August 29, 2007
She looks Innocent...
She looks innocent and cute... Well cute she is, but innocent we will see.... Yesterday I got my cell phone bill in and about fainted. Jolee had racked up $53.00 worth of web charges. The reason I know it was Jolee, #1. I don't know how to get on the web from my phone, #2. I caught her on it last week, but didn't know she had been doing it for a month already. #3. There was a phone # that had also been dialed over and over again, one that I had never seen nor could I had made it up. And #4. A couple of weeks ago at 11:30 at night, my phone started beeping, come to find out an event had been set in the calender part of my phone. Silas had asked me what do you have to do tonight at 11:30? Is there a show are something you have to watch, my reply.... heck no, I'm usually in bed and no show is that important, (well maybe except for Army Wives, which is my new favorite show, by the way) but that wasn't it. I didn't even know there was a calender in my phone in the first place, much less set an event in it. So that night we went to bed still thinking about what I was supposed to be doing. The next day Silas caught her in the calender part of the phone again, so see she did do it! Back to the $53.00 she racked up for me, I called Verizon, and talked to the nicest girl there, told her what had happened, and asked could she help me out any with the bill? So due to me being a great customer, always paying my bill on time, and never going over my minutes, she told me she could meet me halfway. So now I only have to pay $25.00 for all the fun Jolee had using my cell phone. So it pays to always pay your bill on time, because you never know when you will need a favor called in. New rule: keep your keypad on your phone locked in our house.

**I probably will be getting a call from Silas when he reads this, because I forgot to mention this whole mishap last night, but I took care of it Hun**

August 28, 2007
Our Trip to Sea World
This past weekend we took Jolee to Sea World! We all had a wonderful and fun time, but I will have to say it was HOT! and I mean HOT! HOT as in sweat dripping off of all 3 of us! We all shared an icee type drink and it was even melting before we could get it all eaten, the back of Jolee's hair was curled up and wet with sweat (that's gross I know) but true. We knew what we were getting our self's into going to Sea World in the middle of August, but when you got a little girl who loves Elmo so much, you do what you got to do. This was the last chance we would have to see Elmo, and his furry friends who had docked at Sea World until Labor Day. So on Sat. morning we were up and ready and in our car at 5:45AM SEA WORLD BOUND! We had breakfast with Elmo at 9:15 and the rest of the day we did all the shows! Jolee is definitely going to be an animal lover, she talked to them, and pointed to them, and got so excited when watching Shamu and the dolphins jumping and doing tricks, she would clap and laugh, and that's what made it all worth it. Silas and I were talking on the way home that night after we left the park, we both love Sea World, the shows are amazing to watch, but it was even better watching it through Jolee's eyes, she just lit up with excitement. We were exhausted and hot but the day was so much fun, and even though she probably wont remember it, we have pictures and video and we will always have the memory of seeing her face light up with excitement when she saw Elmo, Shamu, and all the other animals that day. I posted a lot of pictures today of us at Sea World, but they all have their own story and I couldn't leave any out, so hope you enjoy them!

Daddy and Jolee were looking at the Sea Lions in this picture! Jolee was sure telling those Sea Lions something, she babbled and hollered right back at them!

This was at the entrance to Sea World, and I took it thinking it would be good on the scrapbook page!

A cute little family picture in front of the Shamu Statue!

Elmo was dancing in this one! When Elmo came out, she reached for him and started talking to him!

Jolee got a bit freaked out when Ernie started getting close to her. But she had no idea who Ernie was, due to the fact we don't watch Ernie, we watch ELMO! I mean I understand, if a big orange thing that was moving and dancing started coming near me, I might get a little upset too!

Look at her, she was reading that sign!

She wasn't quite sure about Bert either!

A family picture with Elmo and Big Bird! Jolee was excited about it being with Elmo. But Silas and I deep down I think were excited because it was with Big Bird, who was huge when we were kids, I realize its been like 27, 28 years later, but hey we'll take it!

She loved all the characters from a far! This was Elmo and Big Bird dancing a jig!

Jolee was looking at the Sea Lions in this one!

That's what she was looking at!

Daddy was showing her something....

Jolee and me walking to the Shamu show!

