April 28, 2008
An Early Present!
So have you guessed what we did ALL weekend! If you look at the above picture, you can see our brand new addition to the back yard! That's right, this weekend was spent putting together this swing set for Miss. Jolee. Here's the thing...Jolee's birthday is coming up in May and her present from us is this swing set. This was really the only weekend we had before her birthday that we could devote a whole weekend to staying at home and putting it together, so she just got her birthday present a little early, that's all!

This is Jolee and her Daddy on Saturday reading the directions before they started on it!

Evidently, Jolee was tired of reading the directions, so she went ahead and got started getting the tools out of the tool box!

Thank goodness, we had some wonderful backup help that came and saved me and Jolee from having to help Daddy all day and night put this thing together. So a big shout out goes to the Whitehead family, for their wonderful and much needed help on Saturday with the swing set!

Silas ended up working until 1:30 in the morning on this thing, once he got started he was unstoppable. But we had one happy girl when she woke up Sunday morning and saw it almost finished. She told everyone at church about her slide and swing, she was so excited!

When we got home from church Silas and I finished it, and then all afternoon was spent playing on the slide and swings. I'm talking we played all evening to the point where I am burnt! But thank goodness Jolee has her daddy's coloring, because hers turned straight to a tan (lucky girl)!

Jolee swinging!

climbing her ladder!

She loves it, she is so excited!

going down the slide!

Daddy pushing Jolee on the swings!

I love this one!

It was hard getting Jolee to come inside before we had the swing set, but I can see it is going to be even harder now. It has rained basically all day here, she has cried and cried as she looked out the sliding glass doors saying....Jolee swing, Jolee slide! So needless to say...she has played in the rain some today. I mean what kind of mom would I be if I didn't let her play in the rain on her new swing set? Not a fun one, that's for sure! Oh and this morning she was outside in her pj's drinking her orange juice in her fort! I love it! She loves it! Daddy loves it! We love watching her on it, and love seeing her so excited about it. I bet I know what we will be doing all summer now! So happy way early birthday sweetheart, I hope it brings you a ton of fun memories!

P.S. Thanks Silas for working so hard on this, this weekend! You have made our little girl very happy!

April 22, 2008
My Little Picasso!
Last week while looking on the aisle for crayons, I thought to myself, we should give water color painting a try. She was so super excited and carried them all thru Target while we finished doing the rest of our shopping. As you can tell from the above picture she LOVED it!

All of the colors are totally mixed up together now, due to fact she doesn't quiet get the concept dip your brush in the water and then only 1 color of the paint. Instead she dips her brush in the water and then all of the colors! I will admit at first it bothered me a little that all the colors were mixed together, but whatever, she is having fun and I'm over that!

She gets this very serious face when she is painting, its hilarious! I'm so glad we got the water color paint last week, we have both have had a lot of fun with it and she loves it. She loves showing her Daddy her pictures when he comes home at night, she starts doing that 90 to nothing talking, you know the one where we only catch about every other word. Silas is so sweet though, he intently listens to her and just agrees and goes on and on about how pretty her picture is...what a good daddy!

Jolee's masterpiece!


This was the craft she made at the library this week. She actually put the glue on it herself using a glue stick and then pointed and told me where she wanted her petals.

Saturday Family Fun!
(the view)
On Saturday when Silas got off of work we headed to a Civil War Park near our house to see if we could learn a little bit of history. It was a very pretty day and we enjoyed our walk through the park. I will have to admit we didn't get to stop and read every little thing they had posted along the walk way, due to every time we would stop someone would want out of her stroller!
(an old well)

Jolee's favorite part of the Civil War park was climbing this fence!

Jolee and her Daddy on what is supposed to look like an old Civil War Bridge!

We enjoyed our time at Camp Milton on Saturday and while I was there the whole time I was thinking... my Grandad and Uncle Butch would love this, it was right up their alley (maybe that will get me a visit out of them)!

Our family fun wasn't over yet, after we left there we headed to more of a park for Jolee! We swang, we slid, and we even saw ducks! After playing awhile we came home and cooked dinner together and then all gathered around the table. It was such a nice Saturday with my family!

Jolee and Daddy swinging!

Mommy and Jolee playing!

She looked like she was in a hurry here. I don't know what it is, but she looks so big in this picture to me. She is growing too fast!

April 18, 2008
My little 4H'er
On Wednesday at our local Library they had what they called a Western Round-Up. The local 4H'ers were their with their animals, they were teaching people how to lasso, they had crafts, games, and refreshments. It was really fun and so nice outside that day. Jolee and I had planned on going, but that almost changed when I was going to have to wake her up from her nap, but how often do you get to see horses and donkeys for FREE at your Library??

She LOVED it! Her favorite that day was the miniature donkeys, the mama's name was Chloie and her baby who was 1 week old was named Sadie. She climbed up on that fence and watched and watched them.

