May 16, 2008
A few Favorites!
I figured today, I would just put up some cute pictures of my girl and tell you about a few of my favorite things she is doing right now at this age of almost being 2!
She loves to sing! She will say twinkle, twinkle star mommy, or row, row boat, mommy. We also do...I'm a little teapot, which she calls...peapots, mommy. The wheels on the bus, she loves and can tell you what comes next, if you ask her. Oh and we can't forget the "hokey pokey" or as she calls it the "hodey pokaty", she also is getting ready for Singing School by doing...hammer, hammer, hammer!
She is talking non-stop. She tells you exactly what she wants this days whether it is... bapple juice (apple juice) or chips and she wants to eat it on the TV tray, which she calls the choo-choo train, ok, that one I'm not really sure of unless she thinks when we say TV tray it sounds like choo-choo train, who knows, but its cute!
When Sophie is barking outside, she will run outside and say... "no barking rophie". She loves her swing and swide as she calls it. If she wants to go swing, she will go and get a pair of my flip flops and bring them to me and they actually match the pair she brings and say's..."mommy swing wif Jolee". That means she wants to be pushed on the swigs and then she will tell you, push weally (really) high!

She can count to 10 all by herself. And pretty much knows her colors or "nolors "as she calls them. The ones she knows for sure, green, red, pink, white, lellow (yellow), orange, purple. Ok, so now I'm just bragging a bit on her, sorry. She loves to "nolor", she will say... nolor wif mommy, meaning she wants me to color with her.

She has become a big helper. Whatever I'm doing she wants to help. She helps push the laundry baskets back and forth, close the dishwasher when I have finished loading it, she also helps wash dishes and sets the plates and forks where we sit. I will say... ok, put this plate where daddy sits, and off she goes putting it where daddy sits at the table. I love this age, it is great. You can see her wheels turning and spinning in that head of hers all the time. She is a little sponge right now soaking everything up. And repeats whatever you say. She is even talking in some sentences.

If her Daddy was here and I asked him what his favorite thing she does right now, he would probably answer this....Jolee what does a duck say...quack, quack, what does a bird say...tweet, tweet, what does a dog say..woof,woof, what does a cow say...moo, etc, etc. Jolee what does daddy say...ROLL TIDE!

My favorite thing she say's right now is.... Mommy, hold you! That's how she tells me she wants me to hold her. The only thing I can figure is, I ask her all the time... do you want me to hold you? So now when she wants to be held she says...mommy, hold you! I love it so much when she says it, I can't even correct her. I just love it, it makes me smile every time.

The list and this post could go on and on with all of our favorite things she does, but one more that stands out to me is when she prays. She will repeat it after you and it will melt your heart and bring tears to your eyes. The one she has been saying lately at bed time is... "Dear God, tank you for mommy, daddy, tank you for today, peese help nafan, Jesus name...MaMen!

May 13, 2008
She's been to the Groomer's!
Doesn't she look so cute? Take it from me, she looks so much better since she has come back from visiting the groomer's last week. I almost put a "before" picture up, so you could see just how pretty she really does look, but I was too ashamed, we had really let her go.

Jolee and Sophie are 2 peas in a pod! They are always together, if one goes to another room, the other one goes, if one goes outside, the other one goes. Jolee wakes up in the morning ready to go get Sophie or "rophie" as she calls her, out of her kennel so they can play.

When we took Sophie to the groomer last week and we got ready to leave, we handed Sophie off and started to walk out the door and Jolee lost it! She started crying "rophie, come on" not pitching a fit cry, it was a sad cry. I told her we where going to come back and get Sophie after she had a bath and got her haircut. Well that didn't work, she kept crying, Sophie go Jolee house. So by this time the lady that had Sophie in her arms came walking back towards us. I said it's ok she'll get over it, just take Soph on back. The groomer said this is breaking my heart, so groomer lady started talking to Jolee saying...It's ok, we are going to take good care of Sophie and give her a bath, cut her hair, and brush her teeth. Do you want us to put a hair bow in Sophie's hair like yours? Jolee stopped and looked up at her and said... this is Jolee's hair bow. Groomer lady... I know but if you want me to, I will put a hair bow in Sophie's hair... Jolee laughed and said Sophie hair bow too!

When we came back to pick up Sophie she really did look so cute with her hair bows in, but Jolee had a fit about it! She loved it!

As crazy as my antidepressant taking, having panic attacks dog is and that's no joke she really is on antidepressants and a thyroid pill. I could not ask for a better dog for Jolee, she has never one time growled, bitten, even barked meanly at Jolee, even when she has her toys she will stop and wait on Jolee to put it down. Now that's a good dog! They really have kinda grown up together, we got Sophie and then found out 2 weeks later I was pregnant with Jolee! Awe, sweet sisterly love!

