October 31, 2008
Fall Festival!
A huge shout out to our new Chick-Fil-A in town! Last night they had a "Free" Fall Festival Family Night! When Silas got home from work we headed on over to enjoy the fun! And talk about one excited little girl...You should have seen Jolee!

She LOVED jumping in the bouncy house so much, we stood in line for that twice!

A Kodak moment I thought, for me and my girl!

Jolee and her Daddy playing around while we waited in line for a pony ride! Yep that's right, Miss. Horse Lover Jolee, got to ride a pony for the 1st time last night!

She absolutely LOVED it, she laughed and was smiling the whole time she was riding it!

It was her dream come true! I can't tell you how many times she has told us she wanted to ride a horse!

Of course she wanted to keep riding it, so we stood in line for the horse ride twice too!

Last night was a lot of "first" things for Jolee. She jumped in a bouncy house for the first time, she rode a pony for the first time, and she even ate an ice cream cone for the first time last night. Don't misunderstand, she has had ice cream before but always just in a bowl, but last night she had ice cream in a cone! That's a huge difference! That's a big girl thing!

She had a wonderful time last night as did Silas and I. It's just amazing watching all this new stuff she is getting to experience and do. Somehow it changes us too, as we watch her be so excited about something and doing new things. It makes you see life in a whole new pair of eyes, through your child's eye's... showing us and teaching us to enjoy everyday of life! We are so blessed to have this little girl!

October 30, 2008
Last weekend!
So the above picture has nothing to do with all the festivities we attended this weekend, but after looking at the picture I now know maybe why Jolee can't seem to get the hang of bike riding. Other than of course, she thinks pushing the pedals is too HARD! Let's see the handle bars are turned around backwards and well I'm sure having her rain boots on the wrong feet contribute something to it too! However, I love the picture! That smile is what lights up my day!

(Katie and Jolee)

So this past weekend, Jolee and I went to watch and show some support to some kiddos from the church as Katie cheered and John Anthony played football. We had a wonderful time and they both did a great job! Jolee loved it! She clapped and cheered right along with them. I believe we have a cheerleader in the making on our hands! I mean come on, as much BAMA football as this poor little girl has to watch, she should know all about it and more by the time it comes time for her to cheer for a football team!

John Anthony


Also last weekend, we had a FUN time at John Anthony's birthday party! All the kids dressed up in their costumes and played games, games, and more games! It was cute and everybody had such a great time watching all the kids and adults play and have fun!

Jolee loved jumping on the trampoline, she would have jumped on it all day..wait she did jump on it almost all day!

The kiddos waiting in line to throw darts at the balloons!

Our little ballerina in action throwing darts!

(Emma hitting the pinata)
So my daughter wouldn't get blindfolded to hit the pinata, but she had no problem eating the candy when others hit it!

Jolee, Abby, and Emma watching as John Anthony opened his presents!

I'm still trying to find out who gave my daughter this special, special prize! It is so LOUD and we still have it and she is still BLOWING THE LOUD WHISTLE!

And this picture, well here are the 3 stooges who felled for and actually did it, when Jay said... hey ya'll stick your hands in that ice bucket and see who can stay the longest! When they took their hands out, they were RED!

And their is MiMi with the cutest little cowboy you have ever seen! They were laughing and watching as Silas, John, and Lee had their hands in the bucket of ice!
We had a wonderful weekend with our church family, as we always do!

October 29, 2008
A few little stories for ya.........
So yesterday, I found a birthday check that belonged to Jolee! I had put it up, where it would be safe until we got ready to spend it. So approximately 5 months later we spent it! We bought her a Wagon with the money and she loves it! We have already taken it for a spin around the ole neighborhood. She is so excited about it. The weather was so nice out there today, a bit nippy at first, but it felt like fall with the fresh air blowing and all.
This week being the week of Halloween, we have tried to do fun pumpkin projects. We are not into all the scary stuff, but we do like to have fun and dress Jolee up (as fun and cute things) and go out trick-or-treating with her, go to the pumpkin patch and those sort of things.
Speaking of scary things, I'm the biggest scaredy cat around. I do not watch scary movies, I don't even like to read or look at anything scary for that matter. At the Library yesterday, we checked out some books and one of them was the Bernstein Bears "Go on a Ghost walk". I got it, because I was thinking how scary can Papa, Mama, Brother and Sister Bear be, right? Well in my opinion after reading only 1/2 the book, pretty scary. We stopped reading it, because It was just too much with some very scary pictures if you ask me.
But I said all that to ask you this? When did Papa and Mama Bear have another baby bear? As long as I knew, it was just Papa, Mama, Brother and Sister Bear. But in this book, their is also a baby bear named... Honey Bear. Maybe I'm just totally out of the loop on them, but it was news to me.
I will get on to the stuff you really come here to see, pictures of Jolee! This is her painting her pumpkin.

My proud little pumpkin painter!

