September 30, 2009
Preschool Storytime!
Anyone that knows Jolee, knows that she LOVES to go to the Library each week. Last year, her and I got to enjoy it together. But this year since she is 3, she gets to go into story time all by herself! They have a teacher and some helpers and they sing songs, listen to stories, do their ABC's, and are learning to count in Spanish and French!

Jolee inside story time! So see why, I'm so ok with it...I can totally see her at all times! But while she is enjoying learning and participating in story time, I have like 25 min. that I can just sit down and do nothing. Well besides, listen to the other parents and kids screaming that can't make up their mind, if they want to go in or out of story time! So it's some sort of a break, I think!

After story time, they always do a craft! She absolutely loves it, and thinks she is such a big girl when she comes out.
The first day she said Mom, your not going with me? I said no baby, this is just for children that are big and that are 3 years old! She said...Mom that's me, I'm 3 and off she went! She did say are you going to watch me and be right here when I get back! So sweet, so after I promised her I would never leave her and would always be right here for she went!
I'm so thankful, that we have such a great Library close by that has wonderful programs like this one!

September 28, 2009
Jolee is going to be a BIG SISTER!

I know it's blurry, because it's a picture of the ultrasound picture. But I had to show our family and friends our newest subject, that I will be blogging about! In case, you can't make out the picture, it almost looks like he/she is in the shape of a backwards "C" Starting with it's feet, legs, bottom, body, and head!

I'm 11 weeks and 4 days today! We went to the Dr. last Thursday and saw it on ultrasound and it was just a kicking and flipping. The heartbeat was great and it was already doing tricks like standing on it's head (sounds like I'm in trouble already, a trickster like it's Dad)!! We have known for awhile, but due to the past, we wanted to make sure everything was ok, before sharing our wonderful news!
I do ask, that you please be in prayer for this pregnancy and us during this special time. And if it is the Lord's will, that he would continue to bless and see us through this pregnancy!
Jolee is so excited, but has already made it be known...she wants a sister! I have tried to explain, that we we don't get to choose, we take what the Lord blesses us with. Her reply, well Mom I have been praying to Jesus, for a sister!
I have told her, a brother is fun to have too!
Me: I have a brother and when we where little, we would have tea party's and play dress-up (sorry Joseph, I'm selling you out!) and then we would go outside and hunt bugs and ride our bikes real fast! So see that would be fun!
Jolee: You can have a boy tomorrow, this is going to be my sister, Mom!
So, you can't say I havent tried to prepare her for both!

September 23, 2009
Some Funnies.........
Jolee: Mom I need a tennis shoe!
Me: A what? Why?
Jolee: Because Mom, I need a tennis shoe in a box
Me: Thoroughly confused at this point, a what?
Jolee: A wiper for my nose, mom
Me: Oh, you need a tissue!!!!
*She is so picky, about stuff. I said we are out of tissue's go get some toilet paper. Mom you don't use that to wipe your nose, you need one out of a box!*

This conversation took place on a Sunday morning, while getting ready for church, between her Daddy and her.
Silas: Jolee, you look so pretty this morning!
Jolee: yep
Silas: Jolee, how about saying...thank you!
Jolee: Thank you!
Jolee: Not skipping a beat, about 2 seconds later says... Dad, how about saying... your welcome!

This is a conversation, that took place while shopping for Jolee some clothes the other day.

Me: Jolee, look at this shirt how you like it?
Jolee: um, no not really!
Me: still holding the cute shirt in my hand, picked up a pair of jeans and cute are these?
Jolee: I don't think they are my size, they are too long! And then says...Mom I told you, I really don't like that shirt, that you are holding.

*End of story: We walk out of the store empty handed! She is 3 and is a picky shopper already!*

September 18, 2009
Bowl Baby Bowl!
Labor Day weekend, when PePaw and MeMaw where here, we took Jolee bowling for her very 1st time! She absolutely LOVED it! She was so excited about the big bowling balls and her shoes. She would squeal, clap and jump up and down every time she bowled the ball, no matter if it knocked over any pins or not. She was so proud of herself! It was so funny to watch her and her excitement about it!

Daddy helping Jolee bowl!

Daddy bowling!

PePaw bowling!

Ok, so this contraption was so cool. I had never seen one before (shows how long it has been since I have been in a bowling alley). So in case you are like me and did not know these existed, well they do and they are GREAT! It's an incline so that you sit the ball on it, and then the child
pushes it down and it rolls towards the pins (at a much faster rate, than just rolling it by hand, for a child that can't even hardly pick up those big ole ball's)!!

So excited as she watches her ball rolling towards the pins!


Our little Bowler!!
They bowled 2 games and her first score was 55, and her 2nd score was 56. So girlfriend got a point better and increased her game!

Daddy and Jolee! When we where leaving, she thanked her Daddy for bringing her bowling and said can we come back, and maybe we can eat here too Dad. I see a future date for them there at the bowling alley!

She looks as if she is waiting on her score, in this picture!

