December 21, 2007
Merry Christmas!
From our family to yours, We hope you have a blessed Holiday Season!

December 19, 2007
It went just how we expected!
So we made the Santa Clause trip yesterday, even though we knew exactly how it would go we decided to do it anyway. We got in line last night to see Santa at the Mall and we were so excited because we were like the 4th people in line, we (Silas and I) were pumped saying stuff like...this is the time to come, we beat the rush, this wont take long and then we can go get something to eat, alright, yes!!
Then we get the dreaded news...Santa is taking an HOUR break, he will be back at 6:15! What?? Are you kidding me? No Santa's little helper was not kidding, he was gone a whole hour and then some. So we debated, ok we can stay in line and know we will be 4th in line to see him when he gets back, or we can do some shopping and then come back and stand in a line that was by this time getting longer and longer. The things you do for your kids and Santa, we stood in line! As Silas walked away to go do some shopping, I shouted... is your phone on in case there is a Christmas miracle and he comes back early. As I stood in line waiting on the miracle, it did not happen, but Silas did come back and then I got to go and get a snack and change Jolee's diaper, and as I'm typing this, it just hit me, I got the bad end of the deal all the way around.. I stood in line keeping our spot so we could see Santa and then went and stood in line to change a diaper. (Although the bag he was carrying in his hands when he came back may have been worth it)!

As we waited and waited and waited in line we ate some snacks while sitting on the mall floor, probably not the most sanitary decision but my legs, feet and back were killing me!! Anyway, Jolee was in the best of moods, laughing, eating, playing, looking at all the Christmas decorations, watching all the other kids.

It was going great, we were next in line, she was smiling, laughing, we were ready. Santa's little helper came and got us and said whatever you do DO NOT, let her see Santa yet, keep her pointing and looking in another direction until I get the camera ready, then just set her down and I will snap the picture. Ok we got it. Not so much, she turned her head and saw him as Silas was sitting her down in his lap, and she lost it...screaming bloody murder, and she had a death grip on her Daddy.

So then we decided we would all be in the picture with Santa, that didn't work either, she wouldn't even calm down enough to see that at this point Mommy was sitting on Santa's lap, and Daddy was holding her sitting next to Santa. At this point she is still screaming, Silas is trying to calm her down, and I'm getting a speech from Santa....
Santa: How old is she?
Me: 18 months (but in my head, I'm thinking, you should know that if you were Santa)
Santa: Yep, they don't like me at this age
Me: Sorry Santa!
Santa: Well how would you like to be thrown into a cage with 4 rottweilers, that is the comparison to kids at this age and me.
Me: Ok, thanks Santa (I mean what are you supposed to say to that) besides walking away thinking about the horrible mother you are, for throwing your baby into a cage with 4 rottweilers A.K.A. Santa!

So this is our picture with Santa this year. We weren't disappointed, upset, or anything like that, because we knew exactly how it would go, and that it did.

December 18, 2007
Kitchen Help!
Doesn't she look like she was a lot of help to me in the kitchen? Actually, we had a great time! In the above picture she was rearranging my silverware drawer for me. I didn't really think it needed rearranging but obviously she thought it needed to look as if a tornado had came through and hit that drawer.

Last Friday night our church had it's Christmas Party or Seasonal Gathering, whatever you choose to call it, and Jolee and I made rice crispy treats to take, they must have been ok, because we didn't come home with any, so that's always a good sign, right? We had a blast in the kitchen cooking together, we had Christmas music playing, we danced, we cooked, we laughed, it was just a really special time. Not really sure if the rice crispy treats had enough marsh mellows in them, due to the fact Jolee would eat one, put one in the pot, eat one, put one in the pot, you get the picture!

After we had finished and I was cleaning up our mess, because as you can imagine we had a mess!! Not only on the counter tops and dishes, but Jolee was just as sticky as they were. I got to thinking it was way to quiet, so when I went looking for her, I found her passed out on the floor in the living room, in order for her to sleep like that, we might have to start cooking everyday...NOT! Who am I kidding!

December 13, 2007
Our Tree is Up, Finally!
Can it really be Christmas time AGAIN, all ready? It seems to have really snuck up on us this year, because let me tell you....I'm not prepared for it! We (as in Jolee and I) just started...I mean just started our Christmas shopping on Tuesday of this week, and let me tell you, it is not so pleasant to shop with an 18 month old by yourself during the Christmas rush. So due to that, I have ordered a lot of presents online, so here's hoping they get here before we leave for Bama next week.

