March 20, 2007
Great-Grandparents are in town!
Jolee's Great-Grandparents are in town visiting, so today I took some photos of all of us enjoying a nice and relaxing day at the Jacksonville Landing! We strolled down by the River, we shopped and my favorite part was eating Mexican! We are having a wonderful time!

What A Wedding!
Last Weekend one of my very best friends from Melbourne. FL got married to a wonderful guy. And I was honored when asked to be a bridesmaid. Kathleen and Chris sure know how to through a Beautiful Wedding and Reception, we had a blast and met lots of wonderful people! I even got to ride in a limo for the very first time! The unfortunate part was, Jolee got very sick running fever, and throwing up the night before we left, so the Dr. said she was very contagious and could not go with us as planned. Thankfully, we had Granna, Grandma, and Grandad booked to come dog sit for us. So they ended up dog sitting and babysitting. It was so hard to leave her for the very first time, but leaving her sick was even worse. Even though we knew she was in good hands, it about killed us both, so hopefully we wont have to leave her again anytime soon. On the other hand ,we stayed with Elder Blanchard and Sis. Pat and had a wonderful visit and some really great meals! So here is to Kathleen and Chris thanks for a wonderful weekend and may God continue to bless you and your new marriage!

The Bride and Groom
The Bride (Kathleen) and Silas dancing!
Silas and Me!

March 14, 2007
He Did It!
Daddy is back! He finally did it, HE SHAVED! It was such a huge deal in our house last night we had to document it. It was looking pretty rough, it had been 6 weeks since he had last shaved his face, so you can imagine how he was looking, even people at church had offered to take up a collection to buy him some razors, and I even begged and pleaded with his guys to make 100 sales so he would shave, so I could see his cute face again. I had no idea when I posted the "Shave Daddy Shave" comments that people would really keep wondering if he had shaved yet, so it was a huge deal. So, after all the emails I have gotten of people asking has Silas shaved yet? You can all rest better at night knowing yes, He has shaved!! And I might add, he looks pretty good!!

I mean come on, you can tell by the above picture Jolee is super excited that her Daddy shaved!
So thanks Daddy, you have made everyone very happy!!

March 13, 2007
Wondering Why I Haven't Posted Lately?
OK, so the question is why haven't I posted anything new in a couple of days. Well, its because I have been trying to keep up with my daughter, since she has learned to crawl she is everywhere and getting into everything!! Our house is now a wreck literally, all the time, but it is hilarious seeing her crawl around stop and rest, crawl around stop and rest... Jolee has found her toy box, and loves to pull them out 1 at a time, and she has also found the DVDs, (so I guess I have a little more baby proofing to do Huh)? Even though toys and DVD cases are everywhere I wouldn't trade it for the world! Just know, if you drop by to visit, a baby definitely lives in this house now, so you will have to step over lots of toys and whatever else she finds and drags out, but come on over!

Clearly, Jolee is Teething
For a few days now, Jolee has been waking up from her naps with little black specks all over her face. I've been looking all around the crib, the room, everywhere but I couldn't figure out where in the world she was getting these black specks from... So, I leaned over her crib to get her Baby Doll out, and happened to look at the inside of the crib and found yes, teeth marks on her bed, so #1 we know where the black specks are coming from, and #2 I went immediately and bought more teething tablets and Tylenol! Bless her heart.. Her teeth must really, really, be hurting her for her to be chewing on her furniture. So here's hoping we see some teeth soon! Or we might run out of furniture!! Just Kidding, and yes for those who are wondering we are taking care of it, so she cant continue to chew on her crib!

March 10, 2007
I'm It!
OK, So tag I'm it! A good friend, and one of the church members at our church Laura has tagged me to tell 5 reasons why I love to blog... So here we go...

1. It helps all our family and friends that we live so far away from get to see pictures of Jolee, and also hear all the new things she is doing or getting in too. (And I hear the grandparents and Uncles and Aunts are really liking it). Silas enjoys reading it too, he says!

2. It also has become a fun hobby for me and something I really enjoy and look forward to doing daily. Its my time, if you will!! (I usually try to post during Jolee's nap time). The only problem is I'm always thinking when she does something, get the camera and put it on the blog page!

3. I enjoy bragging and putting pictures up of my little girl, and Sophie, and telling stories on Silas!!! (that's fun) Joking People!!

4. If I'm putting a post up on the page, that means I don't have to clean, wash clothes, cook, fix bottles, etc, etc, etc.......or do any house work, so it buy's me some time.