The 4H girl who raised these donkeys was trying to tell the kids a little bit about them, she said this is the kind of donkey Mary rode, because it has a cross on it's back (somehow their hair on their back makes a cross). She says you all know that story about Mary and the donkey, right? None of the kids knew what she was talking about and none of the parents said anything either. I wished you could have seen the devastated look on that poor girls face, when no-one knew what she was talking about. So quiet me spoke up and said yes, we know the story about Mary and the donkey in the BIBLE. That's all it took, Jolee heard me say Bible and she starts hollering...daddy, bible, bed. Yes Jolee, you and Daddy read your Bible before you go to bed at night. I kind of walked away a little saddened that none of the kids nor the parents knew that story in the Bible.

The 4H girl asked me does she want to come in and pet them? I said No, but thank you, she probably wouldn't go, right? Not my clingy daughter. So the girl asked Jolee, do you want to come in and pet them? Next thing I know, I'm standing on the outside of the fence by myself because she has made a bee line at this point for the fence and walked right on in. She was petting them and talking to them, saying...That mommy, that baby, eyes, nose, etc, etc! I was totally shocked, that she went in by herself and was petting donkey's and loving it!

This was the craft we made. It's a dream catcher! She picked out the beads, and we made it together.

I didn't get a picture of the horse we got to see and pet, because "good ole" mom here had to actually climb in that nice smelling horse trailer with Jolee so she could pet that big horse.

When Silas got home that night you would have thought Jolee had been taking something, she was on a horse high! She talked non-stop about those horses saying over and over...Jolee pet horse, Jolee pet horse. She told her daddy all about it, she absolutely LOVED it! And is now telling us, she wants to ride a horse, she says...Jolee ride horse.


This is her craft she made Tuesday at the Library, they read books about frogs and then got to color their lily pads and glue on their frogs!

April 15, 2008
This is GOOD!

Let me tell you about my weekend! My wonderful husband gave me probably one of the best gifts he could ever give me and all you mothers out there will totally understand when I say... he gave me a BREAK! I know you are all so jealous of me right now, and I'm sorry, but Ohh was it NICE!

Silas had a preaching appointment at Little Zion (it's right outside of Orlando) on Sunday and was going down the night before to stay with the Ulmer's. So he said how about I take Jolee with me Saturday night and you can have the night off. He said it will be good for you and will be good for Jolee and him to spend some time together. At first I said No, due to the fact I would totally miss her like crazy (but we do take trips without Daddy, and I know he misses her too). But after sleeping on it, I came to senses and then hearing the words from my friend Amber and my Mom...Are you crazy, you said No? It sank in what I was giving up...A night to myself!

So when Silas got home from work on Saturday, Jolee was packed up and ready to go. I had been telling her all day, you and Daddy are going on a trip today, she said Sophie too? She wasn't concerned if I was going or not she wanted to know if Sophie was going. I told her No, just her and Daddy, next question...Daddy's truck? Yes, you are going on a trip with Daddy in his truck. And that's all she talked about the rest of the day... Daddy, trip, and truck.

When Daddy finally got ready to go that evening he said ok give your mom kisses and tell her bye. That's when the water-works started to fly for me, not Jolee. She was ready, she said bye mommy as she kissed me and went and climbed up in the truck, and that was it. I admit I came in and cried for just a bit, but then headed out to get my haircut and eyebrows waxed (so I would have 2 again) and then even went and rented 2 chick flicks, came home got in my pj's and only got up to change out the movies! Oh it was so NICE and RELAXING. I can't remember the last time I got to watch a whole movie all the way through. On Sunday I got up and went to church and actually got to follow along in my bible and could actually tell you pretty much everything he preached on that morning. I will say I did miss having my family in church with me though! After church I had planned on coming home and taking a long nap before my travelers came back to me, but instead I ended up watching Lifetime movies and laying on the couch.

When they got home, she ran through that door hollering mommy with a big ole smile on her face, and I got the biggest hug and kiss from her. That was so sweet. I missed them both so much, don't get me wrong I enjoyed my time off, but was ready and waiting on them with a renewed energy. Thank you to the Ulmer's for housing my husband and my little girl. I hear she kept you very entertained. And a BIG thank you to my husband for realizing, yes.. I indeed needed a little break. That was so very sweet of you and I didn't worry about her at all because she was with her Daddy who loves and cares for her so deeply as I do! My only question is..When are we doing this again???

*** Here's a little video for ya'll of Jolee counting my toes***

April 8, 2008
Don't Go!
Last Saturday we planned to go and check out the "hands on children's museum". It was going to be a perfect day, Silas was getting off of work early, we were going on a family outing somewhere educational yet fun! Not so much!

The best way to describe this place is to say... imagine a bigger McDonald's playground except only nastier or option 2...imagine a place where a guy got a bunch of donated old toys and decided he would open up a children's museum/play park.

After paying $14.50 for the 3 of us to go in we walked around looking at each other as if to say what have we gotten ourselves into. First off Jolee wouldn't even get down the first 15 or so minutes we were there (but we couldn't really blame her)! I asked Silas at one point just go tell that guy she will not get down and play so can we have our money back and we will be on our way. Silas looks at me and says..."T" they probably don't have that kinda machine here to reimburse the credit card (that's the kind of place we were at) he said lets just play a little bit and get out of here, we will make the best of it.

