June 12, 2010
A Report on the Family!
I haven't posted in awhile, so I thought I would give a report on the fam!

First up, is Jolee she is doing Amazing! She is the best, BIG sister/ Little mama ever! She really helps me out, so much. She is getting ready for her first dance recital and she is so excited. She absolutely loves dance. We had dance pictures, last week and she loved getting all dolled up! She looked so cute, grownie, but cute!

I absolutely love this picture, my heart melts every time I look at it. I'm just in awe, at the love they have for each other, already. When he looks at her, he just smiles and at everything she does, he gets so excited and kicks those legs like crazy. It's so cute!

As for me, I could not love my kids more. They make me laugh, they make me smile, they make me cry, they make me tired, they make me! Last week, I was so sick I'm not one to run fevers, but last week I ran one for 4 days straight and I'm not talking about a low grade fever, I'm talking about 102-104.5 fever for 4 days! I ended up having some infections, that turned into a kidney infection. Thank the Good Lord, my mom was scheduled to come down that same week, so she ended up taking care of all 3 of us and even though I'm 30, yes I said 30, no one can take care of you, like your mom when you are deathly ill.

Next up to bat is, Silas. Well he is working, working, working and studying, studying, studying! I know some of you have heard me say, I feel like a single mom with 2 kids (due to Silas's work schedule) but I am extremely thankful for him and his job, which allows me to be able to stay home and be with and raise our kids! It just makes the family time we do have together, that much more special!

As for Brennan, well this is his 3 month old picture with his friend "Little Al"! He is doing so good and we are so very grateful for that. He had an appointment with a GI last week (which upped his medicines and added rice to his feeding's) to help his sever reflux issues and it has really seemed to help. He weighed 12lbs and 11 oz as of last week. His chest X-Ray showed no signs of pneumonia (which means that has cleared up) and his breathing had gotten so much better, that the pediatrician decided he was well enough to get his 2 month old shots, 3 of them, it was not a fun appointment (the thought of him laying on that table, so innocent and looking up at me with that lip poked out and face beet red from screaming, makes me cringe all over again, just thinking about it). Poor little guy!

On a good/sad note, he has slept in his own room in his own crib for the past 2 nights and has done very good. It's good, because he is growing and he and us our resting better. But it is sad, because he is not right beside mommy, any more in his cradle.

My mom made the comment, last week that watching Jolee with Brennan is just like watching me when I was little with my brother. I was always taking care and looking out for him, just like Jolee is with Brennan. Joseph and I were and have always been close and had a special brother/sister relationship. We never fought. I pray that my kiddos have that same great relationship that last a lifetime!
So there is a report on us! Not much new, just living and enjoying our life and the special blessings in it, that we are so blessed to have!


Blogger Beth said...

I love the pictures, especially the one of Brennan looking up at Jolee. I want one of those to put on the fridge. I am glad you are feeling better. We love you guys!!

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