March 30, 2009
A Magical Weeekend
This past weekend, was jam packed full of "fun" stuff. We started the weekend off attending a Princess Dress Up Party for Carrigan who turned 3! Jolee had the best time. She was Snow White and loved every minute of it! She talked and talked about it for weeks leading up to the party and told everyone she came in contact with, she was going to be Snow White at Carrigan's party! Last night in her prayers, she even thanked God for the party and for her being Snow White!!

Sister Sherri (Cinderella) and Jolee (Snow White)

They got to decorate crowns and wands!

Our little Snow White making a run for it! She ran, spun, and played so hard that day!

Jolee and Emma!

The Birthday Princess!

How hysterical is this picture, of Snow White swinging with her hoop in her face?
When we got in the car to leave the party, we changed her clothes. As we were pulling out of the driveway Jolee sighed and said..... Mom, I'm not a beautiful princess anymore. After assuring her she was always our beautiful princess, Silas and I had a good laugh.
Great Job Amanda and Tony on the Princess Party, we had a wonderful time!
After that we and the Ferrell family also fit in some horse riding and bunny seeing at the Masterson's. Where we always have a good time, thanks again for having us over! Jolee ended up stepping in an ant bed and is now sporting around red swollen feet with about 20-30 bites on them. So she has been in a benadryl state of mind the last couple of days. But the fun didn't stop there. The Ferrell's spent the night with us and as always we had a great time. The kids played and played and played and well we talked and laughed and talked and laughed all night. That pretty much sums up our fun filled Saturday.
Now on to our fun filled Sunday. Church was a real blessing yesterday, great singing, preaching and fellow-shipping. After lunch Brother David took us out to the river, where we got to see a big beaver dam, and the kids got to wade in the water. We all had such a good time being together.
From there we fit in a trip to the Home Depot, where we picked out some plants and Jolee fell and busted her knee. She was so exhausted, that was her last straw, bless her heart. She held it together till we got in the car where she then cried herself to sleep. Silas ended the weekend, planting tree's and plants in our backyard. It looks so good.
Whew!! That my friend's is long but fun weekend!

March 26, 2009
Oink, Oink
This week at the Library, we talked all about pigs. The cute craft this week was, making a pig nose and a pig tail! We have a wonderful Library that offers a great toddler program. It is the highlight of Jolee's week. She loves going to toddler time and loves hearing books read to her and learns new songs and absolutely loves doing the crafts. She also gets to checkout books and movies on this day and that's huge for her!
She always is ready to show her Daddy when he walks through the door what she made at that day at the Library and tells him all about it! She loves her teacher, so much that you will catch her lining up her dolls in their chairs and talking just like Miss. Valerie to them and reading them books. Yesterday, when she was getting dressed as she was putting on her princess shirt, she said.....Mom, Miss. Valerie is going to love my shirt today!
I keep telling ya'll she is definitely coming out of her little shell. Yesterday at the Library, she actually talked to some kids and played with them. She also made sure Miss. Valerie saw her shirt and asked her did she like it. And she wore her pig nose and tail through out the Library the remainder of the time we were in there and LOVED IT!

March 25, 2009
9 years
9 years ago today, I remember being so nervous about walking down the aisle. But I knew once I got down there, it would all be better. I would be marrying the man of my dreams. My best friend, my greatest supporter, and the one God had picked out just for me. We went out on a date to celebrate our Anniversary last Saturday, just the 2 of us and while I was getting ready, I got a little nervous. It's funny how still after being married for 9 years, I get butterflies in my stomach, when we are together.
We have both matured, grown and changed a lot over the years. But we have done it together, still loving each other in the process. My prayer for us is, that we will continue to put God first in our lives and go in the direction he would have us to go as a family.
**Silas, I fall more in love with you everyday. I love the husband, the daddy, and the man, you have become. I love that you are following God and love that we are serving Him together as a family. Thank you so much for all you do, for us! Love, T**

Ok, now that we got all the mushy lovey dovey stuff out of the way, I'll tell you about our date. We went to the Melting Pot!
Neither one of us had ever been there before. I will admit, when I heard I had to pay to cook my own food at a restaurant on our anniversary date, I was a little taken back. But it was GREAT! It was different, fun and romantic all at the same time.
We where in a booth, that was candle lit and you could see no one else in the restaurant, not even the waitress that was coming, until she was right there in front of your table. Silas also stepped it up and had roses waiting there at the table when we arrived and they took our picture and put it in a cute little frame for us.