5. It buy's me time not to have to clean my house, (Oh I'm sorry did I already say that)!! Well, its true..

So there you go, 5 reasons why I love to blog!!!!!!!

March 9, 2007
Rub-a -Dub-Dub a baby and a dog in a Tub! I know that is not how the song goes, but in our house at bath time last night that is how it went. I don't really know what possessed Sophie to jump in the tub with Jolee, but yes, she did. I promise you, having a 9 month old and having a 1 year dog is like having 2 children, truly it is. So, as we were sitting there enjoying our bath, because that is Jolee's favorite time of day, and usually Sophie sits right there beside me, but last night evidently she decided it looked fun and she wanted to be part of it. I think the pictures below will tell you the rest of the story....... Enjoy!

Sophie: Thinking in her head...... looks like Jolee is having fun in there. Jolee: Thinking in her head little head...... No Sophie this is my water
Sophie: I'm thirsty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jolee: I'm out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And last but not least ..........Jolee: Mom is laughing hysterically, so I will too...........
Thankfully, I had my cell phone in the bathroom last night that has a camera on it, so we could all enjoy this hilarious, somewhat gross event!!!

March 7, 2007
3 Milestones
We have 3 huge milestones to share... #1. On Monday morning when we went to get Miss. Jolee out of bed she was sitting straight up smiling at us, as if to say "Good Morning Mommy and Daddy I can sit up by myself now"!!#2 milestone was.. on Tuesday after her nap I heard ALOT of moving around, so I go in her room to find Jolee pulled up to her knees and looking over the side of the crib!
Clearly, with this look she will be standing up before we know it, so we better lower the mattress down SOOON!!
And then #3 happened today.. My Baby is crawling!!! Yes, I had my cry this morning,I just can't believe my preemie baby who weighed 5lb3oz is now 9 months old and is CRAWLING!
Well I guess I'm off to babyproof my house!! She looks like she is going to be a pretty fast crawler and into everything!

8th month picture
This is last month's picture, but I thought it was soooo cute that I had to go ahead and post it for family and friends to see!

March 6, 2007
One of those Days.

OK as you can see it is almost midnight on Tuesday and yes, I'm still up!! And just now getting to do a post, it has been one of those BAD TEETHING DAYS!! It started Monday night and has went on all day long, bless her heart or mine whatever, but anyway as you can see above we only have 2 bottom teeth, but I'm guessing with all the whining, chewing, and slobbering that has gone on today we should have another tooth pop up soon!! I cant imagine how bad it would be with out Tylenol and teething tablets, actually I don't want to imagine it. Oh and to add to all that we have a runny nose also. The question I leave you with tonight is why do things like this happen when Daddy is out of town?

March 5, 2007
What a Weekend
What a wonderful weekend we had! Saturday after Silas got off of work we loaded up and headed to the Ferrell's house for a night of great food, good fellowship, and just an all around wonderful time. The girls enjoyed playing together while the adults enjoyed talking and laughing! Amber got some cute pictures of Jolee in the tub that I will share below. Then on Sunday we had a good church service and then headed to another couples house to eat lunch, fellowship and celebrate some Birthdays. By the time we got home last night we were all very tired, but a good kind of tired (evidently, when you have a child you cant hang and stay up late like the old days and still plan on functioning the next day)! Although, I would do it again in a heartbeat! Thanks for a great weekend!

March 2, 2007
Shave Daddy Shave!!!
Looking at Jolee's face from this picture, I'm pretty sure she is thinking "Daddy you have got to shave"!! To fill you in on the shaving comment, Silas has made a bet with his Sales Team he is not going to shave until they hit 100 sales in a night. They are up to making 76 sales, so looks like Jolee and I have a ways to go until we see Daddy's nice smooth face again!

March 1, 2007
OK I have to give a shout out to my girl Amber, who has helped me become one of those cool blogger mom's. We had a play date this week and while the girls played and of course watched ELMO'S WORLD!! she set me up with one of the coolest pages for my Baby Girl. So thank you so much Amber you are very talented and a wonderful friend. Here is Jolee and one of Amber's girls Emma watching none other than Elmo!

Jolee's New Ride!

Here is the newest toy that we have in our house. Not like our house doesn't resemble Toys R Us enough already, but what the heck it was just so cute and looks like so much fun, and I'm sure it will be a learning toy as well, helping with balance control and walking right?? Anyway she loves it already she watched an entire Elmo video while sitting on it last night! Here's hoping she likes it just as much when she turns 16!

After playing with it so much yesterday this is how I found her last night.....