July 26, 2007
What she's doing now!
Jolee is 14 months old today, so I thought what a great time to do a little post on all the new things she is doing now. Silas has taught her to say Roll Tide......Jolee says Tide! She can give High Fives, she has learned how to climb on the dishwasher door and throw everything on the counter top she can get her hands on in the floor, she likes to throw things away (not just trash, though, so we have to work on that), she also reorganizes my cabinets every day, reorganize is a nice way to describe it (really, she just pulls everything out of them), and she can hold up her finger to say she is 1! She is growing up so fast, and does something knew everyday, and you can just see her little brain soaking up so much, it is really unbelievable. I have some pictures below of some other new stuff she is doing.... Enjoy!

Since she has a big whopping 4 teeth now, we have started brushing them, and she loves it, she opens her mouth and says ahh! The deal is Mommy does it first and then she can have the tooth brush to chew on! But usually she brings it back to me and opens her mouth hollering ahh, ahh, ahh! In the picture above she even brushes them while looking at her book, and yes, I have caught her trying to brush Sophie's teeth too!

Jolee has learned how to hug and love on her stuffed animals, and it is so sweet and cute, she pats them on the back and squeezes them! So sweet to watch!

She has learned when Daddy says Touchdown her hands go up! And then she claps for herself! In case you cant tell Daddy is getting her ready for football season!

Jolee has become a little dare devil as well, she will climb on anything and is not the least bit scared! She climbs up on the chair, jumps or falls onto the ottoman face first and then looks up and laughs!

What a Blessing!
Our church family is wonderful! They have really made us feel so welcomed and have taken us in and made us feel right at home! Last Friday, I was so thankful to have 2 of the young ladies from the church come over to play with Jolee while I cleaned the house! And with Sara and Katie's help of keeping Jolee entertained I got the whole house cleaned, and I might say it looked pretty good! The girls even helped me clean and fold laundry, I was beside myself with all the help that was being offered. So thank you so much Sara and Katie for all of your help! Jolee had such a great time playing with you both, thanks for being such sweet and helpful girls!

Us girls went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch that day. This is Jolee and Sara playing at the playground!

Katie and Jolee watching one of our new favorites..."Curious Buddies"

Not sure why Jolee looks scared to death here, she was playing and having such a good time till it was time to come down the slide. Maybe she is claustrophobic like her mommy and this slide was closed in. Who knows!

2nd Half to this day's story is.. I got a phone call from Sis. Dina a couple of days before saying she knew I had been really busy with Jolee being sick for the last almost 3 weeks, and didn't have any family close by and she wanted to do something for us. And we had not been able to go to church for several weeks due to Jolee being contagious. So her sweet family and the Crawford's sweet family cooked and brought dinner to us. Isn't that so sweet? We had Rice and Steak, Cream Corn, Peas, and Brother David's famous Biscuits! It was wonderful. They are always thinking of others instead of their self's. So see why I said we have such a wonderful church family, they are always there to help you out. We feel truly blessed! We had such a great time that night! So thank you so much Sister Dina, Sara, and Katie, Brother David, Sister Sherry, and Boo!

Brother David reading a book to Jolee!

Sister Sherry sure was laughing at something!

John Anthony...A.K.A ..."Boo" was celebrating his victory after beating Silas to a game of football on the PlayStation! In the background is Katie and Sister Dina.

Here is proof that Sister Dina can hold Jolee with out her crying, all she needed was a book to read to her!