Jolee finally did get down and start sliding on the slide and she loved it!

Her and Daddy played with these gadget things!

And you are looking at one GREAT DADDY, who is in the germ infested ball pit playing with his daughter just so she would have a good time! You could actually see his skin crawling that's how bad it was killing him to be in there! I mean people, WORSE than McDonald's, actually it was McDonald's old stuff, it still had the McDonald's logo on it! Told ya it was old donated stuff.

(Jolee and her Daddy playing in the ball pit)

Ok so maybe I'm not giving this place the credit they deserve, they did have little section's set up like a bank, grocery store, post office, etc, etc, that you could play with but it was so dirty and filthy looking why would you want to touch it much less play with it. We lasted just about an hour in there and we were DONE! As soon as we walked out of that "hands on children's museum" we got the wipes out and the purell and basically all took a bath in it, I'm talking we washed arms, legs, faces, anything that got even close to touching anything in that place.

I would probably be the wrong person to ask to do a survey or leave them any feedback, because it would be...this place is NASTY with a capital N! I also would say.. Don't GO!

When we got home Jolee layed in front of the sliding doors that were opened and watched the rain fall! I thought it was a cute picture and had to share!

April 3, 2008
A House Full!
No, we didn't have a house full of those animals pictured above because I know that's what you are thinking! That's a picture of the restaurant we took our house full to eat last weekend, although I'm pretty sure all the animals shown in the above picture were on that menu, so you can say either the restaurant looks creepy or has tons of atmosphere!
So I figured since it was so close to this weekend I probably should go ahead and post about what we did last weekend. We had several house guests and enjoyed everyone of them and wouldn't have had it any other way. With the crew we had here, there was not a dull moment all weekend that's for sure! When Jolee wasn't performing or entertaining, these guys were...

(Will listening very intently to Bro. John as Brittany just laughed at him)

In the above picture Bro. John was telling us what we he thought Kangaroo tasted like.. Yes he had just tried it along with Brittany, Will, Frank, and Silas. They tried to get Jolee and I to taste it but we are not that adventurous evidently. I told you this place had all those animals on the menu.

Silas looked very happy about eating Kangaroo and well Frank looked a little shocked or scared or something!

(Brittany and Jolee walking on the dock looking for fish!)

Brittany, Will, and Frank enjoyed the beaches that weekend while visiting and on Sunday we were all blessed to hear a wonderful sermon by Bro. John. We enjoyed having you all and are welcome back anytime!

April 2, 2008
Out with the Old, In with the New....Bed!
Yep you read it right, as of Monday night the baby bed was moved out of Jolee's room and the big girl bed was moved in! No one seemed to have a problem with it but me, yes I got teary eyed and shed a few tears. I mean come on, that is a huge change, and well sometimes I have problems with change (although I have gotten much better about that) I mean this is to say my baby is really not a baby anymore, she doesn't want nor need her crib.
Guess who didn't have a problem with it...Jolee, she was so excited. In the picture above she is actually helping her Daddy push the crib out of her room as hard as she can, saying...puuuuush, puuuuush (she tends to drag her words out a little, don't know why she does that) Ha!

Ok, back to Jolee being so extremely happy about her new big girl bed. She was so excited, she was running up and down the hall hollering...ruuun, ruuun, Joeee's bed, Joeee's bed (that's how she says her name) then she wanted to be up on the bed while we were still trying to get it moved and made up and stuff. She was in the best mood ever! She really loves it and has slept great in her new bed!

She even in all her excitement started jumping on the bed and screaming Joeee's bed over and over again! Silas and I had never seen her this excited before!

She makes us laugh, although it was pretty smart of her. She went and got her Dora stool and put it beside her bed and that's how she gets up onto her new bed!

The big girl bed and the new comforter makes her room look so different, it looks so cute and little girlish not babyish at all!

Jolee and Daddy reading a Bible story before bed

I know this picture is a little blurry, but such a sweet picture.. Jolee and Daddy praying before bedtime!

April 1, 2008
My Last Easter Post for this Year!
I know this makes my 3rd Easter post and this will be my last one for this year, but we did so much with both sides of the family while we were in Alabama that I just have to share. On the Saturday before Easter Sunday we went to Silas's parents house or known now as MeMaw and PePaw's house and had a great time. Jolee's 2 cousins were there Zachary and Caden and we all dyed eggs, baked cookies and had an egg hunt.

I don't know what kind of face this was, but I thought it was cute!

Jolee and Daddy dyeing Easter Eggs together. Silas was so good at helping her and letting her pick out her colors.

Silas, Jolee, PePaw, Zachary, MeMaw & Caden all dyeing eggs!

Jolee was working on cramming a ring pop in her mouth, she loved it and of course was sticky from head to toe when she had finished it!

A Ford Cousin Picture...Caden, Zachary, and Jolee.

Jolee hunting Easter Eggs!

She walked and looked all over that yard for eggs, she loved it!

Jolee looking through her basket of eggs she had found!

She was so excited and was showing me all of her eggs!