July 24, 2009
Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall.....
She is a true "girly" girl, through and through. These are a few of her favorite things: putting makeup on (all by herself), putting glitter in her hair (all by herself), putting clips in her hair (again, all by herself), dressing up...in her princess gowns and princess shoes, with all the accessories...crowns, rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. And then twirls, and twirls and twirls, while begging her Prince (her Daddy) to spin around with her!

Off to gear up, for more company on the way!
This week we are hosting, my Aunt and 4 out of 5 of her kiddos from KY and Granna! Another busy fun filled week ahead!

July 20, 2009
Harmony Highlands 2009!
(Jolee painting her note)
Harmony Highlands, the best week of the summer!
It is the one week of the summer, that Silas takes the entire week off, it's the one week of the summer, that Jolee continually ask about...is it time to go to Singing School yet? It's the one week of the summer, that my family sets aside every year
and looks forward too..... the wonderful singing, wonderful fellowship, wonderful eating, and a wonderful week spent worshipping and singing praises to our Lord!

Mom and I teach the preschool class, and have a ball! They are always so fun to be with.

Jolee sitting in her chair on Monday morning, waiting on class to start. She absolutely loves singing school. She gets to meet up with old friends and meet new ones. I love seeing her playing at camp with her friends. Those friendships, will last a lifetime. I still have some of the best friends, from going to Singing School's and Camp's when I was younger.

(Audrey and Jolee having a snack in the camper)
We stayed in a nice, nice, nice camper. It even had a "little" bathtub/shower in it, that worked. Which meant...no bathhouses for us this year!! Jolee kept saying... I love this "little" tamper (camper), its so cute!

Jolee and Jacey, they had a great time together that week.

Pappy and Jolee!

Jolee and Lona leading Hammer, Hammer, Hammer for the class! Notice...she had to have on her Jewelry, even at camp!

Our class in Assembly one night, showing everyone the new songs and notes they had learned!

Jolee and Daddy. She LOVED getting to spend the whole week with her Daddy!

Me and Jolee, sporting our new Harmony Highlands T-shirt's!

Silas and Jacey during assembly. She loved her some Silas!

Jolee and Weston during a class!

Our 2009 Preschool class! They were all so good!

Weston painting his note. Some paint ended up on the note, but most of the paint ended up on his face and mouth! But he loved it!

This is one of Silas's nephew's Caden. It was his first time at Singing School, and he played so hard that week. We kept finding him passed out in different places through out the week.

Silas with his nephew's Zachary and Caden!

Jolee on Friday night with her "re" she painted!

Mom and Me!

Our class on Friday night, performing all their songs, the scale, etc!

It was such a wonderful, blessed week. We are already looking forward to next year!

July 17, 2009
A Fun Filled Week
The week of the 4th, is automatically saved and marked down in the calendar every year for my brother and his family to come and visit. Every waking moment was filled with fun adventures. Weston and Jolee had a blast together! They are both at such fun ages, right now.

Jolee and Weston giving Eskimo kisses!

Uncle JoJo and his name sake!
One of the funny things was, Weston wanted everything just like Jolee. Before he came, he would only drink out of one certain cup, but after he saw Jolee drinking out of her Pink Princess Cup....he had to have one. If she had on socks, he would go and point to her feet and he wanted socks on too. It was hysterical! They had to buy several different kind of cups while they where here, same cup as Jolee's just with a "boy" design on it. Joseph said his son was not going out in public drinking out of a Pink Princess cup. It was killing Joseph already, that he was pushing a pink baby stroller around and eating out of pink Barbie plates!

We swam and played outside several days. The Ferrell's came over one day at played and we all had such a good time. The boys enjoyed running and grunting at each other, while the girls entertained themselves playing in the playroom. The McCook's came and went to the Library with us one day, we had fun singing, and listening to story time and doing crafts. And I was so excited, I finally got to show off my nephew to our friends at church. Yep, I kept Uncle JoJo, Aunt Pam, and Weston pretty busy while they were here.

Aunt Pam and Jolee playing beauty shop. Aunt Pam fixed Jolee's hair. so now Jolee was returning the favor to Aunt Pam! It was looking a "hot mess" when she got through with it!

Family picture of the 3 of them at Chuck E. Cheese. Weston had a blast and went full force, riding everything he could. Where Jolee was very stand offish and wouldn't ride anything that moved or made noises

Me and Jolee! The kids cups where cracking us up!

Weston trying to get in their with Chuck E. Cheese, Jolee was standing up crying as she was saying...Weston is too close, make him come back.

