November 27, 2007
Our Thanksgiving!
This is a little card we sent out to the
Grandparents and Aunts & Uncles. Jolee really did have a hand in it HA! I crack myself up sometimes! It took oh about 2 days to get a trace of her hand that actually looked like a hand, she didn't quite understand be still and don't move your fingers, but we finally got one. And then I let her pick out the color's to put on there (meaning I gave her the markers, and when I asked for one whatever color she handed me, that was the color that went on there.)

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, with both sides of the family in Alabama.. We ate, we played, we ate, we played.... See doesn't that sound like fun? On Thursday we went to Silas's Granny's house and had Thanksgiving lunch, and then went to my Grandparents house and had Thanksgiving supper! We all had so much to be thankful for as we went around the table sharing a couple of things we were most thankful for this year, (it has turned out to be a thanksgiving tradition we do at my grandparents around the table as we are eating, and I love it!) The rest of the weekend we just chilled out and visited with the Family while all the kids played, and that was so much fun.

I do have to say that is was COLD up there, and the trees were just beautiful. Its those kind of things that you take for granted when you live there, but so appreciate looking at the trees and all their colors when you go home to visit as you think about God and his creations. We also got to attend church before we headed back to Florida and was so good to see and sit in service with family and friends once again. So you can say all the way around it was a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

A family picture of us on Thanksgiving Morning!

Loved this one! Jolee with one of her many looks!

Aunt Pam helping Jolee hold Edison!

Pappy and Jolee!

Jolee and Cousin Joseph coloring! He is always so good to take time with her!

Jolee trying to give cousin Edison the ball so he can play with her.. She was in love with him..

Grandma and Jolee playing on the slide!

Jolee probably thinking " Why do those trees have so many colors, at my house in FL they only are green"

Granna and Jolee. Oh wait, I see Sophie in their too!

November 21, 2007
Happy Thanksgiving!
To our family and friends, We hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend! We all have so much to be thankful for, so lets not forget that tomorrow, when we are surrounded by the ones we love.
Happy Thanksgiving!

November 20, 2007
Jolee had her 1st....
So last Thursday we crossed off a milestone in Jolee's life that was well needed...... She had her 1st haircut! And I know you are thinking to yourself, it didn't look like she had that much hair that she would need a haircut. Oh, but what you couldn't see was the back of her hair (or maybe you could) but she had this for real mullet/rat tail going on for her, not so attractive! Seriously, she didn't have that much hair growing on the top or sides, but it sure was growing in the back, bless her heart!
So last Thursday we went to visit Amber for a photo shoot and we both got to looking at her hair and decided it really did need to be cut and it would look so much better the same length. So, evidently I trust my dear friend Amber a whole lot, because I let her cut Jolee's hair that very minute (she does cut her girls hair and they both have adorable hair, so she did have some good examples for me to look at!) So not only is she a great photographer, she is also a great beautician, because Jolee's hair looks so,so,so,so cute! In the words of Silas, Jolee now has a cute little bob cut! It has already made a huge difference, it has made the top and sides of her hair look much thicker!
So we saved some hair in a baggie for me to keep. If I would have been thinking I would have taken pictures while she was cutting it, but I wasn't thinking. However, I did get a picture of Jolee and Amber after church Sunday, so I could put that in her baby book along with the lock of her hair.
I will close this post out by saying...Jolee and her Mommy handled the haircut very well! Jolee sat there in front of the TV, eating snacks and talking to Abbie and was very still (for the most part), and as for me...I was all on board and really only had a moment for a split second when I saw her hair in the baggie, but then I looked at her and saw how adorable her new dew was and haven't thought about it again. It really does look so CUTE, and I couldn't be happier about it!

(Thanks Amber, for being the one to give Jolee her 1st haircut, I will always remember it!)

November 13, 2007
It's your lucky day! Today you get three stories all in one post! Mainly because I need to catch up a little, secondly, I have pictures that need to be posted, that have short stories behind them.