We attended a birthday party last weekend (I will post pictures of that on another post) and Jolee came home with some cool and fun prizes. One of the prizes was a "foamie" Halloween Castle kit. So the night before last when her Daddy came home from work, those two sat at the table and pieced, glued and decorated it together. They had a great time and it was so cute watching them working together. Score 1 for Daddy (playing and being all crafty with his little girl)!
Putting the castle together!

The proud owners of their finished Halloween Castle!

Jolee did not really get at first, that it wasn't a play house, that you could not take the people out once you had glued them down. So her Daddy told her this was one of those craft project's that once you had finished it, you just sat and looked at it without touching it.
So the above picture is them just sitting and staring at their finished project!

October 24, 2008
Pumpkin Patch 2008!
Jolee and her Daddy on the hayride looking over at the cows!

So last Saturday while Granna and Pappy were here visiting, we all loaded up and headed out to the pumpkin patch. It was one of those cool pumpkin patches that had fun things to do there too like...a hayride, playground and slides, petting zoo, corn maze, and a train ride, etc, etc!

We all had such a fun time and Jolee was all about the animals! She wanted to pet and feed everything that was there. She could care less about any of the rides, all she wanted to do was pet the donkeys, chickens, goats, etc!
Which leads me to a funny story...Jolee was petting the donkey and was feeding it hay, then a goat came up and so she started feeding him too, she bent over to pick up more hay and when she did that goat started eating Jolee's hair. Can you believe that? I mean I know her hair is the color of hay and all, but that's my daughters hair he was eating and pulling out! It was funny and Pappy even managed to be video taping when it happened, so he caught the whole thing on tape. She came up with those eyes squinted together rubbing her head and saying...dat goat ate Jolee's hair!!

I don't know the exact name for this, but it was fun! You pumped water out of it, which made the little duckies float down the pipe, the harder and faster you pumped the water out, the faster your ducks would get to the other end!

Look how hard she was concentrating. She did great, she was on one side and I was on the other!

Jolee on the hayride feeding the cows.
Get this, she cried didn't even want to get on the hayride, and wasn't ok with being on it until she got to pet the cows and feed them, then all was well with the hayride. She certainly did not get her love of animals from me, I mean don't get me wrong and start leaving nasty comments. I love animals, but to want to touch and feed and pet a cow, donkey, chicken, and a goat must the list go on and on. She gets this kind of love from her Granna and Uncle JoJo!

Jolee watching the cows on the hayride.
So with her love for animals and cows these days, we need to take her over to the Dairy Farm...hint, hint...Brother Darryl and Sister Danette!

Jolee looking at pumpkins!

Pappy holding Jolee up and over, so she can get even closer to the donkey!

Jolee would have stayed there with that donkey the whole time, if we would have let her. She loved that little thing. She just talked and talked to it!

Jolee feeding yet another donkey. I got more pictures of her with the donkeys than I did with the pumpkins. But hey she was happy and was having fun and that's what it is all about!

Family picture in the corn maze!

Ok, so this ride wasn't even moving and she wanted nothing to do with it. I even tried, well as you see climbing up it to see if she would come up it with me, but nope she left me hanging out on the John Deere by myself!

Granna, Pappy and Jolee! It was a Kodak moment.

Jolee picked herself out a little pumpkin and was on her way to pay for it!

Clearly, my pictures are not in the right order, but here is her picking out her pumpkin!

After a long, fun day at the pumpkin patch!

October 23, 2008
Sorry for my absence,
but last week we had very special guest visiting, can you guess who???

If you said Granna & Pappy, then you were right!
They came down for the week and we had a blast. We were busy playing and keeping the roads hot all week. So sorry for not blogging last week, I was just soaking up all the time I could with my parents. And for not blogging this week, I really don't have a good excuse, but if it helps I have lots of pictures to show ya!! I got so much stuff accomplished, while they were here to help me. Like to name just a few, closets cleaned out, buying stuff I had desperately put off buying, and even got some Christmas shopping done.

We went to the Library for toddler time, so they could see and experience one of Jolee's favorite places to go. She showed them all around it, it was so cute!

Jolee doing her craft at the Library!

Granna and Jolee reading some books at the Library!

We ventured over to the park one day and all played! When I say all, I mean all of us. It was so much fun, we swang, slid, and watched the ducks!

Jolee and Granna counting the ducks!

Pappy, Granna and Jolee on the bridge!

Mom and Me on the see-saw!

Pappy helping Jolee on the monkey bars!
While Granna and Pappy were here, we also went to the Pumpkin Patch and had a great time, I hope to do the blog on that soon.
It was so hard when they left, we miss them so much! But we had a wonderful time all being together. Jolee was determined she was going back with them, when I asked her... if she went with Granna and Pappy who would fix her juice, give her kisses all the time, etc, etc. You know what her reply was....Granna and Pappy. So then I thought I would up her one and she would say ok, I will stay here with you. So then I asked her...What would you play with if you went home with Pappy and Granna, because all your toys are here. Her answer...Baby Weston! Gosh, she is a smart little cookie! My answer... you are staying her with your Mommy!