We ate and ate and ate! They bring you tons of food out. For an example, we had bread and apples to dip in the cheese, we had salads, we had vegetables and meat...(lobster, steak,shrimp,chicken,etc) we had a dessert plate to dip in chocolate that was out of this world...(cheesecake, strawberries,brownies, rice crispy treats, marshmallows,etc) I mean the list could go on and on. It was fabulous.

Silas enjoying his dinner

Who would have thought a plain ole girl like me, would have enjoyed a fancy fondue place!
We had a wonderful time. When we were not talking about Jolee, we tried to recall all the places we had lived and where we had celebrated our previous 8 anniversaries. And if you know us and our moving record, that was a challenge!!
Jolee spent the afternoon shopping and having dinner with our beloved "Nina" and family. She had a wonderful time with them as always. And to Nina, Brother Lee, Sarah, and Katie thank you again so much!
Happy 9th Anniversary to us! I'm off to do the laundry now!

March 18, 2009
Beautician in the making!
The things she comes up with to do, is something else I tell ya! So the other day, I was in the kitchen you know doing the EVERYDAY stuff, like either cleaning, cooking, or unloading the dishwasher and loading it back again and noticed Jolee setting up her chairs (that she carried by herself from her playroom to the kitchen). Then after the chairs, she went and got the duck, then her blanket, and at the this point I'm thinking....what in the world is she doing? But then turned back and kept on working.
Then I notice her hairbrush and the play dough scissors (thank goodness it wasn't the real scissors) in her hand. I turned and looked at the little set up she had going on and I was impressed. So I grabbed the camera and we had the following conversation.
Me: Jolee what are you doing?
Jolee: I'm cutting his hair
Me: Why?
Jolee: Because it was a MESS!
She then proceeded to tell me, that this was her haircut place and she cuts hair. The Dora blanket was the cape, and the ducks goggles were so hair didn't get in his eyes! Pretty smart, huh? I had no idea, that when I took her like months ago to get her haircut, that she took it all in like that. I mean every time we pass the place, she will say...that's where I get my haircut! And no, they didn't put goggles on her. That is just something special she offers at her salon, evidently!

March 12, 2009
It Snowed! It Snowed!
It snowed in.....Alabama that is! After Weston's birthday party that night, Uncle JoJo. Aunt Pam, and Weston decided to spend the night at Granna and Pappy's too! When we all woke up the next morning, the ground was covered in SNOW!
When Jolee saw it, she was so excited! She kept saying it's snowing, it's snowing (if you want to say it just like she says it, leave out the "s". So it would be it's nowing, it's nowing!
After breakfast, we all got dressed and headed out to play in it. Now, no one was prepared for snow, so we had no snow clothes (not that we own snow clothes anyway) next best thing, layers baby! I think I had like 3 layers on Jolee! When we finally got everyone all bundled up and went out, big flakes were still falling. It was so cold and when the wind blew and they hit your face...WOW it hurt!

Aunt Pam pulling Weston and Jolee around in his new wagon!

The girl loved it!

Golf Cart, Snowmobile they are kinda the same thing, right?
Granna, Pappy, and Jolee going for a ride!

Pappy and Jolee were running around chasing each other! Looks like Pappy caught her!

Pam, Joseph, and Weston posing for a family picture!

A picture looking out into the woods!

All of us girls...Pam, Me, Mom, and Jolee. looking a hot mess all bundled up!

Good thing Weston's Birthday Party was the day before. Because Pappy used the boxes to pull the kids around in the snow, and down the hills! A form of red-neck sledding!

Weston in his first snow!
We all had such a good time in the snow and being together. Looking out over the farm that was covered in snow was absolutely beautiful! When we came in, to help thaw us out, Granna made us some good ole hot chocolate. The only thing that was missing was Daddy! But we took lots of pictures and video for him. And Jolee called him several times that day to tell him it was.... nowing!

March 11, 2009
Weston's 1st Birthday Party!
Little Man's 1st Birthday was on Feb. 28th. It seems like just yesterday he was born and we were driving up to be there for his birth. But a year has gone by and this time we were driving up for his Cowboy Birthday Party!