May 12, 2008
Yard Work!
Wonder what we did all weekend? I realize I kinda gave it away already in the title, but when I say yard work, I mean yard work, ALL weekend! We did everything from pull weeds along the fence, mow the yard, dug up our flower beds in the front yard and put concrete edgers and new bark, planted some monkey grass, put lights in the flower beds and along the sidewalk, oh and we also planted 6 pots of flowers! We worked until about 10:00 at night both Saturday and Sunday.
Before Picture
And when I say we all worked, we ALL worked! We were all 3 filthy dirty at the end of each night proving that we had worked so hard in that hot sun! Not only could all the dirt on us prove we had worked very hard, but Silas and I are so SORE today, dude our legs, shoulders, and back are killing us! I will have to say it was not the Mother's Day weekend that I had envisioned, but I was with my family spending quality time, no tv's or radios, just Silas, Jolee, Me, and Sophie in the HOT sun, and dirt working HARD! But I do have to give Silas a heads up, wait till Father's Day weekend buddy... lets just say I'm already working on my list for ya!

That's me under there working

My slave driver of a husband! I'm just kidding!!

Jolee even worked hard raking. Looking at her face in this picture, she looks really tired!

She didn't only work hard, she played hard too!

My flowers in the back yard!

Aren't my flowers so pretty that I planted? If only my mom could have seen me would have made her Mother's Day even better than it was. See, she is all into planting flowers and gardening and all that stuff, but I have never really been that into it. But yesterday, I took an interest and planted 6 pots myself! How about that? I put pictures up today of them, because they may not live very long. I'm just saying, I don't have a very good green thumb, but they are pretty today!

The 2 pictures above are the finished projects of our flower beds up front. It looks so good. It really does add and makes the front of the house look so much better. Even though I'm so tired and sore today, I'm so glad we did it, I kinda enjoyed it. We make a good team and when we put our minds to doing something, we do it! Now if we can get the inside cleaned up and looking good we will be in business!

May 9, 2008
Slumber Party!
(the girls watching Dora and drinking their milk)

On Monday we headed to the Ferrell's house for a slumber party! We had a blast, as we always do when we are in the company of this wonderful family. Our girls have such a great time being together. All the way to their house every 2 minutes Jolee would say...Abby, Mema, house...the whole way there!! When we got there, we headed out and Amber did a photo shoot with Jolee for me since she is about to turn 2, mama needed some new pictures! WOW! Are they good, they are better than that, they are GREAT! I know I'm a little partial seeing how her subject was pretty cute herself. But if you don't believe me, you can go on over to her blog and check them out yourself, I love them!

(the girls playing a game)

After we woke up the next morning and the girls had their milk and had watched a little "Dora the Explorer" (because every girl needs their milk and Dora to get them going in the morning) we played and played. But I think my favorite thing we did was play a game called... well, I don't know what the game was called but you roll a big dice and what ever color the it lands on you picked up that color card and did what it said..example..clap your hands, hop like a bunny, etc! All of the girls loved it, we sat in a circle and took turns and played and laughed for the longest time. It was GREAT!

(the girls in the sandbox or the beach as Jolee calls it)

I love these girls and their handsome little brother Nathan as if they were my own. Amber and I have become extremely close and I consider her one of my closest and dearest friends. She is such an inspiration to me and a wonderful mother. This family needs your prayers, Nate is going through a tough little time right now. With everything in me, I beg you to please hold this precious family up in prayer.

The above picture is Jolee's first time to play dress up, and with a princess gown, beautiful! She was so excited and we got quiet a kick out of watching her try to walk in those heels.

We had a wonderful time and are looking forward to doing it again soon. I love watching the girls friendship blossom more and more every time we are together. Jolee talks about them all the time, and you should have heard the squealing coming from the bedroom when she found out she was sleeping in Abby and Emma's bed, it was too cute!

As for the rest of the week for us not a lot went on. I was sick, so we layed low. Hope everyone has a great weekend! One more thing, if anyone knows how to help me fix my page so my post shows up at the top of the page again instead of having to scroll halfway down my page, I would greatly appreciate it.

May 3, 2008
Watching for Daddy!!!
A couple of times, when I have known Silas was almost home, we have gone to the front window and watched for Daddy to drive up. Everyone gets so excited when they see Daddy's truck and when they hear the garage door open. When I say everyone, I mean...Sophie barks like a mad man or women in her case and doesn't stop till he picks her up. Jolee runs to him squealing daddy home, daddy home, and gives him kisses, and starts talking non-stop to him about her day. And then well last at the line to welcome him home is me, usually he is greeted by a kiss, then, how was your day? how many sales did you have? Maybe your dinner is in the microwave (maybe as in did I cook today and if I did your plate is ready and fixed and waiting on you to warm it up or was it a zoo at our house and it is a FFYSB day! (Fend for your self, buddy). And then I usually give a sigh because backup is here and I need a bath!
Anyway, back to my post about watching for Daddy. Last night after I got off the phone with Silas, I told Jolee...Daddy is on his way home. She immediately runs to the living room and tells Sophie...m'on daddy winow, rophie! Translation...Come on lets watch for Daddy out the window Sophie! And so they did...
In this picture she looks like she is thinking...Mom please, I'm trying to watch for my Daddy!

Sophie looking at Jolee probably wondering... who are we looking for again?

There's Daddy!

Hey Daddy, Hey Daddy!

Jolee kisses Sophie because she is so excited Daddy's home to play!

And then the world is right again! Daddy's home!