We were watching the dolphins, in the picture above.

A cute one, Jolee and I shared a kids meal, that had fries and chicken fingers, and it came in this little Shamu lunchbox. She carried around the rest of the day, she loved it!


We got her a Shamu stuffed animal for her souvenir! She was hugging when I took this picture!

We had not even hardly made it out of the parking lot, and I looked back and she was asleep already, but notice she was still holding her cup and her new Shamu!

We had a great day with lots and lots of great memories, and boy was she good, she was good the whole day!

August 24, 2007
Children's Museum in Kentucky
Jolee played so hard that day, she finally had to take a break to rest!

When we were in Kentucky awaiting the arrival of Baby Edison, we went to the Children's Museum, and it was so much fun, Jolee had a blast! They had so many things to play on, slide on, climb on, go thru, you name it they had it! I even found out, that we have one here, but I haven't quite sold the idea of going to Silas yet, but maybe after seeing all these pictures of Jolee having such a good time, he might just decide to go....

**these pictures are in no particular order!**

Jolee sure was telling herself something in this one!

She loved all the slides!

Jolee playing in the pool at their house!

This picture was actually taken the last day we were there, and she fell asleep on my shoulder while in the pool.. You know she was exhausted!

We were watching the kids put on a puppet show.

The girl loved the slides, I tell ya

The children's museum wasn't just for children, even grandad found something he wanted to play with "magnets"

Jolee and I going thru some mazes! For some reason Jolee wanted to climb over the top and not crawl thru, go figure.

Baby Roberts Update
You all know by now, that I'm so excited about becoming a Aunt in February. So I thought I would give you a little update on the baby and the parents to be. As for Pam... she is well, umm still sick, she says she has good days and bad days, but however, she makes it clear she is not complaining! She is getting bigger though, and looks so cute! She is over her 1st trimester, so that is somewhat of a relief to them! And as for Joseph, well he is still on cloud 9 and so excited about becoming a Daddy! They got to hear the baby's heartbeat the other day and it was in the 160's, very good, fast, and strong! I think in the ultrasound picture below the baby and Jolee somewhat resemble each other, what do you think?

Your 1st look at Baby Roberts!

The proud parents to be....Uncle JoJo and Aunt Pam!

In this picture Jolee was helping Uncle JoJo find and listen to the baby's heartbeat!

And it must have been a hard job, because pretty soon after that, they both past out on us!

In 6 weeks, we will find out if I will have a niece or nephew, so I will save the names for that post, sorry! But you can leave a comment and tell us what you think it will be, a boy or girl? Please keep them and the little miracle growing inside in your prayers. I know they would appreciate it greatly.

August 23, 2007
Im telling Jolee stories in this one!
Ok, so I realize I haven't posted a blog many days this week, well really I haven't posted at all this week, but this is my 2nd post for today, so that should count for something right? Its not that I don't have things to post about it, because believe me I have the stories..... So I thought in this post I can tell a few stories of what she is doing or done lately and put up a few pictures, and that would keep my peeps happy and keep ya'll reading. So here we go!

Last Saturday night Jolee kept going around the house saying Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, and I started out by saying Daddy is studying, he will be out after while. This went on for what seemed like forever. I started thinking to myself, I have got to tell her in small little worlds, hoping she would understand. So the next time she had her hands up in front of her saying Daddy, Daddy, I said Jolee ...Daddy is reading his Bible. No Joke, she looked at me and said BIBLE! So if you are keeping track of all her words she can say add BIBLE to the list.

Jolee is growing and changing so much. Silas is loving this stage, as he says it.... She can actually play with you now! So they are enjoying wrestling, tickling, and chasing each other around the house at night, making weird sounds and noises at each other. If she is thirsty, as of today she goes and stands at the refrigerator door and says juice, as she is banging on it. If she wants something to eat, she goes to the pantry and stands there looking up at it, then runs to her highchair. I promise you she is going to turn into a pretzel, she eats so many of them, that is her food of choice right now.

She has learned to sneak out of the back door, when I open it to let Sophie go and tend to her business. The girl loves out side, she has learned to climb up her slide, then slide down all by herself. Or she will just stand out there with her bag of pretzels looking around. Oh before any body starts panicking, our backyard is fenced in!

