March 27, 2010
3 Beds Down
Bed #1 (under the warmer)

Bed #2 (the isolate)

Bed #3 (the crib)
So there are 3 beds in the Special Care Nursery and in order to exit this special, special place that we have been in for about 26 days now, you have to graduate from all 3 beds! So I am very, very happy to announce, that little man has made it to his last bed as of 2 o'clock this morning! All he has to do now, is hold his body temp and we can fly this coop! So far, so good! Please say an extra prayer for him, so that we can take him home soon and be a family of 4 under 1 roof!

March 18, 2010
Updaate on my Little Man
Notice anything different??? Yep, he got his feeding tube out of his nose this morning!!! Doesn't he look just so adorable. He is doing so amazingly well, by the Grace of God. He is 2 wks and 3 days old and weighs 4lbs and 14oz. He has taken all his feedings by mouth for well over 48 hrs and is doing GREAT with them. When he looks at me and smile's, it melts my heart. He also got his lines out of his belly button yesterday and is off of his IV's. And passed his hearing test today, so he has had a big couple of days and have handled them like a trooper.
Thank you all for your prayers and please continue them for him and us!

Report on Jolee
( Jolee and Princess Tiana)

I owe this post to my girl, she has been such a little trooper during this adventure. To be 3 years old and to have been to and from the hospital countless times a day, to check on Brennan and take his milk to him. Not to mention all the Doctor's/Hospital visits I took before giving birth, that she adjusted to and hung right in there with me. She is growing up and has been such a huge help to me already. Out of nearly 3wks of being away from home and staying near the hospital, we have only had 2 days that we didn't now who she was. But other than that, she has been amazing!

Even when we say...Jolee we are going to feed Brennan, she says...ok Mom, I will miss you but will see you when you get back, tell Brennan this message...I Love him and I will be the first one to hold him, when he comes home. Oh how that melts my heart!

We decided to give her a break the other day, from the hospital and took her to the park (near the hospital) to burn some energy and play in between feedings. She had such a good time and loved it!

Just a Swinging

Looking at the Ducks

Granna and Jolee playing. Granna herself, deserves a post all on her own as well. She has been a HUGE help and don't know, how we would have done this all with out her help.

Riding her tricycle!

March 15, 2010
Sibling Class
We kinda have done a few things a little backwards, but oh well we have learned to just go with it. I have had Jolee signed up for a sibling class for the past couple of months, here at the hospital. So she could get a tour of the hospital, see the nursery, learn a little about babies, etc, etc. But since brother came a little earlier than expected, she could have given the tour of the hospital herself, she has been up here so much.

She had a blast, she was the youngest one there and hung in just like the other big girls. They where asked to bring a baby doll with them to the class, so Alice was the lucky one she chose to attend with. They watched a video about baby's, learned how to hold a baby and how to support it's little head.

The teacher then called them upfront and taught them how to change a diaper. She asked Jolee did she want help, Jolee replied... no she could do it herself. And let me tell you, the girl put that diaper on the right way all by herself, grant it Alice was turned and put in all kind of positions and face down, but she did it all by herself. Impressing the teacher and her Mama.
She then learned what things baby's could and could not play with, how to swaddle a baby, and how to feed it a bottle. It was a really good little class. I'm so glad we got to go together.

Jolee and Alice

Her certificate saying...she completed her sibling class and that she is a BIG SISTER!
She loved it, she came home and showed her Daddy how to swaddle Alice (and did it right) and then while I was holding Alice later that night, I clearly wasn't holding her the right way so Jolee said... Mom did you not listen to the teacher, she said you had to hold the baby's heads all the time. Well, at least she was paying attention!

2 weeks old!
Today, my little man is 2 weeks old. He is doing so good, thank the Lord. As of today, he weighs 4lbs and 8.5 oz (almost back up to birth weight). He is getting to take a bottle every other feeding, which is outstanding and is up to 20cc's every 3 hours. If he handles that well, he will be up to 25 cc's by tonight.
The past couple of days, he has been so alert. He just looks around and smiles all the time. It is the sweetest thing ever. Thank you for your prayers and please continue to keep them going, for Brennan and our family.

March 8, 2010
1 week old!
(1 week old today!)
Brennan Silas Ford, made his grand appearance on March 1, 2010. He was born at 4:23pm by C-Section, due to my high blood pressure and being diagnosed with pre-eclampsia. He was 33 1/2 weeks. Due to him being so early, he is still in the Special Care Nursery. He weighed 4lbs and 10 oz and was 16 1/2 inches long. He is truly a little fighter. Please continue to remember my little man in your prayers. It is so hard, not having him with me. But my prayer is that God will continue to be with him and he will be stronger and in our arms at home, before we know it.
Jolee got to see him for the 1st time today (it was through a window) but at least, she finally got to see her her little brother. She loves him so much and has been a little trooper her self, through all this. Thank you for your prayers and please continue them for our little family. God has been so good to us and has blessed us tremendously.
We are staying, at a place very close to the hospital. So I can visit him and take him milk through out the day. I will try to update as much as possible!