!
It took awhile to get her all cleaned up, and get the cake out of her swim suit (thanks Granna), ear, nose, and everywhere else! But she had fun, and that's what mattered!

She loves to swing, so she even swang at her party!
She had a really good time unwrapping and pulling her presents out of bags, and we came home with lots, of great stuff!
A cute little family picture!
The above picture was towards the end of the night, and look what a great mood she was still in!
And last but not least the Birthday Girl swimming in the pool at her PARTY!

June 5, 2007
Happy Birthday Jolee!
Happy 1st Birthday Baby Girl! Your Mommy and Daddy love you very much, and we are so blessed to have you in our lives. **the pictures and video were done by the talented amber ferrell for jolee's 1st birthday on may 26th**