On Tuesday night we finally got our Christmas tree up, due to being out of town so much the last couple of weeks, that was really the first chance we have had to put it up together as a family. Jolee loves, loves, loves, the tree and so far has been very good about not taking any ornaments off and being so gentle when she does touche them. I even caught her yesterday up in the front room sitting on the love seat just staring at the tree. How sweet, is that? And our neighborhood let me tell you, is in the holiday spirit..we have never lived in a subdivision like this one, there are tons of houses that have lots of decorations and lots of lights going on. When we drive thru, Jolee is pointing and saying Mommy (i guess that's her way of saying Mommy, look at those lights). She will stand in the driveway and point to the houses around her that has lights, and say...WOW! So her good ole Daddy put her some lights up last night, on the house and in the tree in the front yard. The whole time he was out there working on them, she was running around in the grass barefoot and in her PJ's saying....Daddy, WOW WEE, over and over again. She is at such a great and fun stage this year for Christmas, it has been so much fun watching her react to all the lights, and trees, and stockings, and when you are out in a store or whatever she will point and show you the Christmas trees and decorations and you better acknowledge her and say how pretty, because she won't stop till you do.

Pappy bought her this snow globe back in September and she played with it for a couple of weeks, but then I put it up, to save it for Christmas time. Well, we got it out Sunday night, and Pappy I do have to say that is the best $10.oo you could have ever spent. She kisses it, She sits with it while watching TV, she will sit and push the button for the music to play and then get up and move her head side to side as if she was dancing, thankfully it has a ton of Christmas songs on it, because we hear it through out the house day and night!

Jolee watched us for a while when we started decorating the tree, as if she was soaking it all in. Then she came and got an ornament and went and laid it on a branch and turned around and started clapping for herself, we were going on about what a good job, looks great, etc. Then she shook her head no and came over to me and got a hook and wanted the hook on her ornament, when we had fixed it for her she then proceeded to put it back on the tree branch...The girl watches and soaks up everything...

She worked I know for a good 10-15 minutes on placing the ornament balls, that we were not going to use back in the box, facing straight up and in a straight line, just perfectly. (she gets that bit of compulsive behavior from her Daddy).

We don't have a mantle, so we improvised and hung them from a little ledge in the front room with the Christmas tree.

Our little tree. It was so much fun getting to show and tell Jolee about all the ornaments from over the years that Granna has given me. I have a collection and now she has started Jolee one as well. I love it!

**I realize it has been awhile since I last posted, but I wanted to thank you so much for the prayers that went up for my Dad/Pappy. He is finally feeling better, still a little weak, but so much better.**

We had a great time in Bama last week and have lots of pictures and post to come. The couples baby shower that we had for Uncle JoJo and Aunt Pam went lovely, we all had a great time, well except for the fact that I was throwing up due to a migraine that day, but other than that, it was great...I have pictures from that to put up soon, and pictures of Jolee playing with her dolls, and showing her belly off and saying Baby, just to copy and be like Aunt Pam, Oh yes, so see good stuff to come.**

December 5, 2007
Prayer Request
So some of you are probably wondering what in the world has happened to me, since I haven't posted in several days, so here's the scoop. Uncle JoJo and Aunt Pam came down for a visit last Wednesday thru Sunday, and we had so much fun. I will admit Jolee was ill most of the weekend, but maybe she was just helping break them in for the whining/illness stage that comes evidently when you turn 18 months old. I will post more on that trip with some pictures when I get back to Florida (because on the farm out here in Bama, we still have dial-up and that would take forever and a day to add pictures) so you have to wait. Oh, yeah I'm back in Alabama, and so glad too. My Dad (Pappy) is very sick, on Sunday he ended up in the ER due to severe pain in his back and high fevers, and if my Dad says he needs help and has to go to a Dr. the man is SICK! Come to find out he has a kidney stone/kidney infection. He is on some strong pain killers and antibiotics, he hasn't eaten in like 3 days, his fevers are ranging from 101-102.8, then he has sweats, then his fever shoots right back up again. Since he has been back home he has basically been in the bed. The Dr. is going to run a renal cat scan and blood work later this week. So please keep him in your prayers. My brother and I were talking tonight that it is really weird seeing him so sick. Pappy had already taken this week off from work and had planned to play with Jolee, but now he is in the bed, I do think though it is helping him get out of bed when it is time to drink water and Gatorade and take his medicine, because we take Jolee in there with us to get him up and that usually works. So please keep my Dad and Jolee's Pappy in your prayers, he really needs them.