We are loving the "Color Wonder" coloring books and markers. Granna bought Jolee a Dora Coloring book a couple of months ago and lately she has really gotten interested in it. I love it because it doesn't color on anything else, only that paper. Great Invention! We have even been taking it to church, because it is quiet and keeps her busy, except for the occasional excitement DDDora, squeals that come out due to her excitement, of turning the page and seeing Dora (If you cant tell, we LOVE Dora, and are big fans oh her's!) So I got to thinking the other day, (scary, I know). But if I have her busy doing something I could cook supper a whole lot faster, so that's what we did, I pulled her up to the table and got her coloring book and markers out, she went to coloring and I went to cooking, it was so peaceful. I would go occasionally over to the table to give her moral support and go on about how pretty her picture was looking. She was happy, Mommy was happy, it was a good day!

Ok, so this next picture of her, we are not promoting Texas Pete Sauce (although, her Daddy would say.. that's the best sauce in the world!) We have learned where our tongue is, and she was showing me and she just happened to be in the process of transferring all the bottles (that are in her reach) from the refrigerator to the dishwasher. WHY? I don't know. But it kept her busy for a good little bit, while I was loading the dishwasher, and cleaning the kitchen up. Sometimes you got to do, what you got to do!

Ok Pappy this post is for you! All I can figure is, she has seen you at work and is following in your footsteps. She is stocking the refrigerator shelves, all the time (for all of you that don't know, our Pappy works in the dairy dept. at a Grocery Store). I promise you, every time the door is open she runs in there and starts taking bottles of stuff off of the shelves and then lines them up really straight right in front off the refrigerator door, and then she takes them one at a time and puts them on different shelf. She does this over and over again, and she is very serious about it, and takes her time and when she is tired, she will sit in the refrigerator, (you know at the bottom) and pick up her juice she has put on the shelf and sit and drink it, ( I guess that's her break room!) So therefore when I'm looking for something in the ref. I always start by looking at her level, and then I usually find it.

(And I realize, that she doesn't match, we started out with just the T-shirt on, then it got kinda chilly, so we added some PJ pants, and you know we had to have socks on!)

November 9, 2007
Everybody's wearing socks!
As of this week Jolee is real big into trying to put on things, like a jacket, shirt, etc, she will put them around her shoulders. She will get a sock and lay on her foot, and clap for herself. She tries to put things on like necklaces, umm.. lets see what else, oh she will go and get her tights from out of her dresser drawer and put them around her neck like a scarf (where she saw that, or got that from, I don't know). But it is quiet hilarious! So the other day, actually it was the 1st night it had gotten dramatically cooler, she came from her room with a pair of socks and handed them to me, and she was jabbering away, telling me something. Here is how the conversation went...
Me: Jolee are your feet cold?
Jolee: S... translations Yes!
Me: Do want Mommy to put these socks on your feet?
Jolee: S... translation Yes!
So I put her socks on her. She's a girl who knows what she wants, that's for sure! So after that she went and got 3 more pair of socks and brought them to me and then went and got some of her Elmo's, and Teddy Bears, and wanted socks on them as well. So I said are Elmo's feet cold too? she replied "S" (for yes) and looked at me like..didn't we already go over this Mom? So now just about all the stuffed animals around here have socks on them, ( I actually had to take a pair off last night of an animal when she wasn't looking, so I could put them on her little feet at bedtime). Oh, we also have a doggie around here with a pair of mittens and a toboggan on (No, its not Sophie, but I fear that one is coming.) So I guess that is our new thing this week, playing dress up with her teddy bears, and you have to give her some credit for being so thoughtful in making sure her stuffed animals feet were not cold. Have a Great Weekend!

