July 7, 2010
1st Dance Recital
On June 19th, Jolee had her first dance recital! It was a very long day, we had rehearsal that morning, about an hour away from our house Then went home and finished packing, for our trip to Alabama (because we were leaving, from her recital that night) then got her all dolled back up again and headed back to her recital! Just and FYI, we ended up arriving in Bama at 3:30AM, the next morning, for Singing School!

She did such a great job, she didn't miss a step! Her face looks white in some of these pictures (due to my flash), but I assure you, it wasn't! She had plenty of makeup on, which got to her Daddy a bit!

This picture, was taken in the dressing room right before the recital! I was so proud of my little ballerina, she looked gorgeous and had worked so hard at remembering her dance! It brought back a ton of memories, for me! I will go ahead and say, I did shed a few tears....I mean wasn't it, just me up there dancing at one of my recitals, and my mom was just doing my hair and makeup in the dressing room, and now my little girl was up there, is my baby really that old? Old enough to be involved in extra curricular activities!

Jolee's hair from the back!

A very proud Daddy and his little ballerina!

Mommy, Jolee, and Daddy after the recital! She was so excited about getting flowers, the red rose was from us, and the pink flowers were from Timothy!

Bro. David talking to his favorite little Elephant, after she danced!
She had her very own little fan club there! There were 3 girls, from the church dancing in this recital. So we had our very own little section at the recital!

Jessica congratulating Jolee on dancing so good on stage!

Kisses from Ashley

Our Macclenny Dancers...Jolee, Caytlin, and Sarah!

Jolee with her MiMi!!

Family Picture with our little Ballerina!

Jolee and her Nina, after her recital!
Jolee did so great that night, she loves dancing and we were so very proud of her. 1 year of dance down, many more to go!


Blogger Beth said...

Love the pictures. Jolee is so cute! When I see how grown up she is now, I always think about how little she was when we first met you guys. We Love You!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't wait till she is dancing with me next year!!!!Love you cute little elephant, Amanda

Blogger Heather said...

Please email me! I have a question about your blog! :)


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