August 19, 2008
We're Home!
So Wow, it has been awhile since I have been on here. We just got back from a whirlwind of a week. I think we fit just about fit in every little thing you could into a week/weekend. Jolee and I spent last week in Bama, and we had a wonderful time. It went by way to fast but we fit in a wedding, my mom some Dr. appointments, visiting with the fam, mom and I did some major scrap booking, etc, etc! Jolee played her little heart out last week with Pappy and Granna and Grandma and Grandad on the farm, she even came in some days smelling like outside and had dirt everywhere. I have pictures and stories for all that, so more on that in another post.

Then on Sat. we rode up to Atlanta with my cousin and her husband to meet Silas at my Uncle and Aunts house, and then that evening headed out to to the Bama Vs. Clemson game. Wonderful game, we killed them and we had a great time doing it! Jolee got to stay and play with Abbie and Alex, she is still talking about that. (Thanks Guys)! I have pictures and stories to go along with that later as well!

Sunday we got up headed to a church in Atlanta came back and packed up and visited a little more. Then Silas, Jolee, Sophie, and I headed to Savannah where we spent the night and enjoyed seeing sight seeing on Monday! We have to go back there, very pretty!

So as soon as I get us all unpacked and stocked up with groceries and all that fun stuff, I will be back with new pictures and stories from our journeys. But, at least you have some sort of idea where I have been and what I have been up too, right?

**Oh and these pictures are from the first time Jolee finger painted, the week before we left.**

Hi-Ho Cherry-O
As you can tell, Jolee is the proud owner of her 1st little board game...Hi-Ho Cherry-O! She loves it! We bought it a couple of weeks ago, and we try to play it as a family around the table. She really does a great job with this game.
It's so fun watching her, she gets so excited!

Jolee's turn to spin!

Putting her apples in her bucket!

Yea! Jolee won!

I'm not sure what's wrong with me, but Silas has won twice and Jolee has won twice! Poor Mom over here seems to keep spilling her bucket or the bird keeps eating my cherry's! Maybe next time! Who thought Hi-Ho Cherry-O could be so competitive!

August 16, 2008
Daddy and Granna!

Happy Birthday Daddy and Granna!

We Love You!


Jolee and Mommy

August 15, 2008
Happy Birthday Sophie!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my antidepressant taking, panic attacking dog! We love you Soph! And hope you have many, many, more to come!

She loves.....
My girl is growing up way to fast, so I thought I would do a post on some things she is doing at the age of 2. So in years to come, when I go back and read this, I can say... Oh, I remember that as tears come down my face.
Everybody tells you...They grow up so fast! But you don't really know how fast, until you have your own kid, and then WOW! So it is true...Jolee is growing up to fast!!
So here is some stuff she loves to do...
She loves to sing. At any given time you will hear her singing...
"Hody, Hody, Hody" A.K.A. "Holy, Holy, Holy"
"twinkle, twinkle little star"
"row, row, row your boat"
"Good Morning, Good Morning"
the chorus to the church song : "What can wash away my sins" Jolee's part... "Nothing but the blood of Jesus"
"ABCD song"
and "Happy Birthday"
I'm sure there is more, but my memory is falling me, so we will move on.

She loves to do the splits! I think she is going to be our gymnast, the girl loves to climb on well anything but especially the furniture and then she walks down the arms of the couch. She loves to jump and to run! Yesterday, she even started balancing as she walked down the broom handle!

She loves to play dress up!** Note to self** I need to find her more dress up clothes** She loves putting on jewelry and heels, whether they are her heels are mine from the closet. She has been known to be out side trying to climb her fort in a pair of my black dress heels and her panties!

She loves playing in the sink!

She loves the beach and her sand box!

She now all the sudden likes to have her toenails painted and is very proud to show them off and will look at them as she walks! A big difference from Easter, when I painted them for the 1st time and she screamed and screamed and would hide them if anyone ask to see them!

She loves to swim! She loves to be in any kind of water. The ocean, the pool, the river, getting sprayed by the water hose, and we can't forget her lovely bubble baths!

She loves to Pee-Pee and Poo-Poo in the Potty! She is doing GREAT! She tells me when she has to go and will use a potty chair or a big toilet! I'm loving it!

She loves wearing her Daddy's shoes and her favorite thing to run around in, is her panties! She now has enough hair for ponytails, pigtails, and headbands! She actually ask for her hair to be put up in a ponytail's like Abby and Mema's!!

And for some reason she likes to clean the toilet with the brush. She actually helped me yesterday with the dusting and laundry! She is a good little helper!

The girl loves to dance!

She also loves too...

  • talk
  • laugh and make us laugh
  • paint
  • color
  • play, play, play
  • read books
  • go to church
  • And loves to play with her friends!

And I know I have left out so many things, but here's a starter list at least!

August 12, 2008
Photo Shoot!
Back in May, the very talented Amber Ferrell, did a 2 year old photo shoot of Jolee. They are gorgeous! I just love them and I cant believe, I haven't put them on the blog yet for you all to see! I agree she did have an adorable subject, but she is truly talented, I tell you. Jolee had a great time with her that day as she always does!
Speaking of Amber, today is her birthday. Happy Birthday Girl!

I know there was a lot of them, but they are all so good I couldn't pick which ones to share! Hope you all have a great day!

August 5, 2008
Girls just want to have fun!!!
Jolee had her very 1st spend the night party Saturday night! The Ferrell girls came over and we had a PARTY! That's what all 3 of them would say if you asked them what they were doing...having a Party! They had a blast, and so did me and Silas. On the way home, Silas and I were listening to the girls talking and laughing in the backseat, it was precious! And that got us talking and thinking about how Jolee is growing up! And so WOW, there are 3 girls in the backseat and we are having our 1st of many spend the night parties, I'm sure. When did this happen? When did our little girl get old enough for spend the night parties?

She was so excited, that Abby and Mema (Emma) where coming over to spend the night! They played and played. They had a bubble bath and played and played some more. And no spend the night party is complete without a popcorn and movie!

Even at their age, they go to the bathroom in groups! How cute is that! All you could hear through the house was laughter! I loved it!

The girls eating their popcorn! Dude, the 3 girls put down some popcorn, a bag and a half! Here is what was funny...They all wanted to sit together, so instead of siting on the couch together where they had room, they picked to all squeeze into the recliner! Hey, they were happy and so where we!

When it came time for bedtime, they each got to pick out a book for me to read. The favorite from the night I do believe was... Chicka-Chicka- Boom-Boom! There was clapping and laughing and well even some jumping on the bed (because it's a spend the night party, and it's allowed)!

Silas reading them a Bible story! After that, they all went right to sleep. Well, everyone except for my little girl!

Since the girls woke up at 7:15 Sunday morning, we even had plenty of time to play outside before getting dressed for church!

We had a really great time with the girls! I just love it, they all play so well together and Jolee just adores them and so do we, we just think of them as ours! We can't wait till the next spend the night party!