November 6, 2007
Hey There Baby!
Jolee has carried around and hugged on her teddy bears and Elmo dolls for awhile now, but just recently has she started playing with a baby doll that is in a carrier. A couple of months ago, we got a baby doll car seat carrier as a hand-me-down toy from our cousin Abbie, and it has been in the playroom this whole time and it would get moved around occasionally. But last weekend she came out and down the hall with this baby in the carrier, being oh so gentle and talking to it, saying...hey there baby, hey there baby, hugging it and patting it on the back. It melted mine and her Daddy's heart, we just sat and watched her playing and carrying it around like she knew what she was doing. Is our little girl really old enough to start playing with baby dolls and having that mothering instinct come out so soon? I mean for goodness sake it seems like yesterday that I was playing with dolls, and now my little girl is playing with them. WOW! Well I guess we should put baby dolls that have a bottle and all that good stuff on her Christmas list. These pictures were too cute and sweet not to share.

November 5, 2007
She's been to the Fair!
Ok, so now we can say she has experienced the Fair. Last Friday night me and my neighbor took her to the Fair. When we pulled up and got out she got so excited and was pointing at all the lights. We had a fun night, we really probably should have thought it thru, it being night and her being tired, but all in all she did pretty well. We walked around and looked at all the lights and all the rides going round and round, we did some people watching (by the way, there are some real winners at the fair these days, NOT) we went to the kiddie section and rode some rides, we saw an alligator show, and we went and saw the animals, and I truly think that was her favorite part, she definitely is an animal lover.

This picture was taken when we first walked in. Because of course they have the loudest ride at the front gate, people screaming, music blaring, etc! And clearly, by this face she wanted no part of that!

Ok, so it took alot for me to get on some of these rides, especially the swings. I dislike heights very much, but I knew Jolee would probably like it, so I bit the bullet and went on it with her. The whole time I was praying, as I was saying WEE, WEE, so she would think we were having a great time. At the end of the ride, she was saying WEE, as well!

The 4H club was showing their cows, so we watched that for a bit, while Jolee continued to MOO, the whole time!

This turkey was HUGE! Everybody that walked by it kept saying, could you imagine that on your table at Thanksgiving?

Jolee was pointing out some animals to Bridget!

All I can say about this picture is...If Jolee had nursed anything close to the way these little piglets were nursing, we would have only had 1 session. WOW!

We got to see little chicks hatching! Jolee kept saying... hey there, hey there!

Check out her face in this one, she did not want to ride on that carousel at all! In her defense, I didn't blame her, after seeing her and Bridget trying to find a place to sit, and the guy started it up with out them being on a horse, so you can say there was big jolt!

I guess you can see me consoling and holding her on this ride, she was ok and doing great, until the little boy that was facing her started screaming and crying.

November 1, 2007
Last night was (Nurse) Jolee's 1st Halloween, well actually her 2nd but her 1st to participate in. Because last year she was only 6 months old and just sat in people's laps dressed as a pumpkin, but this year we had so much fun. We went trick-or-treating and handed out candy. I will have to say she hung in there longer than I thought she would. Daddy came home early from work and we headed out around the neighborhood around 6:30, when it was still day light. And you would have thought she owned that sidewalk, she was walking and swinging her candy bucket, she was ready to go. She went up to the door with her Daddy and she actually knocked on it and she was great until someone actually opened the door and she didn't know who it was, then she started backing up, but when the lady started putting candy in her bucket she came around again. She wanted to stop every so often and look at the candy in her bucket and try to eat it.
As the night went on and the darker it got and the more mask and stuff she saw, we ended up carrying her up to the doors and if they were dressed up scary or had a mask on she would clinch those legs around our hips, at one point she was literally shaking she got so scared (but she gets that honest, I enjoy the fun part of Halloween..pumpkins, kids dressing up and having fun, candy and all that, but the scary stuff is not for me). So at that point we went back to the house and handed out our candy to the trick-or-treater's! Then her and her Daddy started running around and playing in the yard, and she laughed and laughed, we all did really! So all in all we had a wonderful family night last night, and ate way more candy than we all should have!

This Nurse was thirsty, after getting dressed up!

She had her Elmo bucket, and was ready to go!

She was digging for some candy!

Daddy and Jolee knocking on a door!

She's watching for trick-or-treater's!
The pile of candy she got in her bucket!

Daddy and Jolee waiting for trick-or-treater's to come!

Eating a Tootsie Roll Pop, and she ate it all!

Family Picture on Halloween!