November 5, 2008
Best Friends Forever...Abby, Jolee, & Emma!
We have had the wonderful privilege of keeping the girls while Jay, Amber, and Nathan have been in Atlanta for some testing and Dr's. visits over the last several days. We have had an incredible FUN time! The three girls get along great and have played and played their little hearts out. Before I start telling about everything we have done, I want to tell Jay and Amber, thank you so much for being such wonderful friends, who basically are just like family to us, and thank you for entrusting your kids into our care over the last several days. They were so good and we all had a wonderful time together. We sure do miss them today!
The girls are all growing up so fast and its fun that they have each other to experience and do new things with. Like a couple of weeks ago after church we had lunch and they all sat together at a table by themselves...a kids table! They were laughing and talking, it was so cute. Amber and I sat at another table that day, just staring and looking at them, asking ourselves when did this happen? When did they get this big, that they didn't need us at lunch time?
So where do big girls sleep when you are having a sleepover???????

That's right, a pallet on the floor all together! Silas and I sat out in the hall listening to them talk and laugh before falling asleep. How cute is that??
So when you start your morning off at 5:30 AM, you can accomplish a lot in 1 day! First, let me say it was so cute hearing their feet pitter-patter coming thru the kitchen into our room, whispering ssshhhh, you go first, no you, sssshhhhhh?? To which Silas then jumped up and scared them. So we all piled in bed and watched a little TV, until the sun came up!
On with some of what we did....

Their was dancing!

Then painting!

Then playing outside!

This is Abby doing her super cool trick!

And these two little rascals... I found them behind the recliner eating candy! It was hysterical!

We also walked to the neighborhood park and played a while. Jolee and Emma were 2 peas in a pod I tell ya. They each had to have a backpack on and wore it I know a good couple of hours, never taking it off to slide, play, run or anything. When one of them would fall the other one would okay and vice versa.

After bath time, they all played and wrestled in the floor with Silas, or as Emma called him...Sister Silas! Jolee and Emma's favorite thing to do was to pull Silas's toes, and then he would come after them tickling them while they would run squealing!

Silas snapped this picture while they were holding hands and jumping!
The Ferrell girls called me Sister Tara while they were here, so Jolee wanting to do everything they did, ended up calling me Sister Tara too instead of Mommy!

Yesterday, I loaded up the car with 3 car seats and took them to the Library for story and craft time. It was so much fun. They played, read books, listened to stories, sang songs, and did a craft!

The 3 amigos working on their crafts!

Showing off their "Elmer the Patchwork Elephants" they made!

How sweet is this picture?
Other things we fit in, the last couple of days were
  • playing Hi-Ho-Cherry-O
  • watched movies
  • colored
  • After the Library went to eat and play at Chick-Fil-A
  • went to vote
  • played
  • played
  • played
  • and played some more

    Seriously, the biggest issue we had was, me not having 3 of the same things, like....3 purple bowls, one's shoes were not the same colors like the other two's were, not all 3 could fit and have enough room to eat popcorn in 1 small chair, etc! They all just wanted to be right together the whole time and have matching stuff. I will take that kinda problem any day.

After waking up the first day before sunrise, I hit the sack right after they did. And last night Jolee, Silas, and myself all fell asleep at 8:30pm in the living room watching TV! When they got in the car to leave, it was so hard on Jolee. She cried.... I don't want Abby and Emma to go to Wandy's, I want them to stay here with Jolee! I will admit I kinda teared up too. We just love those kids, just like they were ours.

I will end with, I'm sure I left out a ton of stuff out that we did and a lot of pictures, but at least you got a little glimpse into what we have been doing. Jay and Amber you can go out of town anytime and leave them here, we enjoyed it!

P.S. Jolee and I slept in this morning.......8:30AM!


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Oh. Let me tell you, I have never met any of these girls but I am so in love with all of them! What a fun time they seem to of had!

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