August 26, 2009
It does look like.......

Jolee was taking a bath the other night, when Silas called me in and said look "T" she drew that face all by herself (she was using bathtub crayons). We were pretty impressed. That's a pretty good face, for a 3 year old (we thought). My favorite part was, when she's you Daddy, see the hair on the bottom of his chin, its just like yours.

The girl, doesn't miss anything!

August 24, 2009
(Jolee and Brother Lee blowing up the balloons)

So Silas turned the big 30 this month, and what better way to celebrate than to have a SURPRISE party! And it really was a surprise, he still didn't believe it even after he walked in and everyone shouted SURPRISE and started singing Happy Birthday to him! We literally had to show him the cake with his name on it before he was a believer.

I knew there was nothing Silas would love or enjoy more these days, than being and celebrating with our dear and wonderful friends from church. They where all so wonderful in helping plan it and keeping it a secret from him. Our wonderful decoy couple..Matt and Stacey helped tremendously. We were going to Nina and Brother Lee's house to have a welcoming dinner for them, or so Silas thought. They are new at church and we wanted to get to know them better and welcome them, they already fit in great and we really are going to have a dinner for them soon!

When Silas and Brother David FINALLY got there, Silas was late to his own party (but didn't know it). He told me the day before he was going to a wedding with Bro. David and would be there later. Inside I wanted to's for you crazy, you can't be late. But I kept my cool and went with it. So like I said when they finally showed up. Matt and Stacey answered the door and's about time you get here. Silas still not having no clue said...we can start the party now....So everyone jumped out and shouted SURPRISE, he was really shocked and SURPRISED! I usually don't get things by him, but this time I got him and pulled it off!

Silas after walking in the door and being SURPRISED, with a proud Papa David behind him!

His cake table with some important milestones in his picture, wedding picture, and a picture of him and his little girl!

Blowing out the candles! I was going to get 3o individual candles but then I thought, no I will be nice, plus my time will be here before we know it.

Brother Lee and Jolee. Jolee was so excited about the party for her Daddy, all day she kept saying surprise daddy...Happy Birthday!

after we grilled out, the kids played in the pool, while......

the adults did some singing and talking, but mostly laughing.

Silas and Nina singing

The men chatting it up

And the woman laughing as usual!
It was a wonderful day. I could not have pulled it off with out Nina and Brother Lee, they worked so hard helping me get everything ready. I love you guys and am so blessed to have you in my family's life. Thank you for all you did!

August 20, 2009
The Gannon Gang + Granna's Visit
(Granna reading a book to..Edison, Jolee, and Audrey)
Ok, so back in July (I'm really behind at posting) my Aunt and 4 out of her 5 kiddos and Granna came to visit us for a week. It was a blast! We stayed busy, busy, busy and I think they came the HOTTEST week of the summer. With 3 adults, 3 toddlers running around, the twins with their oxygen machines (they can put off some heat, all on their own) it was a very hot but very fun week! Lots of wonderful memories were made!

Jolee fell in love with the twins. She would sing to them, if they were crying she would put their passy's in, she is in love with them. She has been on this kick of wanting a sister, but since the twins visited us, she has decided she now needs 2 sisters or 1 sister and 1 brother (she has is all figured out). My response to that....Wow, Jolee lets watch what we pray for. Just kidding we would take what ever we were blessed with.

These 2 girlie's, where 2 peas in a pod. They played together, they ate together, they wore the same clothes. they wore the same nightgowns....everything had to match that week! They where so cute together, I'm so glad they got to spend some time together. In the above picture, they made up some game...they would stand on the air mattress and make a horn sound and fall face first into the mattress...whatever made them happy!

Jolee is 3, Audrey is 4, and Edison is 2...... playing outside in the pool!

Edison jumping in the pool. As long as the girls where laughing, he kept jumping in. He loved his cousin Jolee, he would get so excited when she came into a room, he would follow her around and try to give her hugs and kisses. It was cute!

Jolee and Isabella!

Jolee and Kathleen!

(Audrey and Jolee in their stroller)
We even fit in a trip to Disney that week! Michele and I took Jolee, Audrey, and Edison. While Granna stayed home with the twins! Can I say Disney in July is HOT, HOT, HOT! We had a lot of fun though, we rode lots of rides, saw the princesses, and drank, drank, drank!

Audrey, Belle, and Jolee after watching...Belle's story time!

Edison, Michele, and Audrey on the teacup ride! I love Audrey's face in this one!