The plan was, to have his party outside around the bonfire and have a hayride and all that fun stuff. But the weather didn't cooperate. It rained 2 days before his party, and the day of his party, so you can imagine how yucky and muddy it was outside (oh and this is the night it started snowing) so it was also freezing! So we all worked together that morning and started decorating inside Grandma and Grandpa's know to give it that cowboy feel!

Even thought it rained and everyone was inside, it went off wonderfully! We had a great time! Everyone... Adults, kids and all had fun! The kids came dressed in cowboy/cowgirl attire, they were really cute!

This was Weston's cake! His mommy made it for him and it was as yummy as it looks!
I was very impressed, I didn't know that Pam had that in her!

Weston starting to dig into his "little"cake!

He was a MESS! While we all enjoyed cake, he had to have a quick bath before present time!

Weston and his Mommy opening presents with his Daddy and Jolee helping!

The kids came prepared for a hayride, so what did Weston and his Daddy and Mommy give them.... A hayride in the rain! The kids loved it, I will have to admit the adults were laughing and loving it too!

After all the fun was over and she got rid of her stick horse and pink cowgirl hat, this is how Jolee went out for the night! A worn out little cowgirl, that a great time at her cousins 1st Birthday party!

March 9, 2009
We are loving this weather!
Oh my gosh, this weekend was absolutely beautiful! Friday, Jolee and I spent the day outside playing together. We went on a walk/wagon ride, we went to the park, when we got back home we swang, and played with sidewalk chalk. It was such a refreshing day to be outside in the beautiful sunshine!
She is getting so big. She now is tall enough to reach the light switches in the house, she ask stuff like... Mom do I crack you up? She loves pretending to be a beautiful princess as she prances around the house in heels and her snow white dress. She loves to sing, especially when American Idol is on. She will get her stool and stand right in front of the TV and sing and then say clap for me everybody! She is definitely coming out of her little shell. Don't get me wrong, it still takes her some time to warm up to new things and situations, but for an example... On Sundays she used to be stuck to us at church and stayed right with us. But now, as soon as Amen is said..she's out of there and gone to play with the other kids. It's so cute and sad all at the same time. Our little girl is growing up on us!

Jolee spraying the car
So ok, back to the beautiful weather. Saturday was just as beautiful as Friday was. So the family being the 3 of us went out and spent quite some time bathing our family car... as Jolee would say. So if you have facebook and read Silas's status that said...He spent 3 hours washing my car...believe me it was a family effort and we did it together!
I will be the first to admit, it was NASTY! I mean NASTY! But it looks GREAT now! We will see how long that last though.

Daddy helping Jolee fill the bucket up

When I said family effort, I meant it. Even Jolee had a sponge and was scrubbing!

Another grown up thing or diva thing she is doing these days is... she has to have her sunglasses on if outside. She says its hot and sunny and she can't see. I need my sunglasses they will make me see better! Actually that's pretty smart of her, now that I think about it!

March 6, 2009
What a trip!
Jolee and I took a little trip last week to Alabama. And all I can say is what a trip. We originally were going home because it was little mans (Weston's) 1st Birthday. And what kind of Aunt would I be, if I wasn't there. I know you are all right, I should win, Aunt of the year!
But while we were in Bama, let's see... PePaw had to have surgery (Silas's Dad) so we where at the hospital for that, and thank God everything went well. We were under tornado watches/warnings for like 2 days. Oh and the big one is..... we had to stay a little longer, due to the snow! Yep, it snowed while we were there. And Jolee loved it. We did miss Daddy like crazy, but had a wonderful and busy time on our trip!
Weston on his Birthday!
Yep, he does have something in his mouth, like paper. I promise Pam and Joe I got it out as soon as I snapped the picture.

Weston and Jolee getting a bath!
Jolee had such a good time. She adored Weston! She got to play with all of her cousins, her Granna and Pappy, her Uncle JoJo and Aunt Pam, and baby Weston, she got to spend time with her MeMaw and PePaw, and also played with her Great-Grandparents. The list could go on and on. We did a lot and saw a lot on this trip.

Audrey and Jolee wearing their Dora gowns. They loved dressing the same and had a great time playing together this trip!

Pappy and Jolee! Through out the week, I would find Jolee in different people's laps, passed out! A sign that my little girl played her heart out last week and enjoyed every minute of it!
A week well spent. I have pictures of the "big" birthday party for Weston and pictures of the snow too! I just have been trying to get unpacked and settled back in and trying to re coop from the long drive, it went great though. We were blessed to have a safe trip home and a safe trip back to Daddy!