July 8, 2010
4th of July
Brother David and Brennan
On the 4th of July, we spent the day surrounded by our church family, and it doesn't really get in better than that (unless our families were here, along with our church family) ! We were in church that morning, then lunch, then a nap (love Sunday afternoon naps), and then a trip down to St. Augustine for food, fellowship, and fireworks!

This is a picture of Jolee watching the firework show, she was iffy about the whole ordeal. She was so excited about fireworks all day, and then when it finally came time for them, she was scared. Well, she was only scared of the loud fireworks....she said, but she liked the pretty colors of all of them!

Brennan on the other had, loved it (that kind of surprised me)! He laid on Mimi's lap and enjoyed watching the firework show!

I love this picture, because you can see both of them! We had such a wonderful night all being together and St. Augustine really puts on a great firework show!

Daddy and Brennan waiting on the fireworks to begin! Silas was off all weekend, due to it being a holiday, and we LOVED it! We spent the entire weekend together, playing games, going on walks, watching movies just being together as a family and it was wonderful!

Chris Anne and Brennan!
It was a wonderful 4th and a great time was had by all, even though it was crazy crowded in St. Augustine!!


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Thanks for sharing the pictures! They are wonderful. We Love You!

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