July 25, 2007
A Shower for Michele!
When we were in Alabama in June for the Singing School, We also thru a baby shower for my Aunt Michele that following Saturday. The Host were Myself and Aunt Pam. But we could not have pulled it off with out help from Uncle JoJo, Granna and Pappy. The Baby's room is decorated in a Safari theme, so went with the tan, sage, and pastel blue colors and decorated with Giraffe's. It turned out really cute and everyone seemed to have a great time! This will be Aunt Michele's 3rd child she has a 7 year old son...Joseph, a 2 year old daughter...Audrey, and a baby boy that will be coming on Monday the 30th, via C-Section. So she will definitely have her hands full. Please keep her and the baby and Uncle Brian in your prayers, that everything and everybody will be safe. Aunt Michele has always been a huge part of my life, she is really like my sister more than an Aunt. I will continue and have always treasured her and all of our memories together. And now her children and my daughter will be growing up together, so I can only hope that they will turn out to be as close as we have always been. With all that said, thank you Aunt Michele for all you have done in my life for me and my family! And to Pam, I know it was stressful getting it all together, but hey we did it, and it turned out to be a HIT!
The Baby Shower Invitation, that was sent out!

Pam, Aunt Michele, and Me!

Aunt Pam, Shanna (cousin), Uncle JoJo, and Jolee who seemed to really like the punch!

A couple of pictures of some of the food and tables, that we put out!

A really sweet and cute picture of Jolee and Great Granddaddy after the shower!

**Jolee and I will be flying out tomorrow to go to KY, to be there for the birth of our new little cousin. Please be in prayer for us as we fly that we will arrive safely, and that Jolee will really like it!**

July 23, 2007
Mommy's Night Out!
I know this is usually a blog about Jolee, but I had such a great night last night, that I just have to share! To get to the point I went to the Soul 2 Soul tour.... Tim McGraw & Faith Hill concert last night, and it was amazing!! She is just beautiful, and for that matter so is he, but they were so romantic when they sang together, it would have been even better if Silas had gotten to be there with me..No he didn't get to go, but he sent me, wasn't that so, so, sweet. His company got tickets to the concert, so instead of him going to the concert, he said he knew I really liked them, and had wanted to go since I heard they were coming into town. He could only get 1 ticket and he sent me and he stayed home and played with Jolee, he said I deserved to go and have some fun (he scored major brownie points for that)! So I went with his co-workers, and some of the Melbourne people came up, with their wife's (Melbourne is where we used to live, so it was great getting to catch up and talk with everyone). The concert was unbelievable, I even got me a T-Shirt, and I brought one back for him, I know its nothing compared to being at the show, but its a little something at least! So thanks, to all the people who took really good care of me last night, and for letting me ride with you, etc, etc! You know who you are, but in case you don't.....Chuck, Arleen, Keith, James and Shelly! And a special thanks to my Husband, who sent me in his place, it was wonderful and very sweet of you! I know the pictures are not the greatest, but you have to remember I was up high in a SUITE, with free food, drinks, and my ticket!!!!!! So my view of the concert was excellent!! And yes, I am bragging about it, a little!

Oh and just to let you know, Daddy and Jolee had a really great time together last night. I heard they played, read books, watched a movie, ate, and had bath time!!

July 17, 2007
Our 4th of July!
I know it's a little late, but like the saying goes it's better late than never, right? Or something like that anyways. We spent the 4th of July with Uncle JoJo and Aunt Pam out on the river! It was Jolee's 1st time on the boat, and once again ,it had to do with water, so she loved it. It had been awhile since we had been out on the boat, ironically the last time was 2 days before Miss. Jolee was born (maybe that's why she was born a month early, no j/k I had pre-eclampsia that's why she was here a month early, but that's a story for a different day) and we were with Uncle JoJo and Aunt Pam, and the first time back on the boat since Miss. Jolee was born, was... on the 4th of July with Uncle JoJo and Aunt Pam, awe isn't that sweet. It blows my mind how a 1 year knows you can get in the water, when you are riding on the boat, she tried her best to climb over the boat just to get in the water, and she wasn't happy until we docked the boat and Daddy and Uncle JoJo got in the river and swam and played with her, after she got in the water she was one happy little girl! So we played on the river all day, and ended the night watching a firework show over the water, it was beautiful, and Jolee was in awe the whole time with her mouth wide open and pointing at the fireworks in the sky. It made the show even greater, watching it thru Jolee's eyes. I know I have attached alot of pictures, but I couldn't leave any out, so hope you enjoy!

Jolee was showing something to Aunt Pam!

Jolee was at the front of the boat leaning over looking at the water!