Uncle JoJo, Weston , and Jolee heading off to win some tickets!

Love this picture!

Water Park Day! That was such a fun day!

Uncle JoJo and Weston on a water slide.

Me and Joseph with our kiddos at the water park. I'm not a water slide/heights kinda girl. I prefer to stay on the ground. However, Joseph talked me into riding a water slide with him and I screamed all the way down it! After that we just watched Joseph and Pam do all the water slides, and I enjoyed my time in the kiddie pool with the kids!

Weston is a little dare devil. He slid anyway you could imagine down those kiddie slides...headfirst, feet first, sideways, etc and LOVED every minute of it. While Jolee stood in the water and spun around like a princess!

They had such a good time being together that week. I wished we lived closer so they could see and play with each other more often. We miss them so much! Weston is definitely on the go, ALL the time, where Jolee says she needs to sit and rest a minute. Hilarious!

Nathan and Weston playing the pool!

A family picture after Weston's 1st Haircut. It was the cutest place every!

This is our camping trip, I will spare all the details. But we can just say, that my brother will probably never go camping again. If it could go wrong, it did

Jolee and Weston running around the campsite!

We enjoyed a day at the beach!

Jolee and Daddy doing some sight seeing in St. Augustine

And no day at the beach is complete without an ice cream cone!

He LOVED his too!

Aunt Pam, Weston and Jolee at the playground after feeding the ducks.
I know this post was full of a lot of pictures, but we did so much and this was just the highlights of the week. Uncle JoJo, Aunt Pam, and Weston....Thank you so much for coming to visit us, we had a wonderful week. We miss ya'll!
P.S. You don't have to wait till the next July 4th to come down and visit again, Ha! However, we do have ya'lls week reserved already for next year!

July 15, 2009
So this past weekend we took a road trip with Amanda and Carrigan, to Orlando! We had such a good time! We got to stay in a SA-WEET hotel, where we took the girls swimming that night and of course they loved it! Carrigan and Jolee are both 3 years old, and they play and get along so good. It is hysterical to listen to and watch them.
playing in the water

All bundled up together, heading back to our room!

The next morning, we went to the "Uniquest" McDonald's in the world. I'm serious.... we had Belgium waffles for breakfast, and on the menu for dinner was stuff like Shrimp Alfredo, Shrimp Scampi, Pizza, Pasta, at MCDONALD'S people. It was a 3 story building with 1 whole floor, nothing but a huge play area. It had chandeliers in the bathroom with granite counter tops. Dude, we were amazed!

Jolee and Carrigan playing at the indoor playground in McDonald's

(Jolee, Amanda, and Carrigan)
From their, we headed to Downtown Disney and enjoyed the rest of the day, looking at shops, eating, and traumatizing our girls. The first thing was the water taxi, we took from one side to the other of the park. Carrigan was not so sure of it, at all! Jolee was hesitant at first, but after she found out that the boat was going to go slow, she was fine. She kept saying, Carrigan its ok, we are big girls and this is slow.
So after the boat ride, we decided to take the girls to The Rainforest Cafe for lunch.....BIG MISTAKE!!! Of course, they sat us by this huge moving Gorilla and Jolee lost it, so we asked if we could move away from the BIG moving animals. All was a little better, until the lights went out and it started thundering and lightening and all the animals were making their animal sounds ( it does this every 30 mins). It was all over, bless her heart. Jolee was shaking, with her head buried and crying saying...I want to leave, I want to leave. There was nothing at this point anyone could do for her. I assumed once she got used to it, it would all be ok. But um NO, it wasn't ok. I finally had to leave the restaurant with Jolee, while Amanda got our food boxed up, so we could eat it outside. So after moving to 2 tables, we ended up eating our lunch outside and watching for "Ariel" in the water! Score for us Mom's, right?

I asked Carrigan, how she liked Rain Forest Cafe? And this was her face as she was saying it was "scaries" in there! The other pitiful thing was, while I was taking Jolee out of the restaurant, she kept saying....Thank you Mommy, for leaving with me. She was really terrified of the place, and then I felt really bad.

(Jolee, Pongo, and Mommy)
After those traumatizing experiences were over, we enjoyed the rest of our day at Downtown Disney!

Carrigan, Daffy, Donald, and Amanda!

The girls had such a good time! We all did, it was great to get away for a couple of days and have some girl time. The whole time we where packing, Jolee kept saying..... Daddy you can't go, this is a girls trip!
Thanks for the trip McCook girls, we had a blast!