April 29, 2009
Physically tired but Spiritually lifted!
This past weekend, we were blessed to be able to attend our "home" church's annual 3 day meeting, in Alabama. It was a wonderful weekend. Wonderful preaching, wonderful singing, and wonderful fellowship! It was nice to be in a church service again with my family and our church family! The singing all weekend was amazing, and the preachers were very blessed with their messages.
Between attending all the church services and then when we weren't at church, I was helping mom cook something to take to the next service, I only took 1 picture the entire weekend! But how cute, is that one picture!

Weston is getting so big and he is a carbon copy of what my brother looked like! Joseph, Pam, and Weston came and spent the weekend at my parent's house too, so that gave us a little more time to play with him and visit with them. We had a great weekend all being together!
I have to brag on my girl a minute. She was so good all weekend, that's a lot of church for a nearly almost 3 year old (oh my heart just broke, my baby will be 3 soon) not to mention the drive up and back. But she did great! I attended different church meetings all my life, for as long as I can remember. And what a joy it was and still is!
Oh, I remember I did take this video of Weston, because I think it is hysterical. If you drop something on the floor, in this case it was a piece of ice, he gets on his stomach and eats it straight off the floor with his mouth. All we can figure is, that's the way his dog Chloie eats!

April 22, 2009
New Laugh!

And she came up with that little laugh all by herself!

April 20, 2009
Mr. & Mrs. Sumner
The newlyweds, Forrest and Brittany on their wedding day. April 4, 2009!

I have been waiting to post pictures, until the Bride herself posted some first. So that's why, you are just now seeing a post about the wedding. We had a wonderful time, we saw some old friends and met some wonderful new friends. Although, we only met them that weekend, we feel like we have known them forever, and know we will be life long friends.

(Jolee and Brittany)
The wedding ceremony was beautiful, and the bride looked beautiful as always too. I was honored to get to share in their special day and was the Matron of Honor. I had a wonderful time. I love weddings and love being in them, it always brings back wonderful memories of my wedding day! I will have to say, Brittany was the calmest bride I have ever seen. She was so calm and chilled before the ceremony, that we were all in the bridal room playing taboo!

(Abbey and Jolee)
Not only did we make some wonderful new friends, but Jolee did as well. We hardly saw her that weekend. Once she was introduced to Abbey and Allie, she was always with them playing. When we got back from the wedding, that night in her prayers she thanked God for her 2 new friends Abbey and Allie, so sweet! And she still talks about them!

I don't really have an explanation for this picture, other than....I thought it was a cute picture of my little girl! She was so good all weekend and had a blast!

Rachael, Me, and Rebecca or known as R1 and R2! I had fun girlie's getting to catch up and hang out those couple of days!

A family picture!

My man, Mr. MC of the reception. I will have to admit, at first when they asked him to MC the reception, I was a nervous wreck. I was thinking, they are going to give him a live mic, what are they thinking? And all you out there that know him, would probably have thought the same thing. But let me say... He did a great job, he was funny, he was serious, he kept things going, and he didn't embarrass me too bad (notice I said too bad)! He did so good, I'm thinking of renting him out.

Silas turning Brittany around and around and around, before she threw the bouquet!

Jolee and Lydia waiting to catch the bouquet.
Don't worry Brother Dan, Silas would have never let it be thrown in Jolee's direction, so Lydia was safe!
We were so blessed to be invited into the Varnum's house that weekend and felt right at home there! If you don't know them, you should. They are precious, precious people. Jolee took right up with them and will still say....who was that sweet lady that played with me. She got to go help Brother and Sister Varnum on Sat. morning gather eggs from their chickens, and loved it. Before she even would put on her dress for the wedding, she had to go show it Bro. Quinton. What a wonderful weekend. Thank you again for having my family!
And thank you Forrest and Brittany for letting me share and be part of your special day!

April 16, 2009
Beach Babes!
So Yesterday, Amanda and I took the girls to the beach. We had a blast! However, it was a bit chilly at times. But that didn't stop Carrigan and Jolee.

They ran all over that beach, they played in the sand, they chased birds, and even put their feet in the water. They would run to edge of the water and wait on the waves to come up to them and get them wet, and then they would take off running and squealing. We laughed and laughed at them.

Carrigan playing in the sand!

Jolee pointing and wanting to go in the water!

Forget trying to get a 3 year old and almost 3 year old to stand still and smile and both look at the camera at the same time. So I gave up, and we have actions shots!

Jolee running to show us her feather she found! And yes, we had to bring it home and all the shells and broken shells she found as well, so Daddy could see them.

I love this picture of the girls!

And here's a picture of the running and squealing I was talking about.

Carrigan taking it all in!
We had such a good time! The only thing that would have made it better, is if it would have been a little warmer.
As we were leaving the beach, I told Amanda...looks like you got some sun. Then we went to eat and as we were leaving there, I said..Um Amanda.... you got burnt. When we got back to the house, I said Amanda....you got fried! She just kept getting worse and worse as the day went on. Bless her heart, she is so burnt it's not funny.
I learned my lesson last year, for those of you who remember that experience. And putting sunscreen on was the first thing I did, well after lathering up Jolee!

April 15, 2009
Easter 2009
On Easter morning, after Jolee was assured again, that no the Easter Bunny did not come in this house, she enjoyed digging in her Easter basket/bucket.

If I say so myself, she got a pretty good little basket/bucket!