It is a bit challenging changing a diaper while boating!

Uncle JoJo playing in the water with Jolee!

Daddy and Jolee in the river!

Jolee, Mommy, and Aunt Pam waiting to get on the boat!

Jolee getting a lesson on how to drive a boat! In the background Uncle JoJo looks a little concerned!
I don't know that not being scared is good or not, because she had no problem when Uncle JoJo held her over the boat and let her feet hit the water like she was skiing. She actually cried when he put her back in the boat, she wanted more of that water!

Uncle JoJo was about to swing from a rope, they had found!

We caught Daddy in the action of swinging from the rope!

Another hint, that Aunt Pam is pregnant.. She can fall asleep anywhere, even while riding on a boat!
Love the way her eyes pop out on this picture!

Uncle JoJo and Jolee walking around in the river!

Yes, that is Silas with that life jacket on his head, whatever gets a laugh out of Jolee, but we were all pretty much laughing at him!

Jolee and Uncle JoJo watching the fireworks!

July 15, 2007
Poor Baby Girl
Friday I took Jolee to the Dr. due to her symptoms of pulling at her ears, being extra whiny, sneezing, coughing, and all the wonderful yucky things in between like green snot, chuggy coughs, eyes red and watery, etc, etc! Well see, we both had a cold last week, and I thought she was doing better, until she woke up Thursday night really bad all over again, so another words its a good thing I took her on in. Her diagnosis is: Ear Infection in both ears, Sinusitis Infection, and one other Infection that I really can't remember what the name of that one is. So to sum it up, she is a sick little girl. The Dr. put her on some Antibiotics that will hopefully start working soon, she just looks so sad, her little voice is even starting to get hoarse now. We have stayed in all weekend to take care of Miss. Jolee we have watched videos... Curious Buddies, Elmo, you get the picture! We have read and read and read books! So please keep Jolee in your prayers, that she gets better really soon. I tell ya, It really just breaks your heart when your little one is so sick and not feeling good. **I asked the Dr. on Friday is she contagious, I was wondering about church on Sunday, and the Dr. said...Do you like the people at your church, still not seeing where she is going with this I said, yes, they are great, so she says do you want their babies to look like your baby because she is highly contagious? So as a result to that, Silas went to church and me and Jolee stayed home, so see Macclenny we do love you**

( i took this picture before we went to the Dr. on Friday, when I thought she looked bad, not bad but you know what I mean...like she didn't feel good, but bless her heart she looks worse now.)

July 12, 2007
Harmony Highlands
The last week of June we headed up to Alabama for the Harmony Highlands Singing School, we had such a great time, it's a time to get away from the world, work on your singing and fellowship with other families! Just to give you a little background, it is held at a camp ground, with dorms, bathhouses, and campers. We have classes during the day with assembly's and morning devotions, and we eat very well, I might add. So ,it is a very fun week that my family always looks forward too, it's the only week that Silas takes off from work, he loves it so much, you walk away exhausted but it's a good exhausted! Jolee was so good all week! for a little girl who didn't get regularly naps and to not be on her schedule, and to be around so many new faces, she did wonderful! My mom and I teach the preschool class at S.S. and this year there were umm.. I would say about 20 preschoolers in our class, although it was a big class with lots of distractions ,we had alot of fun this year! Jolee enjoyed watching the kids her size sing and play and she was right there in the middle of them the whole time!

Some of our preschool class at S.S. this year!

Jolee was moving the chairs around while she waited on her class to start!

Granna caught in the action of teaching the song "I'm in the Lords Army"

Silas up on stage with Jolee one night as they performed!

Pappy helping Jolee do her craft during class!

Evidently she has been listening to her Daddy who has said stay away from boys! Sorry Mason!

Jolee enjoying her bath time with Granna in the camper's sink!

Cousin Joseph reading Jolee a book, so that her Mommy could get ready one morning!

Pappy and Jolee doing the rhythm sticks in class!

A very, very, tired group of people on Friday sporting there Harmony Highlands T-Shirts!