June 13, 2009
Jolee loves to play with her kitchen stuff! Any time she wants to play with it, she will say come on, so we can play cooker. basically restaurant, one of us is the customer, one of us is the waitress/cooker)! So as we were playing "cooker" this morning, this is what my waitress looked like when she came to take my order! I was rolling, she was decked out! She is something I else, I tell ya!
It kinda makes you wonder, what kind of restaurants her parents have been taking her too??

Tea Party: for all dogs,horses and pigs!
I know, you are probably looking at the above picture and saying to yourself...WOW, what a MESS! But it is actually a picture of Jolee's tea party, she hosted for her doggies, horses, and pig friends and me and Daddy last night. Every animal had its own plate and cup. What an imagination this girl has! I love being in the next room, listening to her talk to her animals, barbies, dolls, or seeing her playing dress up and about to head out to the castle for a party, (as she says). It is so precious, to me! And for a bonus, she cleaned it up by herself!! That made for the best tea party ever. She did actually ask her Daddy last night, if this was the best tea party he had ever been too?

This cute little girl that Silas is holding, is on her way with her Mommy and Daddy to our house for the week for their vacation. Jolee is so excited that Annaliese is coming to play! When we lived in Alabama, we 4 were close, so it will be interesting getting together after all these years and throwing 2 kids in the mix!
So we got that, this week. Next week we got Singing School, and then Uncle JoJo, Aunt Pam, and Weston are coming back with us and staying for the week. We are so excited about that! So we have a couple of busy, busy, weeks ahead of us. So if the blogging slacks a little during the next couple of weeks, you know why! Company, Trip, Company! But I will be back, with lots of pictures, I'm sure!

June 11, 2009
36 years
36 years is a long time. That is how long my Dad or better known now as Pappy, has been working at the same job every day for 36 years. Until last week, when they came in and shut the store he has been going to day after day, year after year down.

It's all he knows really, because he has been so faithful in doing this/his job all his life. So I'm asking that you keep my Dad and Mom in your prayers during this difficult time in their lives.

Dad, I love you! You have always been such a great, loving, caring, and wonderful Dad who has always provided for his family and took care of us. I'm very blessed to have you as, my Dad. I pray that God will guide you in your new career change, and be with you and Mom during this time and comfort you both and His will be done.
We love you, support you, and are here for you!

Princess Party
So I've drug out this 3rd Birthday thing, is what you are thinking. This is the last post, because thankfully it was the last birthday event, and we are totally out of money now! We had a princess party in Alabama with all the family. Jolee turned 3 and cousin Audrey turned 4 so we had a combined party again this year for the two girls. It was so much fun and they loved it!

Let me be a little sentimental here, before I go on with the birthday fun! The castle in the above picture was painted by Audrey's mother (my aunt) for My 6th Birthday Party, how cool is that! So it's pretty old, but still looked great, it was cool that we got to use it for our daughters birthday party as well! (Thanks Michele)

We had an awesome "princess castle" bouncy house, that was so much fun for the kids and adults!

Granna and Pappy with the birthday girl!

MeMaw and PePaw with the birthday girl!

Jolee and Mommy jumping!

She was so funny, and so excited! She just kept saying over and over again...I can't believe this is my birthday party, I just can't believe it!

Weston is clearly still teething, but seems to be having fun while doing it!

Jolee with her cake. It was so cute and so good too! A lady that my Dad (Pappy) used to work with made it, she did a great job!

Opening up presents!

The birthday girls, Audrey and Jolee in their "new" princess dresses!

Pinata time!

Little Man here, didn't stop the whole time. He played and played the entire time and loved it! Looks like he has seen someone talking while driving before, because he sure knows what to do!

Jolee trying out her new princess skates!

It was such a wonderful and fun day! This was one tired little 3 year old, who played till she couldn't play any more!

June 6, 2009
The Princess Sleepover
(Jolee painting her own nails)
So as previously stated, while we where in Bama last weekend we had a sleepover with all four of the girl "key" cousins. It was hilarious, so much fun! We had a combined party again this year for Jolee and Audrey, and since they are both so into the girly stuff....dress up, makeup, painting toenails/fingernails, etc. we decided we would have a sleepover and do all those fun things with their cousins! They loved it.

Aunt Pam, with cousins Lucy and Abbie. They had a blast, they let Aunt Pam pamper them at her spa and then in return they pampered Aunt Pam, oh she was looking good, I got pictures, don't worry!

Audrey and her Mom (my Aunt Michele)

Jolee and Audrey on the other hand, chose not to get pampered, they chose to do their makeup and paint their nails all by their self! Jolee got so into it, she loved it until Granna gave her a mirror and she saw herself, and then she was saying...take it off!

Audrey painting her own nails!

Audrey, all dolled up!

The Birthday girls at their spend the night party, all dressed up and ready to go!

Lucy, all dolled up

It was her party, so I let her have her fun (doing her own makeup and nails). She loved it! I brought boas,wands, gowns, jewelry, etc, etc and they all went digging through the suitcase having a ball!

Abbie, all dolled up!

Lucy, Abbie, Audrey, and Jolee. They did a fashion show, and strutted it, they all thought they were SOMETHING!

And as promised...pictures of Aunt Pam after Abbie and Lucy got a hold of her. She was such a sport, and she was strutting it too during the fashion show!

Every princess has got to have a carriage, right?
So after they dressed up and played for awhile, we ate pizza and lots and lots of candy as we watched Cinderella. They were still going pretty strong at midnight!! We all had so much fun, and laughed all night! Girls are something, I tell ya!

June 3, 2009
Home Sweet Home!
Last weekend, we went to home to Alabama. And every time we go home we keep fitting more and more in while we are there. But I love it, I can rest later, right? All of the family was home, and it was great to see and visit with them all.
We got to Bama about midnight Thursday night and started running on Friday morning! On Friday, Jolee fit in a fishing trip with her Daddy, MeMaw and PePaw while I went to town with my Aunt to buy all the Birthday stuff we needed for the girls party on Saturday! We also, that night had a sleepover for the "girl" cousins (which was hilarious and deserves a post and pictures of its own). Then Saturday got up early decorated and had a party (again, post and pictures to come from that)! I'm getting tired just typing all that we did in the short time we where at home. We also attended another cousins Birthday party that night, then church on Sunday, then the long drive back to the house! Whew!

This is Weston giving Jolee some loving and trying to sit in her lap! He has grown so much and is hilarious! Uncle JoJo, Aunt Pam, and Weston stayed at Granna and Pappy's house that weekend too, so we got to play and visit with them alot and loved it!

Cousin Lucy and Silas during a knife presentation, Oh yea, we fit that in too. Another one of my cousins, was selling knifes and did a presentation for us, to earn money for scholarships. Even though, we as in (me and Silas) didn't buy any, because they where $$$$ she did a great job! She should earn a scholarship just getting through a presentation with Silas and Aunt Michele and all their jokes and questions!

Jolee holding Marianna! Jolee was in love with the twins. She held them, talked to them, played with them, kissed on them. It melted my heart. The girls where so cute, it was our first time to meet them, and I fell in love! My Aunt Michele and Uncle Brian are fostering them, so please keep them in your prayers!

Me and Angelica! They are precious!
We had such a good time at home in Bama! And of course, as always our trip went by way to fast and we miss everyone so much already!