Jolee loves using a straw, and takes it seriously. She thinks she is somebody sipping sweet tea, and drinking out of a juice box. Gosh, she is growing up, way to fast!

I'm trying to end this post, I promise. But their is so much to tell, she is just soaking everything up, its something new everyday. When I say it is nap time, she knows the routine...We go to the kitchen fix her milk, and then she goes to her crib and stands their till I pick her up and lift her over. She loves putting her Daddy's cap on her head and wears it for a while. At the grocery store she would rather help push the buggy, from the bottom than sit in it, (which can be more of a burden than help, but whatever).

Oh and last night I found out why we are so very ill all of a sudden for the past few days, she is teething, I see little white spots that are trying to poke through. No matter how hectic are day is, or no matter how messy our house is from all the toys, I would not trade being her mommy for the world, it is the most rewarding job I have ever had, and I feel so blessed, to have such a wonderful family. Ok since I'm tearing up now, because man I love that little girl, I'm ending this post to go and play with her, so until tomorrow, have a great day!

August 22, 2007
Pudding and Presents!
So, as you all know Silas's Birthday was last Friday the 17th. He turned the big 28! His parents and granny came down from Alabama to be with him on his special day! We all had a good time, we went out to eat at Clark's Fishcamp, which ended up being a very cool place, it was on the water and it had just about anything you could ever imagine to eat, such as, lets see...... Ostrich, Eel, Frog Leg's, oh and lets not forget Snake, yes they had Snake. As for me I stuck with the good ole steak and baked potato, I left the eating crazy stuff to Silas and his family. It was a very cool atmosphere though. Jolee thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the animals and water. Granny who is 88 years old, made Silas his favorite dessert which is her, homemade banana pudding from scratch. So I stuck some candles in it and when we got back from dinner we had pudding and presents. In case you are wondering what he got for his Birthday, don't be shocked when I say this.....but it was Bama stuff! The rest of the weekend we just enjoyed visiting with his family, and playing with Jolee!

Family Photo at Clarks Fishcamp Restaurant

Silas's Banana Pudding/Birthday Cake

Jolee really enjoyed helping her Daddy open his presents

If you are wondering..Silas is holding a golf towel with a picture of Jolee on it wearing a diaper and his cap, holding 2 golf balls.

Me and Granny

PePaw and Jolee

MeMaw and Jolee

The Girls in their Gowns....Granny and Jolee

Granny, Jolee, and Silas

And just a tidbit of information, Jolee is Granny's 20th something great-grandchild.

And I don't think Granny is use to being on vacation. She is usually the one that is always working in the kitchen and serving everyone else, so she got a little treat last weekend staying with us, and she loved it, she got to relax, talk, play with Jolee, read her bible (what she enjoys most) and rest. She had a really good time, and has even mentioned flying back by herself sometime.

August 17, 2007
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to ya'll,

Happy Birthday ya'll,

Happy Birthday Daddy and Granna,

Happy Birthday to ya'll!

Today is both Silas and Granna's pure day. (how ironic is that)?
We love you both so much, and hope you have a great day, celebrating your special day!

(This is them last year on their Birthday)

August 13, 2007
Family Time this Weekend!
The little Ford family had such a good weekend being together. On Saturday we took a nap, we went to my favorite place to eat: Outback! Then we went to one of Silas's co workers house to go swimming, and we all had such a fun time, because you all know by now how much Jolee loves being in the water. On Sunday we went to church then out to lunch with some of the church folks. And last night we stayed home and all played together. Jolee went swimming in her little pool, while we sat on my swing and talked, and then this is the part I get choked up on when I think about it, we watched Finding Nemo last night, and Jolee loved it, she actually sat down and watched it, and laughed, and laughed. My little girl is growing up way to fast. Sitting on the couch, watching a DISNEY movie, and eating french fries and laughing! Where has the time gone, she is getting so big. Last but not least, Jolee had her 1st guitar lesson last night also. Silas was playing, then she decided she wanted to play too. So that's are weekend in a nut shell!

Did I do it right, Dad?

Tickle time!

Look at Miss. Thing here showing off her Pretty Princess Gown, and swinging those arms!