We had a full day on Easter, as I'm sure everyone did. We missed not getting to be with our family this year, but enjoyed the day with our church family. We managed to get a few pictures before church of her/us in our Easter best.

A cute little picture of Daddy and Jolee!

And let me just tell you, she thought she was something else in her Easter hat. She loved it! Even at the store when she put in on for the first time, she danced around in it, as she asked us did she look like a beautiful princess.

After about 6 tries of.... Jolee's not smiling, Silas what kind of face is that, and me saying... oh no I look to fat in that one, take another one and thanks to Lydia, we finally got a pretty descent family picture.

After church we headed over to the Crawford's house, where we spent the rest of the day enjoying some good food, an egg hunt, and some wonderful fellowship!

Katie and Jolee hunting eggs! I love this picture, it's so cute. And she loves her some Katie.

Jolee had such a good time that day, she played and played and played! You can definitely tell she lives in the sunshine state, due to her hunting eggs bare footed!

We managed to get a picture of the some of the girls...
Emma, Abby, Kaitlyn, Carrigan, and Jolee going through their baskets and eating their candy!

What a wonderful Easter. Church, family, and friends!
We had never seen Jolee so dirty, her face, her feet and clothes were D-I-R-T-Y, N-A-S-T-Y!
A good sign, that she had a great day also!
I Hope everyone's Easter was as blessed as ours!

April 14, 2009
Ice & Eggs
No the title for today is not my grocery list. It's a two in one post!
Disney on Ice and Dyeing Easter Eggs!
Jolee with her ticket!

Daddy and Jolee!

On Saturday we put in another full day. It started with us going to Disney on Ice and ended with dyeing Easter eggs and in between there we went to some stores, and cleaned our
carpet's. We had a fun day. Jolee loved the show. Before the show, we got to see some princess dresses and we got to see Cinderella and her favorite princess Belle, which completely made her day!
When we walked into the auditorium, we saw our friends from church. Miss. Carrigan and her Mommy. And they had on the same shirt, so of course that was a Kodak moment for us moms!

Me and Jolee waiting on the show to start!

It was such a good show. It was amazing to see them skate around doing flips and tricks all in costumes likes its nothing. Well I guess it is nothing to the professionals and for the magical world of Disney. I guess that's why they do it and not me. I would not even be able to stand up on ice skates while holding on to the wall, much less all that other stuff.

She clapped and waved the whole time. This show was called "Worlds of Fantasy" so we got to see...snippets and characters from a lot of Disney movies. Such as....The Little Mermaid, Cars, Tinkerbell, The Lion King, and Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy!
Everyday since the show, all we have heard about is Disney on Ice and how she wants to go back and see them. So I would say it was a huge success and she loved it!


That evening, we came home and dyed Easter Eggs. I don't know who had more fun.... her

or Daddy! He was getting all creative on us.

shaking the glitter onto her egg
I let Jolee pick out what packet she wanted (you know the box that the tablets and all that stuff comes in) and she picked out to make glittery eggs. They were pretty and pretty messy too. But she had fun and so did we!

Our glittery Easter eggs!

That night as Silas was putting her to bed, he said ok get in bed and sleep good and the Easter Bunny will come and leave you a basket. Well she flipped out. I don't won't him to come in my house. Oh she cried and cried.
The next morning I said ok let's go see if we can find your Easter basket. She stopped and said..no, I don't won't it. Me thinking about all the money that went into the things in this basket from us or the bunny, whomever bought it for her said WHAT!
Long story short, she didn't want it, if that meant the Easter Bunny came into her house. Once we worked that out. We were good to go and she enjoyed her basket.

April 9, 2009
Getting ready for Easter
This year we are spending Easter at home, for the 1st time. We are sad we won't be able to be with our family this year and will miss them and all the festivities, but we are making the best of it. On Saturday, we are going to Disney on Ice, which Jolee is so excited about it! And then coming home to dye some eggs. On Sunday after church we are going over to the Crawford's house for lunch and an egg hunt. So although we won't be with our family on Easter, we will be with our church family, who has become our 2nd family, so we are excited about that.

We got some eggs and Jolee and I were stuffing candy in them, getting them ready for the Easter egg hunt on Sunday. But actually I think she ate more candy than she stuffed in the eggs. I mean look at the look on her face on the above picture. But hey that's what it's all about right?

And then you could definitely tell, she was on a sugar rush, by some of the silly stuff she was doing. But it got laughs, so she kept going!

April 2, 2009
Sweet & Sassy!
The title for today's post fits her to a T, but it also serves as the name of the place where she gets her hair cut. I couldn't have found a more fitting place for her. This was her 2nd time to go there and she absolutely loves it!

She climbs up in that chair and sits so still. We got about an inch and a half cut off to get it all evened out again. And now she has this cute little bob cut, that I love. Except she looks way to grownie!

She even let the girl blow dry it and style it.

Jolee checking out her new hair cut with the glitter in it and her sparkly star on her face!
She thinks she is somebody, while she is there. She gets to pick out her cape pink or purple, the color glitter they spray in her hair, and the color star she wants on her face. And when we leave, she says she looks like a beautiful princess!
She woke up the next day, and said she needed to go back to Sweet & Sassy and get another hair cut. I tried to explain to her, that we had to let her hair grow back out again before we could go back. Her reply to that was, but my hair is a Mess!
She is a Mess!
An almost three year old, that already loves to go to the salon. That's our Diva...Jolee!