June 18, 2008
Hilton Head!
I agree with Jolee's clapping in the above picture...Yea! for Hilton Head! It was beautiful and so much fun! 2 days after Jolee's D-D party, Jolee and I packed up and headed to South Carolina to meet up with my Aunt Michele and her family who were there from Kentucky. Uncle Brian attended some medical conferences, bless his heart, while he attended classes all day me and Michele and all the kiddos enjoyed our time at the pool and the beach. Man, it was SWEET!

Jolee loved the beach, she would stay out there all day if you would let her. She ran and played sooo hard all week! She also came back looking like a coppertone kid... soooo dark!

I love this one, of Jolee dancing in the water! (Amanda McCook, if you are looking at this picture, check out those "jazz hands" she's ready for dance class!!)

I love this picture of Jolee and Audrey running through the water together. I hope they have a close relationship just like Michele and I. We were always like sisters instead of Aunt and Niece, and I treasure our close relationship.

Seriously, Edison was like this the whole trip. What a good baby, he was just happy and chilled out the entire time!

Jolee in the pool, the girl loves the water!

Joseph playing on the beach!

Story time with Aunt Michele or just "Chele" as Jolee calls her and Uncle Brian and Audrey!

This is a little girl who was having a blast at the beach, look at that great smile! And that great view behind Jolee was our view from the condo, over looking the pools and the beach!

This was the night I babysat all 4 kids, while mommy and daddy got a well deserved needed break! We had a great time and they loved jumping on the bed! Thats an only on vacation rule..It's ok to jump on the bed, I read it somewhere or I could have just made it up, whatever, everyone was happy and having fun!

Jolee playing in the sand!

My little Diva, in her hot pink D-D sunglasses!

Before leaving, I took a few family pictures of the Gannons on the beach. This was my favorite! Them holding hands walking towards the beach, I love it! I know I'm NO Amber Ferrell, but there not to shabby!

One big happy family!

Aunt Michele, Uncle Brian, Audrey and big brother Joseph holding Edison!

Me and my girl running on the beach, one last time before heading home to see daddy!

Thanks Gannons for a wonderful trip!

June 17, 2008
D-D Party!
On May 17th, we had the first of 2 parties for Miss. Jolee. We had a Dora party or D-D party as she would say. We had this one at our house, and all her friends from church came over , we had a house full and loved it!! We grilled hotdogs, had chips and dip, ice-cream and a Dora cake!

Our house was decked out with D-D decorations that Jolee helped pick out. She and I went to the party store and she helped pick out the decorations. Then I let her pick out what color plates and cups she wanted. She picked out purple cups and pink plates, she did a good job, it matched all the D-D stuff perfectly! She was so, so excited!!

I know you all read Amber's blog, and so since we hardly ever see her in a picture, since she is always the one taking them, I thought this one of her Nathan was so cute and had to share it!

Some of the girlies eating lunch...Kyrie, Abby, Carrigan, and Jolee!

Then we have on the other side of the table eating lunch...John or (Boo) as Jolee calls him, Emma, and Timothy!

I guess the other kiddos were outside playing!

Remember the swingset we got her for her birthday -a huge hit- I don't know what we would have done if we had'nt had it. The kids played and played on it!

We had a D-D pinata and that was alot of fun. Silas did'nt like the idea that we pulled the strings for the candy to fall out, he kept saying ...I can't believe we are not using a bat! Let me explain the reason why though. The week of her party, when we got the D-D pinata, she took her everywhere, all over the house, she talked to her, sat by her, and there was no way after watching her with D-D all week, that I could allow everone to beat her with a bat until candy fell out of her. Jolee would have freaked out and would still be having nightmares about it. Plus dude that thing cost $20.00 and now she is in the playroom on a shelf being used as a decoration!!

I told Silas for his birthday I would get him a pinata that he could hit with a bat!

Daddy sportin his D-D birthday hat and looking oh so excited about it! Check out that smile!

Jolee had such a great time playing and opening presents. She was exhausted by the end of the day and after her party she took a long nap, actually we all 3 did! In the above picture she was opening a present from her beloved Abby and Mema and Nate. It's a cool magnetic Nena the ballerina doll that you can dress up, she plays with her all the time!

Wandy had a very good idea for present time... The child that the gift was from brought it up and handed it to Jolee so she would know who gave it to her. It worked, she can still tell you who gave her what. I look very excited about this present for Carrigan, it's all D-D art stuff, she LOVES it!

Jolee and Daddy playing that night with her puppies that Bro. David, Sis. Sherri, and Boo gave her. She loves it and loves puppies. Every Sunday at church during handshake she tells Bro. David about her puppies!

We had a wonderful time and a great party. It really meant alot to us that everyone came, we feel really blessed to have these families in our life!

Surprised you didn't I? I'm sure you were thinking... I will just check 1 more time to make sure Tara hasn't posted anything, since it has been a MONTH since her last post! But I did, so I gottcha! Dude you would not believe the month we have had, it has been BUSY! We have been on the go, but dont worry I'm going to tell you all about it... But first, I do want to thank everyone, for the emails and calls I have received to make sure I was still ALIVE since I havent been posting. I have felt very special, I did'nt know so many people liked reading about our lives or is it just seeing the pictures of my cute little girl who has turned 2 since last blogging. For whatever reason you read it, Im glad you do and I'm glad to be back in the blogging business.

Here is a list of what we have done and my excuses for not blogging in a month...
  • Jolee turned 2 and we have thrown 2 birthday parties for her... 1 in Florida and 1 in Alabama!
  • We have been to Hilton Head!
  • We have made 2 trips to Bama!
  • Have attended a lingerie party
  • a bridal luncheon
  • rehersal
  • and was in a wedding
  • my cousin came home with us for a week
  • Oh and the big one...my computer crashed and has been having technical difficulties!

Im sure I have left out stuff, but I have pictures from all the events so don't worry you will see them all. Well maybe not the lingerie party ones, just kidding you can see a select few from that night! I will go ahead and mention next week my family will be gone again... we are heading to Singing School in Bama and are so excited! But I will have tons of pictures when I get back I'm sure. And in between doing laundry and packing us all up this week my goal is to blogg on some of the events that has gone on in the past month.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you guys have been! While it has been a nice break from the computer, Oh it's so good to be back at it again!