Modeling her size 9 bowling shoes! She loved them, she said they helped her twirl around better!

PePaw and Jolee!
We had a wonderful time, and we definitely have to go back. It was hysterical watching her, love it so much and have such a great time!
** While we where there, she said... Mommy I need to have a Barbie Bowling Birthday Party, next time, ok that would be great if I could! Those 2 really don't go together to me, Barbie and Bowling, but hey it could be alot easier on us.**

September 15, 2009
Labor Day weekend 2009!
MeMaw, PePaw, and Derrick (their dog) came down to visit us Labor Day weekend. It had been a year since there last visit, so Jolee was really looking forward to the weekend. We all had a great time being together and visiting. I think Jolee wore them out though, that weekend. They played everything from board games, to painting, coloring, barbies, puzzles, and the list could go on and on!

They came with 2 sack fulls of goodies for her..clothes, panties, socks (which I really liked) and of course some toys!

MeMaw and Jolee painting!

PePaw, MeMaw, and Jolee playing "Kerplunk"!

PePaw, MeMaw, Derrick, and Jolee!
Jolee did great signing to them all weekend.The sign she used the majority of the weekend tell them to come PLAY, it was cute. I think that she is kinda getting the idea that they are deaf and she has to use her hands to talk to them, she does a great job. Saying that, doesn't mean she didn't talk louder and louder trying to get them to hear her, but we would remind her, you have to use your hands, remember and she would say ok and start signing and if she didn't know how to say a word, she would ask her Daddy.
Silas and I got to take several naps, while the grandparents played with Jolee. I think that is a rule, right? When grandparents are in town, you try to catch up on sleep! Oh and the extra help cleaning up the kitchen was so nice, a little break for Mama!

Derrick (Silas's brother) and Sophie chilling out on the couch! They are both Bichon's, hence the resemblance!
Thank you PePaw and MeMaw for coming to visit, don't wait so long to come next time!
After MeMaw and PePaw headed back home on Monday, we headed to the Lake to join our church friends, for some great food, fun, and fellowship. It was a wonderful way to end the weekend. Jolee had a blast, and talk about DIRTY, the girl was covered with it. She was so tired, from all the running around and playing, she slept probably a good hour in Brother Davids arms.
And I didn't take not one single picture that day. I was to busy enjoying myself I guess..eating, singing, playing bingo and laughing and watching the kiddo's. If you go over to Amber's site, she took some great pictures, from that day!

A Family Outing!
We took Jolee, to see a pro football game a couple of weeks ago and she loved it! She had a great time, running around and watching the the cheerleaders! When we told her we where going to a football game, she said...I need to take my binoculars, so I can see better!
So sure enough, she took them. I'm not sure how great she could see through them, due to them being backwards, but she was happy and having fun!

As we where leaving the stadium that night, we asked Jolee what her favorite part was. Her reply...I loved it all, but eating chicken fingers was my favorite! The girl loves her some chicken fingers!
She did thank her Daddy for bringing her, and told him she wanted to go back there again soon...(they must have had some really good chicken fingers)!!!!
***I woke this morning to find in the living room, Jolee's "Dora"blanket in her chair and Silas's (Alabama) blanket in the recliner . I asked Jolee what did you and Daddy do last night after Mommy, went to bed?? We sat in our chairs and covered up with our blankets and watched football, Mom!! It must have been a proud night for Daddy!!***

September 10, 2009
I'm going to brag a little......
Ok, so you had your warning...that in this post "ole" mommy here, is going to be doing some bragging!
This is the first time that Jolee, has written her name...

I'm impressed here, in case you can't tell. She is 3 and I only showed her twice how to do it and voila! My baby girl can write her name all by herself!

September 1, 2009
What do we do when it rains.........
We play in it!!!

Since it has been raining a lot here lately, Jolee automatically ask every morning...Mom when it rains today, can we go out and play in it and jump in the puddles?

She loves to wear her rain boots (usually on the wrong feet, but hey she'll learn, right?) Sometimes we will say...Jolee your shoes (any kind of shoe) are on the wrong feet. Her's ok I like to wear them like that!

She had her wardrobe all planned out. She said I will wear my rain boots, and my big thing that I wore when it rained at Disney World (poncho) and I need my umbrella. Mom, it will match because my umbrella and shoes have pink on them (she's too much)!

Excuse Me....
She is 3 people, not 10 (and not that it is ok then either, but still) Yesterday, she was in the bathroom and I said...
Me: when you are finished, you need to pick up the toys in the living room....yes ma'am.
Jolee's response: yes, ma'am and as I turn to walk out of the bathroom, I hear....whatever.
WHATEVER people, that is what she said!!
I came back around that corner and said excuse me, what did you just say... Umm whatever, sometimes I just like to say that, ok Mom!
Me: No, it's not ok, you never say that to Mommy, when she tells you to do something, ok!
Jolee: Yes Ma'am!
The Girl, is cracking me up!