May 28, 2010
Baby Shower!
We finally got to have Brennan's Baby Shower, last Friday night! The poor ladies at the church had waited so long. They were planning it when I was pregnant, then I got put on bed rest, so we put it on hold (so I could actually attend MY Baby Shower). Then we spent 4 wks in the NICU, then we had to wait for him to get big enough to be out and around people, then we got hit with pneumonia. So with all those hurtles behind us, we finally got to get together and have a baby shower and celebrate and Thank God for our little boy!

The ladies, did an amazing job! It was a duck theme and the tables were all decorated like the picture above, sooooo cute!

The food, cake and punch were all delicious!

Me and Brennan at our shower!

Sister Nancy quilted him, a beautiful Alabama quilt! That matches his room to a "T"!

He is definitely, going to be the best dressed little boy around! He got a ton of cute, cute, cute, outfits!

Big Sister helped open the presents and ooohed and awwed over them all, as she opened each one and got it out and held it up, for everyone to see!

In this picture, I was super excited about our portable swing we received!
I can not thank the Ladies of the church enough, for such a wonderful shower! The food, the fellowship, the gifts, and the games we played, were all GREAT!


Blogger Beth said...

The ladies do such a wonderful job. I am still so disappointed I missed it. I had looked forward to attending all week.

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