Jolee and her favorite princess Belle!

Jolee and I waiting in line to see Ariel!

Miss. Hollywood and Ariel!

Jolee had to go back and up and ask Ariel where Flounder was? Her answer which I thought was pretty good...Flounder is out swimming with Nemo today, but I will tell him you said hello!

Jolee and her 3D glasses, None of the kids cared for that one really! Jolee was scared to death and she didn't even wear her glasses during the show.

Michele, Edison, and Audrey riding Dumbo!

A very tired and wet Jolee sporting her rain poncho!

Michele and I and the kiddos in the rain. It poured that evening! We where on the train ride and then they announced...the train is shutting down, due to the weather. We had got on the train at the station in the back and had ridden it to the front, when they made that nice announcement. So after the brunt of the storm blew over, Michele and I had to walk all the way back to the train station in the rain with 3 kids in tow to get our strollers and stuff....NICE!

I dont think we were 10 mins down the rode and they were all passed out!

We had a little party for Edison, he turned 2 while he was here!
We had such a fun week together. I know there are lots of pictures, but Grandma has been waiting to see them all.
Thanks Aunt Michele for making the very long trip with so many little ones. And thanks to Granna for coming with her and helping her, plus we where excited we got to see you too!

August 19, 2009
1st day of dance class!
On Monday, Jolee attended her first Ballet class. Dance classes actually started the week before, but due to her having pneumonia, she couldn't go. She was so upset, she had looked forward to the first day of dance class ALL summer long. But she was so, so sick.

Showing me, that she learned how to kick her leg up and point her toes!

Spinning around!
She absolutely loved it. I had to peek in several times to watch her, and she just looked so cute in there dancing around with the other little girls!

We got in the car, after dance class and I said tell me about it... Did you love it? Because you know Mommy took dance and she loved it.
She said Mama.....I got alot of Abby's. (There is a little girl in her class named Abby)!
When we got home, she showed her Daddy everything she learned and did pretty well at it and then went over all the rules with us!
She is so excited about taking dance!

August 17, 2009
Happy Birthday you Two.....
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Daddy, Happy Birthday to you!
We Love you so much and hope you have a wonderful 30th Birthday! You are an amazing husband and father, thank you for all you do for our family!
( I love that I captured, this picture of Granna and Jolee snuggling up together on her last visit sweet!)
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Granna, Happy Birthday to you!
We Love you Granna and hope you have a wonderful day, you deserve it!

August 6, 2009
Date Night!
No not for me, for Jolee and Daddy! At least, once a month he tries to take Jolee somewhere and spend time with her one on one. I love it, I think it is so sweet, that they have Daddy and Daughter time. Plus it gives me a little downtime all to myself!

Jolee was so excited! She told me repeatedly, me and daddy are going on a date, but you are staying here, ok Mom!

They went to a baseball game and got ice-cream, they went to the park at the stadium and played. Silas said, she only lasted 3 innings and then stated she was ready to go (don't worry, the tickets were FREE) so we didn't loose anything. In her defense, it was HOT and raining a bit!
After that, they headed to her favorite restaurant....Chick-Fil-A and had supper. She was so excited when they got home, she told me all about it that night and the ENTIRE next day! Great Memories are being made for her and her Daddy!

August 4, 2009
A Fun FREE Friday!
Last Friday, Sweet and Sassy was having their 1st year Anniversary Celebration (the place where Jolee gets her haircut). They where doing FREE updo's, giveaways, pink lemonade, and FREE limo rides. I love anything FREE, and this was right up Jolee's alley!

She loves stuff like this. She sat in that chair, so still and picked out what updo she wanted, picked out her glitter to go in her hair and then what color glitter star she wanted on her face.

And of course, she picked out the Princess Updo! And it was so cute!!!!

Miss Priss waiting patiently, for her turn to ride in the limo!

Jolee on the limo ride, or as she calls it...the "limbo" ride!

She was fascinated by all the pink, sparkly, glittery, stuff inside the limo! I told her I was 27 years old, the first time I got to ride in a limo (thank you Kathleen) and here she is at 3 on her first limo ride! She LOVED it!

Standing in front of the limo!

I said to her..... lets get a picture of the limo, so we can show Daddy. And she said, well I need to be in that picture too, so he can see me with the "limbo"!

Us girls had a fun, FREE day! She was so excited and loved every minute of getting her hair done and riding in the limo. We definitely have a true girly girl on our hands!